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Dear Mum and Dad,

I was having a really hard time last night. It was so scary

in the Whidbey castle. I was having a really scary dream which came true as I
woke up. In the dream, I saw a room no. 13 in the castle and the door of that
room was actually appeared to me only in that night. Next morning, I told my
scary dream to my teacher and class fellows but no one believed me. I even saw
a frightening beast. It had blood on his mouth. Horrible noises were coming at
night. I really want to come home or might be killed soon. All those happenings
were started at midnight when the town clock struck twelve. It was a really
terrifying moment for me. If you dont allow me to come back to home then you
should come and stay with me. When I told these happenings to Mr. Hepworth,
he did not believe in me and started refuting my claim by saying that actually,
there was a cupboard instead of door of room no. 13. How strange! If you want
me to see alive then take me back home. I have no clue of what to do? I am
completely confused?

Your lovely,

Ibrahim 7U