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Abdomen - the tail area of an caterpillar that Setae - hairs along the caterpillar's

contains the heart, Malpighian tubules, reproductive body that sense touch
organs, and most of the digestive system
Simple Eyes - organs on the head
Abdominal Prolegs - stumpy legs located on the that can detect light and dark
Spiracles - tiny holes along the
Anal Prolegs - stumpy legs located at the end of caterpillar's body that it uses to breathe
the abdomen
Thoracic Legs - six jointed legs on
Head - the part of the caterpillar that contains the the caterpillar's thorax
brain, eyes, mouthparts, etc.
Thorax - the body section between the
Mandibles - the jaws, located on the head head and the abdomen. The legs and
wings attach to the thorax

The caterpillar's body has thirteen body segments (including the

head) and eight pairs of legs. The three pairs nearest the head
become adult legs. The other 'false legs', are used for climbing and
are shed when the larva goes through the last of the four to six
molts it has during its life cycle. When the caterpillar grows too
large for its skin, the skin splits up the back and the caterpillar re-