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R ke Enjoy, the Real Japan at a Ev Site eb Wekes IREBIS BAO RASTA CHD, ZONMAAS BAD SOSRARCIS PNET EHBVUEBDNETOT. UC DPOMICDUITCE CHAE) TLES. How to Use a Japanese Style Hotel Ryokan is a traditional Japanese style hotel or inn, with its own way of providing customers with services, which may be rather strange to guests from foreign countries, Here is a brief description on the servicing system of Ryokan, together with points of its usage for foreigners ae azosy + Rue aes] Aeae Sele AUCH OpojAy OAL Stet Soll = OSWS B SeAE EE AAlz|e B2bs}Oo], 2k of Soil hol Flats! Hol cay AE alaeuct. Ha A ie ‘HHA A fe CAT, FEAL AT AL PH AE, | SARS AAMT VAS i RA SLAF TR GEE — F BeBe JRE B AE Eh, \ HARASS AR ONEN RRS AIT. PRL RHE Bi. — ROB SOETRO BiHe — » Gen Ht AA BATTERIES Japan Ryokan & Hotel Association How to Use a Japanese Style Hotel) ( EERIE! GOIE BAO RMAC THIET. HETISAAOEP BROWER LATAMTCEMCAST. DED. MABISHICAT OHA @r0 @o0-tyb CUSED, SULVAIOS CALERA CESMEDTS. BIC. BEBE ena Oh: mF ROBBARORE IRS. [RBIS Mie II) Teer ee ozm (=) oe FATOMTRUVBEEMICL TET. KCBS T<. BROCE } ORO One WERE CTE, DBI CRROR PL ATLEBALTUET. “ KR CORET. BUIOBAITE- BEN STVEBDERSTUK Io OEE ORARERA AAUDFISIREE - #8 OnvmEcsA Oo BA (REIS PIR - MAPA) D4 1 THRETO RUBBED BSRALTUET. AAFLOCCOMRBBEPORE 0 5S I bF-ELTEMDT CRMBLTHORT. | eans Oue Ony o# INTRODUCTION AA traditional Japanese inn Is called a ryokan. It is here you will find the unique and subtle beauty of Japanese culture and custom. in other words, a Ryokan is not just a place to stay; its a place where you can experience the | true and traditional Japan. Japan Ryokan & Hotel Association member Ryokans are especially recommendable es they are truly sophisticated in all respects, such as being cuturally aosthetic." "safe," “hygienic,” “private™ and “convenient.” In addition to preserving age-old tradition, they also offer the latest in comfort and amenities that will satisfy the most discriminating clentele. A soloum in a Ryokan is sure to make your trip to Japan truly unforgettable. This book clearly explains how to relax and enjoy a stay ina Ryokan and introduces you to elements of Japanese culture and customs in four languages; English, Korean and Chinese (simplified and traditional ideagraphs). We hope ‘you wil find ita useful partner during your stay at a Ryokan. mele | Fake), @ Hel NEAel S4AMeIUch, LMS ee] FHel Sot A Bol ARISE AWY +o SUC. CHA Ha EeIe, BE esl GUIS a7] Ged GAejziwch, ofelz AAS ES aalalal Fale Fre AUC Ss], WEI waIOl NIsIo| l= KAS TIES] AM, , Tele. TAAL. AOA, | eal a, SSE sola oie 71BS HA, SPOR AUCH. , AEwEt ofLie} Vate| VRS solos, Beal wey aah A Bist Aus seletn weet ReolM2| SS AGE ofclsel UMAUE HS ol 1S + tle Selo ogo] Ea AUC. B sale gol, HF Of, BRUCMAD, HAWS! 471 Hole AAIslo| Goo}, Helsin SA xvoisws el da ssa US On One | Orr HX) Oe Ox OxuseK Oxe Oxmin Ona eH 2 AIADE OBS] BZ Seto slolat, BE weir} S71 71cHRI ACh | axe ORs | Oxi Ox | Onrcxa = Owe