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Student Teacher: Wendy Smith

ID#: 10146066

Date: December 29, 2015

School: Louis Riel School

NOTE: This is not a letter of reference and will not be distributed by the WERKLUND SCHOOL OF EDUCATION to potential
employers., however potential employers may ask for this assessment from the student directly.
The purpose of this six-week Field experience is to focus on complex dimensions of social and cultural engagement in classroom learning.
The students Learning Portfolio and his/her participation in the Field placement should provide evidence of a growing ability to act
thoughtfully in the classroom and within the school community, and a deepening understanding of learners and of the enactment of
curriculum and pedagogical relationships within a whole class context. The Narrative Assessment should address the student teachers
growth in the emergent ability to plan for, implement and assess learning. It should also comment on the student teachers growth in relation
to the KSAs, including the students own goal setting reflections and personal/professional assessment throughout the Field experience. The
Field instructors assessment should also address the students overall participation in both collaborative and cohort learning assignments
including D2L and the final presentation assignment. The following report on the students work should be organized in relation to the
questions: Where is the work particularly strong? What could the student do to further his/her professional growth and development?
You may also want to consider the course outcomes as a method of organizing the assessment.

Wendy had a very successful experience in the grade 5/6 program in the Louis Riel School in Calgary.
Insights Wendy gained during the field experience included the importance of students being physically active, the
value of close contact with parents, the importance of developing caring pedagogical relationships with students,
and of conducting oneself professionally at all times.
I observed Wendy teach on two separate occasions. She relates well to students, has a strong, vigorous
classroom manner, and an interactive and engaging teaching style. Samples of Wendys lesson plans reviewed
were thorough. Particularly impressive was the plan for differentiation in one of her plans I reviewed.
Wendy benefitted from the opportunity she was afforded to teach the same lesson to two different classes,
refining the second lesson in light of her experience teaching it the first time.
Wendy was open to advice, and expressed strong appreciation for the mentoring offered her. She contributed to
her colleagues learning through her Final Presentation and her detailed and insightful D2L posts and responses.
Like most student teachers, Wendy has identified further developing her classroom management skills as an area
for further growth. Wendys natural writing style is informal. While improvements were noted during the course of
the field experience, Wendy recognizes that she needs to further refine her professional writing and editing skills.
Of the ksas emphasized in EDUC 540, Wedy showed particular strength in
2f) Developing an understanding of the purposes of short, medium and long term range planning.
2i) Developing an understanding that there are many approaches to teaching and learning.

Field Instructors Name: Claude Oppenheim, PhD


For Field Experience III: Principles of Social and Cultural Engagement, the recommendation is: