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Hi I am Lana Jovanovic.

Recently I finished master degree programme in environmental protection. I heard

about your company from a friend and i think that as a fresher it would be grate for
me to gain working expirience in organisation like yours. Leadgenius is a place where everyone gets an
equal chance for growth and development.

Thank you for taking the time to enquire the leadgenius. A few notes on applicaton process. Applications are graded
and ordered to submited. Incomplete applications will not be reviewed so make sure you complete all
the fieldsbefore submitting. After the submitting a completedapplication you'll be contacted within two to three
week with our decision. Be honest and complete the assesment to the best of your ability. You can check out the
community faq's at the begining of this assesment for further informations. We look forward to reviewing your
application and working with you soon.

During my third year on coledge, I had two favorite subjects. First

was molecular biology and the second was evolutionary biology. I
find that these two subjects are most impresive sections in biology
to learn about. Both of them is conected and they explains one
another. But, if I need to choose one, it would be evolutionary
biology. I was very impresed when I start reading about Charles
Darwin trip on Bigl around the world. At the time of his trip, there
was no books with ilustrations of animals and plants from other
parts of world. Because of that, I can only imagine how impresive it
was for one scientis to see all that new species on the other side of
the planet. When he start explaining origins of that diversity, he
concluded that natural selection was the reason of new forms of life.
I believe the fundamentals of biology are in diversity of species,
genes and ecosystems. That was the main reason why I like theory
of evolution. I am master ecologyst and for understanding
environment first you need to understand whole story about
molecules, cells and genes. If everyone can possess knowledge of
whole biology, I think that the world would be better and healthier
place for living.