we | Oxen 1 OaxxitnEs FRR RIRNMRTA(E "MIR" . ERR, STORET IRONS. MRA, MITRE OarnaF OM, MALOR SKA ANA. RUAN AGE RARER, TAIN), TRS). (Dk) . (TBA) [OH] SHMORAAMORGL. WAPLREE, WATALOAEE, RATAN TEMA. | FREMENES, GOAN, HEMT ARS. AFORE, HEE, PE (RTM, MAREK) IRR, | CRORMTREERONATE. SFL OMAR BORG. Deniance Foye Osuestioon EF Oss Oaa(cicioh) O20 Onis Q icra evant sore Osa Oxz0) gran, eh Nowe arangement Osean Qu st Ose j Oreneiog scaler pire Dustin ajaisiz Oey Haare Osintae at Oogles rar OLow wie Gan ge aes O22 Osuna One | BAGIRIALARESHOTES THOR). CSBALARIIO}, ROTTER EAS ERTRMRRIMIAGANG, SEER, METRE BAT, | @sitsing paper door MD stsing door O#se4ed Bsa Oa Ons TARAS RTI AMI. CIEE RMCARSERAANATS AURA, IMIR. RE). UE, ABALIEL . | Wcuproard Pcioser Oroievsink ied ue x9 cI Ox = Oxe | "GE, SAMAK, TA, MURANO, DAO RE. Geaitroom GYerenda . Omri | BAT ROAR ABT. BEATA ORMERNRE, SBE, Table and chair Dascens | O27 067 | SELRMHEG, CUTARUNSLEMS AMS. FEMA, WEE, PEM, RANK ESTE | creer tee andthe pot Sion se Ose Outs | | | BAO RMS MONIC TRE ARE SATB AT L ERITWET. IV LF v— Al Cd <, HE. —ASDOWRTRANET. —AIBIC ALAR) SSINCLITE—AMO OWED RILD ET. HEBD Tpicté [EO] CDTIL—bF e— VITAE ETDBEGVDETIN, TOMISS A 8% consumption tax is levied on the total amount of the Ryokan bill including the room, boarding and service charges, Generally, a ¥150.00 bath tax is levied on a one night stay per person ata spa. This tax is to be paid by all the guest ofthe Ryokan or hotels at a spa, even if he or she does not take a bath during the stay ‘RUNETET A A eee, — fete ee. JEEPERS TA, @ AROKRSECRABOSNTUES. ARO EMBAT SITS, EFIRECHOMRIGAFSTECS, BOBRS6R, BB. 1OBCUSRICMBOKES PRGOKT. 1AOSSICAMS. SHS, SECS BICRONET. BR NORALRME LTA Att CRALETON, CHRELTH. 2U y/ SORE CHOMBICADTIAUITEB AS Aura) AESLIPHMADR, ALAR ELS, SCREENS. Alaa N lk, Bie, LOURIDACAE TIAA BLIR . DAA AIL LAR OLE. ALTARS, REMGHN, RAMA GE. Rt SAL OE}. EE AAA AS SAPS ORE RESE. BEOKICls, HA BAONIMICS< ITOK OMEMENSADTA DBD ET. KOMORI PERCE NED BNISNTHD, CORMIER 40S5Nieo ltd. Japanese room: ‘the flor of major sections ofthe Japansee room is typically covered with tatami: Onpanese floor mal). When it comes (© foreigners experiencing the Japanese way of living saying 2 night on tatami shoud be a must. Japanese rooms are described Tor size secarding tothe rub of tatan. The Usual sizes ae si, cight, tn, ete. Daring the day, the tata section is wod in = Inulipurpoce way a8 living and dining room, and at nigh, e5& Sleeping room, From the fron, yo willbe guided tothe room by {room-maid, but you shouldbe very careful nt to wear slippers or shoes on tam. (eal Bb BOLE chclol7} wel Asc. eel Ieeasls Awsial aad = cictolwol SH} Zo] Sauce. Sle ciel] += 6 E(B), BEC), 10—(M)AER Belch, eS ial, Aish, ae 55 ASMotSR Netic}. alow Seialo] enix] eluy # Salo}, AS AON AZ cleo] wol BoE AS SAO} ueuch, (Ass) RAPT, AMOR, CSERATE. AEG, OM, ‘LOMB USA BRO NSA KAURCRURSE. TETRA, SATIS 2h ert. — ANT CART AS A SUSI, BE RCE, AH NRPS RNE, HME ANE. ‘Tokono-ma: ‘The Japanese room is usualy provided with an alcove called as tokono-ma. It is a recessed portion in which a kakejike (banging scroll with picture ot writing thereon) may be hung on the wall, and an osnament or ikebana (flower arrangement) displayed on the slightly raised floor, ROM : S51 Of) @ Of AS clctol ec} oz 7 ego] ee Bs sao} (RoM)AD Heh. sole lol Bal Se] Sale wa, a Mole RRO] S22 BAsoy ssuch, (BR) eAh— Ae HARA AG HAT, em es. Se AT Sam HOMIE. (NEED AE — SATE CARR IU. AROS LARP, UATE. BEIEAY MOE, PANICEROREN “EAS MULASTHOKT. MME LTRICBSEROGAL RC, BICEAERUTK NET. METHEAIS AE MUYTRRULET. MEREADLICU— VERE, Hh (FHMERIFT. Y-VisBARLET. FHC A DCE EBITD UT, BODCARRBLIOL CERO RBISELT FAL. BREANITT "Baths ave available during hours which are specified by the Ryokan * Do not dain the large bath after use. "Do not soap and wash yourselves in the bathtub * Do not put a towel with which you wash your body into the bath. **Do not immerse yourselves wrapped in towel i the bathtub. + Do not shave and wash yourselves in the bathtub * Do not stand while washing yourselves. How to Use a Japanese Style Hotel) i2sde1e A ENE. 1 iva SBS ENOL A. + HOPEAEMAB. ine AR MA. + HOSE NESHE. (Kiri) FRAME, ACI MLNS. ASWEAR SRL RIOUT . ARE IETEOILA. OIE) 1. AEA SSCL A HOLS. DSWD CASESEA DAR RCATTA RS. 2, iNT. REED. 3. AYERS ARLES « 4 FEHR 5. RUREErDINRea + ARENSON ce 2 MANAEAR » ATES IL ROMER. 2 RUSIOEST DESH. 7 YEA SALES (IIA Typical Japanese Meal @ Storuzor-hu trent Sane (ror doo) rc (lpm Soe thin oe) uk (Sati ae a fh) Hans (Seemed tah sed or ayered wth stared htous rox) | @Ruatto (so toddaeacas of various ingedonts) © vakimoe (tes fon ara et Mott (Te ora aed ownoighal dh) @ Suromens (nega dteaces) Bsr fegeater wok cocked vm vareur groan) shu (osha soyooene sup) onan (Ba ee) oromore (Pedi vgotabae ® Mizumono (Fruit in season) While meals ste conc of Set menus the Ryokan may do Fete weston steerer your try Toods (eopcilf doo bo rallgious or heal ass): or beaecs some Ryolaas fer bullseye roe as “Viking” in Japan) meals or Western-style meals aad pros [ZJ® Hasni (Chopsticks) IO Wabash (ispowalechopstts) FF you fel wooomteraiie sl hope ar ogni Chops el fone ak fora fe a foe 0 AFTH OHI) OME. F 177 2ERNBIOA—7) OBO MBOMDADLY) How to Use a Japanese Style (Te SE ote Ome COR) Ome CERI) Bae (em eR) © FS (ERE rata Lape) O is (SaERO DRE) a Seat (iRIEE SHRI) AER HER) SRR FRRREHRR) 5 (Hit) Oxn © MRA (KER) OAR WOT, AEA ISR, ALI Se eat ALAS, MSPRISE ARN, REN), Mee 2/8 ALE OER. “A A TDL Mes AAR A (ELAR "CE se") aE joer Ome ARAM ML Ir GEM, AY LIETI OME AICE SAEMOIC DMD LTRLIEHO) OOMSBORMED UT IND SOUieBO) Ob APHERLIRED) OBViSH IREAEOSIENE) O MOM REE 2 TE) | Oka HORE OR) OUT) O TH OSOWMGAIIM) Ox < Bo) (ead WEB] © 2989 (4d) Cec) © Sza|(ofelclis O71 el Ax) @ AF2|(sie18] 25) © O1O1FA (Aol IHS Vit BoM WBA) © FaS2\(4H 208 za UE! BA) © jie (oly m71B Fe 2) OLoleAN(2t ofa] xfeI7i2I21 Azteel) © ALok (4S et eal) @ 710;S4AN(24 ABS AEE!) | OF (H25) 228) @ 28 (a8e) @ 52543421) | SAE