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Report on Progress of Professional Portfolio

Identify competency number,

letter and subcategory.

Major Competency Area: K- Maternal/Newborn Care

Competency: K-2: Knowledge and Assessment of
Subcategory: K-2-1
Demonstrate knowledge of birthing process: Stage 1labour onset to full cervix dilation. Stage 2-full cervix
dilation to delivery of the baby. Stage 3-delivery of
baby to expulsion of placenta. Stage 4- expulsion of
placenta to afterbirth recovery.

What I Learned

I learned in NFDN Maternity theory class that there are four

stages of labour and as a student nurse I should be able to assess
properly and differentiate the stages of labour to implement
specific nursing interventions. As a student nurse I should be aware
of the health status of my client, if there is any pregnancy induced
illnesses that can cause complications during labour and delivery. I
also learned that the size and position or presentation of the baby
directly affects the mode of delivery. The care provided does not stop
after delivery, I learned that post-partum depression can range from
mild to severe and it needs to be correctly assess and give health
teaching as necessary.

What I learned in the classroom about labour and delivery, are the
Describe what you learned and
applicable assessments needed to be done before, during and after
how it relates to the competency. birth. The knowledge I learned is related to the CLPNA competency
Explain why it is meaningful.
because the competency is about the knowledge and assessment of
labour and birthing process, in my theory class, we discussed the
topic about labour and delivery, also talked about the four stages of
labour and the assessment needed in those stages. We primarily used
the maternity and child health nursing book by Pilliteri and it covers
the stages of labour and delivery well. My knowledge was tested
during the term exam, and by studying and going to the class I
achieved a satisfactory mark.

Uses the proficiency categories

to rate their proficiency in the
chosen CLPNA competency.
Explain what was done to
achieve this competency.

Describe how you will apply this

learning in your current and
future nursing practice.

I would rate my understandings about the chosen CLPNA

competency as Fair I understand the competency in theory and in
scenarios, also in nursing practice. To achieve this level of proficiency
category, I had attended the theory class, do my readings in both
Potter and Perry, Maternal and Child health nursing by Pilliteri and
research through internet and online journals. My knowledge about
stages of labour is limited because I haven't been expose to maternity
setting, where I can experience and witness the four stages of labour
and delivery in reality.
The knowledge I gained in the classroom is applicable in my current
life as a student practical nurse, because what I learned right now will
be my basic knowledge about maternity. In future nursing practice, if
ever I will be chosen to do my practicum on the maternity unit, my
knowledge about stages of labour will be validated and enhanced
through experience. I believed that experiences is the best teacher,
combined with knowledge, skills and attitude, I can be a competent
practical nurse.

Student Name: Beverly Ann Billones

Course: NFDN 2004
Date: October 8, 2015
Instructor/Tutor: Allison McFadden-Squire