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UDT Test

4G XL - Huawei
Microsoft Office

Log in to the LMT eNode-B

- Make sure UE be handled by right Local Cell ID

- To view these configuration typed DSP CELL

- Running the command DSP ALLUEBASICINFO: LocalCellId=4;

- The result is you can view that UEs connected to the Locell ID
- Copy last 10 digit number

- TMSI Last 10 Digit Number : 3406059797

- IP Address UE :

- Running the command : STR UUDATATST: UeIdType=STMSI_TYPE,

MmeCode=99, MTmsi=3406059797, ErabId=5, SrcIp="",
SrcPort=6001, DstIp="", DstPort=6001, PktSize=1400,
Rate=100000, Time=1200;
- Upgrade the Rate to the 100000 (byte)

Thank You
4G XL - Huawei