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PG Department of Management Studies (MBA)

Assignment I
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Business Research Methods


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Case Study Setting Up Kerala Delight

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II (December 2015 to March 2016)

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Case Study Setting Up Kerala Delight

Rajendran Nair a recent MBA graduate was contemplating starting a business.

He had noticed that there were a large number of small and medium-sized
specialty food produces in Kerala. These small firms took advantage of the
regions high quality fruits, nuts, vegetables, and species to produce high
quality and/or unusual food. These included a variety of nuts smoked or
otherwise flavored, or jams and syrups based on berries and fruits, mustards,
seasonings, and similar products. Most of these firms sold their products
locally through several had direct mail sales as well. None of the firm had
marketing programs though most could easily expand their production
significantly if demand developed.
Rajendran Nair had few lakh rupees in the bank and a job that covered
his living expenses. He was also convinced that there would be a significant
market for these gourmet food products in Chennai and Perhaps in Mumbai
and Delhi as well. He hoped to buy the products from the local producers
under his own label. He would then export them as premium-priced gift items.
Rajendran formed a firm, Kerala Delights and began to consider ways
to make his dream a reality. Telephone contacts with a number of the local
producers convinced him that he could obtain a significant supply of the

various items. His next step before seeking the funding needed to launch the
venture was to determine if there would actually be a demand for his products
and what types of distribution might be possible. Unfortunately, he had no
source of funds at this time than his rather meager savings.
1. What is Rajendran Nairs Management Problem?
2. What is Rajendran Nairs Research problem?
3. How should Rajendran collect the needed data? Give a brief note on
4. Prepare a sample questionnaire to collect the data towards the demand
for gourmet food products?