Woe aso wot Meh LEG. G, Bo. Ee WPS) oles SA)2) Re Ae] sod WB, 0} 2] Bete) Sale, Se ST al aol woh Zale) cag Sed. OMIA MeCN OID, se Bey, He w4d $US as AAG. }® aiAi(ziriet) @ Safi (48218) Brsto|y sels} eel aval 2, Aes] sx el aes} EAS 459) S47] wae) OFeL age Ce ae Onna (eaaaE) OFEK HA Oe (REA atari Le) os O Mrenseeg (tem «sa ) © SHB (RARE GONTE) One Ome (aNNERANE) 8 (8%) SA RIVE RIE, ee er es A—BE, ME STTTAE HAE MMOS. RAH mao mee ers OXF AAMT, ANTI. AOS bf Lid B85 (CEM DELO TARR CH DEVIBAVSOTD, (FEACOREETISRO ha Leta THES. A MAOBRIS. TOLICMINISOTSE<. Hed'> CRALED. J—KOSSAMICANTTL eho Fo HARTI KY LOA y OABENTHO. E AUCHEBART. Fst - CHD SH, RABIe DKERLT RAL» (AM ITLUADIIE b-1 LPO ICANT RAV. Do not sit direclly on a Japanese style toilet bowl, but squat down, astride the bow! facing the hood, In the toilet room, you should ‘change your Footwear to the slippers provided there. is needless, to say that the toilet bow, whether of Japanese or Western styl, must be flushed after use. All papers except toilet paper must be ‘thrown in the trish box in the toilet room, (all SH2bal) YEA SIS FA TE W7Iol SA] Aol oF Baste BHOl SUC, HS Szhol= gal atsiao] aAts|oi BL uct. wise) BzO|Mic HSM HS selsi= Zot Aacich, aeeAlol= eal OE AS SoS WEA BB ule] FAL, PHS FA OsIoH, = BAU] Mal7isol POEMS. CELSCNIOIIE SUN ASTRA. SARA: «ELAR AAA SANT. CUA) ESATA. RIEU. RTI - He AMT AGE , TIM. AGREE AVEDA. SAL —SE 0% , GEIR ARLE. RMDP. Refrigerator: ‘There may be a refrigerator in your room, in whieh soft drinks, nuts and snacks are kept cold. You can take any one if you desire, Most of the refrigerators are computer-contrlied for the payment If the one you use should not be computer-controlled, you will be requized to notify things you have taken out of the refrigerator, and pay them off at the time of your check out. Among the ‘computer-controlied reftigerators, some may be automatically locked on the moming of checkout. You must be very careful with such ones, since you cannot put in or take out anything of them afer they are locked. (aaa) Agel MAsIo} Ge SAE AA BEF Ao! Boia, Such Woe ARES Ewe Ao] Lz, AA ON Se RAS AAojol AiBole AE sect. a OHS] WATE Aa Oe! oad ESS Baa 8B FE SPE WOU, OD) Pe . MBC e se , ABI TCHR A, SMES TAN . RTE, BERL. Bt SERNA PREACH MLE, RAE ites BIE + BASIC DUT Prevention against crimes and disasters: as, Bat) CRF BRE. BID CONISDS » BIE Seo. BMEPOY MCBMIIFE HR. FLY MBs. MEDTIOY MER UPL. 1 RERSIOY PASKITFAU. 2RERSEBRIC FIT 4—KhY IA (SH) PHOETOT. ENETMAFEL 3.SSACREROSMICALELTIA. BERL DAESOTHSP CWTT RCE. How to Use a Japanese Style Hotel a ‘When you ar going out ofthe Ryokan, pu the room key on the fiont deck ‘Also, when you check out, absolutely be sure to return itt the fiont desk cag SSA Wie BAS BR SOl WINANS, Tein ABO! Act EuSA BAB SEAN, CHRD BARE) SH PH LA He, SE) — eS AI (AIMS IRE) RIBOSE, SB — SME, 1. Ifyou have any valuables, place them in the custody of the front desk 2. You may deposit them in the security box provided in your 3. We will not bear any responsibility for any accident 10 valuables within the guestroo CASE) 1, ASSS Selsol Wise, 2, ASSES AAluiol B27} ofzislo Yose, ol SstAl7l vee ace 3, AIA MOL Wet FSS Amol chaste SASS eas] ales xia] aetet. (RB) 1. AEOLIAN 8 « 2 PHO AR Le a ae 3. RBA — ACSC TANE, HIERER HCPL (path) 1, BEREAN, 2 ISI. SRA. 3 BERR MLAS, Int wT. AHO PaR. =12- 1 ASRO MGA RE. IPAS DIS AICe 70 Yh TEARAENSHRAU. 