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The poem Lyric 17 by Jose Garcia Villa is about what qualities make

poetry good. The author in my opinion is trying to convey the right

qualities that are required in a poem to make it satisfactory. I think
the poem feels passionate towards poem writing as can be seen
through how instead of merely writing an instruction sheet on how
to write a good poem, he instead writes a poem about good poems.
What more, the language he uses is fanciful and the metaphors and
rhyming couplets indicates the thought put behind his work.
In the poem, the term musical as a seagull may indicate that the
poem should be a rarity and something unheard of, a diamond in
the rough, very much alike how one has never heard of a musical
seagull. The poem similarly should also be fluent. Meanwhile,
brightness moving may indicate how poems should not be dark, it
should be optimistic and pleasant and should not be constant,
rather captivating and intriguing ones reader. The phrase holds
secret a birds flowering is a metaphor that indicates towards the
hatching of a birds young from an egg. This represents showing a
new perspective to the reader and how the poem should inspire its
audience to think and not merely be able to find its meaning from
merely reading it. Fire as well represents wit and brain in a poem
that makes a poem interesting and not dull. Slender as a bell
refers to how bells have multiple sizes and alike how a poems size
is not fixed and it all depends on the makers choice. Wisdom of
bows has multiple meanings such as; firstly, the tradition of
bowing, secondly, archery and lastly, ribbon tying. All things that are
in different areas and hold symbolisms such as bowing being a form
of respect, archery being a skill that can be used as a form of leisure
or someones livelihood and bows something for aesthetic purposes.
These differing forms of arts all indicate how wisdom is not merely
restricted to a certain subject and person. Kneel like a rose
indicates humility in beauty and strength. While a rose is beautiful,
it has unseen strength in thorns and kneeling indicates submission
thus subsequently referring to humility. Meanwhile, must be able to
hear shows that the poem must be sensitive and be able to sense
its reader while guiding and appeal to its audience with more than
visual imagery. Luminance of dove and deer possible gives
references to the how a deer symbolizes gentleness and the dove
purity. Must be able to hide, and seeks like a bride brings
attention how while the poems meaning should not be in clear
vision, it should not be completely obscured to the point it is lost. As
well as indicating that it should draw the audience attention like how
the bride seeks attention on special day. Hover God smiling from
the poems cover shows that the writer of the poem would be the
God of the poem and has free rule over the poem instead of
something obstructing his ability to create freely. Throughout the
poem, the word must is used eight times. This shows the writers
compulsion as to how strongly he feels that all writers should follow
the guidelines above in poem writing. In the poem, he also draws a

lot of references to nature; this possibly indicates that the writer

thinks that good poems should draw inspiration from nature.
The poem uses metaphors, rhyming couplets, the form of a sonnet
while using 14 lines and naming the poem lyric 17 alike how the
famous poets of the past all did not give names to their poems. The
above literary uses all help draw attention to the poem with the
exception of the title, which is of little relevance apart from the
poems 14 lines form.
I do not think the poems title is appropriate as it hold no meaning
and depth apart from superficial purposes such as wanting to bring
its standard closer to authors such as Shakespeare. While it draws
attention, it holds little or no relevance for its audience.
I personally do not like the poem. This is because I feel that poem
writing should be about the free expression of emotions instead of
following a guideline to make it interesting. I also feel that poetry
does not have to be musical to be beautiful and that some poetry
appeals to certain audience. Also, beauty lies in the eyes of the
beholder, so therefore it is nearly impossible to make a poem appeal
to all its audience. Therefore while the poem draws attention with all
its unseen meanings and rhyming, I feel that it is too restricting and
does not encourage freedom of speech so while it may appeal to
certain readers it does not reach out to me.
Q9. Classify questions 1 to 7 under the fist paradigm.
FORM -Q4,5
INTENTION -Q1,2,3,4,5,6,7
TONE -Q2,4,5
Q10. The questions can come from and question any part of poetry.