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The Vice Chancellor
Mumbai University

Subject: Put a ‘Valid Class’ for Students who clear in the reappeared
paper even though they do not clear in re-evaluation.

Respected Sir,
We the B. E. Electronics and Telecommunication students of
Mumbai University had appeared for Microwave Devices and Circuits
(MDC) paper on 18th December 2009. Our results were declared on 23rd
February 2010 and we regret to inform you that our results have been
way below the average passing percentage. Excessive failures are due to
the maximum number of ATKTs in MDC. We applied for the photocopy
of MDC and have received the same. We have now applied for the re-
evaluation process.
With respect to the photocopy we have received, we would like to
highlight the following points:

1. The marking scheme of the paper is very unusual

2. Many students are awarded ‘One’ or ‘Two’ or ‘Zero’ marks
for some theory questions as well as numerical questions
3. There are calculation mistakes in some of the papers.

The level of difficulty of the MDC paper for this year compared to the
previous three years was very high. Also, the distribution of marks was
not standard. Lastly, it did not follow the standard paper pattern.
We would like to bring to your notice that many of the students who
have got an ATKT do not have any live or dead ATKT’s in the past.
Most students have an aggregate above 70%. The magnitude of disastrous
results may affect the careers of many students and which will have long
term repercussions. This paper setting has also affected the scholarly
strata of students who have remained throughout first class till third year.
An ATKT in Semester VII (final year) can affect these students in getting
jobs and admission to reputed institutes for post graduation as the failure
leads to a “PASS CLASS” in the final year.
According to University rules, if we clear the paper in the re-
evaluation, our result will have a ‘Valid Class’ i.e. First Class, Second
Class, etc. However, if we do not clear in the re-evaluation, our result will
carry a ‘Pass Class’, irrespective of our performance in the reappeared
We therefore request you to:
1. Put a ‘Valid Class’ for Students who clear in the reappeared

paper even though they do not clear in re-evaluation.

Thanking you.
Yours faithfully,