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I will serve others with passion and love.

My love will be identified by ;

Patience- I will show self-control in the face of adversity and setbacks
Kindness- giving attention, appreciation and encouragement to others based on
effort over execution. Utilizing the 10 word vocabulary; Please, thank you, I love
you, can I help you ?
Humility- being authentic and without pretense or arrogance in all tasks and
Respectfulness- treating others as important people, regardless of their status
Selflessness- meeting the needs of others not necessarily their wants
Forgiveness- giving up resentment when wronged
Honesty- being free from deception in all facets
Commitment- sticking to my choices and goals .
I believe in creating a culture and environment of excellence where people are
encouraged to ;
Fail harder- where failure is seen as an opportunity to learn rather than a terminal
Embrace a growth mindset- That intelligence can be developed and that, like a
muscle, the brain can be trained and therefore the culture will demand participants
to seek growth and embrace mistakes as opportunities for growth.
Display courage- by taking risks and being willing to go against the grain to hold
others accountable as we strive for collective greatness
Model positive energy- by demonstrating extraordinary passion, exhibit
enthusiasm and religiously fill emotional fuel tanks.
Build relationships- by employing active listening techniques and skills in order
to display empathy and be in community with one another .
Have a purpose- by engaging in intentional, deliberate and regular goal setting.
Display Grit- preserving towards their long-term goals.
Become leaders- By believing that leadership is a learned and practiced skill and
art, that will be intentionally taught, learned and embodied.