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Executive Summary

Founded in 1968 by Robert Cheng, Uratex Foam was launched for sale in the
Philippines. From producing foam mattresses, Mr. Chengs company expanded to
manufacture fabrics, monoblock chairs, leaf springs and mufflers for the automotive
industry, microwavable containers among other products.
Today, the RGC Foam Group is part of the RGC Group of companies and is the
longest manufacturer of commercial and automotive polyurethane foam products in
the country. It is now a dominant player in the local foam industry and one of the
leading foam makers in Southeast Asia.
Uratexs business strategy is founded in their vision statement To be the number
one foam company in Southeast Asia in terms of customer satisfaction, quality,








excellence. We intend to attain this vision through teamwork, innovation, and total
quality management. We intend to satisfy customers through quality products that
are competitively priced, delivered on time, and developed through close
coordination with our customers.
The RGC Group of companies with their vision statement continue to expand their
manufacturing capabilities with manufacturing plants in Muntinlupa, Marikina,
Cavite, Camarines Sur, Bulacan, Cebu, Pangasinan, and Davao. Further, they have
diversified from manufacturing foam products to fabrics, plastic furniture, and
automotive parts like radiators, leaf springs, and mufflers and microwavable food
As of 2010, Uratex Foam accounts for 50% of the consumer market and about 80%
in the industrial market.

I. Introduction
For more than 4 decades, RGC Foam group is today's largest manufacturer of
commercial and automotive polyurethane foam products in the country. Through
world-class manufacturing practices and a strong culture of excellence, RGC Foam
group has become the most dominant player in the local foam industry and one if
the leading foam-makers in Southeast Asia.
It all began in 1968 when Robert Cheng realized his dream id producing high-quality
foam and founded Polyfoam Chemical Corporation. Through the years, Polyfoam
significantly expanded as it became increasingly attentive and responsive to the
growing needs of the furniture, footwear, garment, and automotive industries.
Shortly after, Uratex Foam Brand was launched to the delight of quality-conscious

consumers. Uratex's guiding principle is "To make top-of-the-line products that

provide first-rate benefits and create enduring business partnerships with our
RGC Foam group today continues to be at the forefront of product innovation and
technological advancement, investing in highly advanced machines and building
state-of-the-art facilities that would help fulfill the increasing product and service
demands of both local and international customers.