2 MERICHLERLTBORTM, ALEORA ORMROSRIRIC OSH VHCREBEE. ES. LOSCBRCOREMULET. Ke. Bi SE RETIREE. 1. Immediately call front desk at [_], if you encounter the occurrence ofa fire, sick person, or any other emergencies. 2, We are fully provided for emergencies, However, in order to make further assurance please confirm by yourselves the locations of emergency exits within the building Customers are requested not to smoke in any place other than the sess incicaed (ee Mo BLOGG MAAS, Sx] WRB sal FFL HER TIE] OVALS. (1B) CMLLTO NL. SUNT ede xe, MAAN. mi) AEE HONGRT ORAS To TWAS SOAR -13- BKHORS. DIAM SOy7 BRI FALL RTT) ar) Aon BE ae SBA, SOs 1 BED 5EE0 HORE SBBEAS BAI SEBRI 1 PILPAU, 2TH + TH9FEBES WHICOZEPUTHSI4 HILUT REL 3. Shick oTREDATOT, POY Hic LAbETAL, HIRICK 9 CA TOY MERLETSBABTAUES. CHA HF) 1. SoBe a WHITH TS. 2. TH, TA SetkO, REMATN I AONE HD. 3. aH STRAMMT NAA, Wel] Smee, AR ALA TS ATS RETOGMRT EKER LTROTENTHRT., KEBE COREE - GR BSCOUTaF LYIPO ROR. FELTSRAL Fee Ct) RAGE Lee LALA. ARES RMS, KARAT MCN AMMA, . HFOSRRS How to Use a Japanese Style Hc Before retiring at night, check thatthe doors ae all locked from the inside (Bats) S24 dole YEA) gold £2 Bawls. 1. Room-to-100m cll: Directly dil the roorn number you dese to ell 2. Local elllong distance call Press 0 (ze) and then dial the number to cal 3. Inwernational call Call the front desk at [7] and ask them how to dial for an overseas ell, since it may be different depending onthe phone system insaled 2Some calls may have to be made though the front desk depending on the sytem, (aspisee) 1. aU ad HE Adol ZISS 2 fol 2. Al, Aska Hol of Tan dives Seale. 3. aai5 4 Algol ala cigos zes[ |eiol Seles. ola| GAS Hol, eel eae sele ws sect (FBR) 1 ee OPUS BITTE. ERT OSS NE 2. THREE FeO , ROSY DHoURCA 8. OR Samal. shel Jamia. HIG OHIO ESET i aves renslo, “The tap wate is fit for drinking anywhere. * The charges for cals from the room telephone and for room services, if any incurred, must be notified and paid off atthe check out (71) REO ctelsin SMS woh *aIMold ABs A22, 84 24 Se alaols Alol a] lola betel, 1SIAI7] BHR ICh (Fb) +6 SGadenbee TE, + PSEA DREADS, RE, EARERRSHR TOK, eu When staying in Japan, please choose a member Ryokan of the Japan Ryokan & Hotel Association. ROB ISABBICSEC EAL OBBRBSEOBIt:-: OR RC RECE -atack@uoseo— O BF(CHRLCE —am - mscsemnsese— ORBMCEMOG —wmarcracmnr- © £B4, 000HOBHKOS SEAMED BSEZHSSLTHIET. OTYVI-RYVKRCOBAPHIS PPEBA) CBRULTERSAU! For your reservation : —_, Et i AAR www.nikkanren.or.jp/english/

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