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‘oval No. of Questions 3] rol No.of Printed Paes: 3 ROMND oeomie ME/AU - 701 (D) B.E. VII Semester Examination, December 2012 Work Study & Ergonomics ‘Time : Three Hours Maximum Marks: 100 Minimum Pass Marks ‘35 Note: Attemptall the five questions ‘Afepestions have intemal choice. Attempt any 1 Pars Gut of three parts given in each question (a) What is the purpose of work study? Deseribe the procedure for earying out arnethod sti: 10 {hy Name the various recording fecrigues use iP method Nady. Given the following information consuct ‘alte ativity cart forthe mackining operation The operator engaged on the machine Performs the Downloaded fram: om Aes PadaCGCoss <0 Tate vice 02.) ip mate te sic “ON? to aly hod the pa (08 rin) ap anette seh ON tost atonaticetetite peation (68 mi) Gu) Machining ofthe pa onaosete (520) (et vice opensatoaizal 0.08) ek apt acinomae vie 088) ME/AU -701 D) pro a} (vii) Keep it on the tay (0.05 min) ‘Comment on the utility ofthe chart, lo (©) What are eyele graphs and Chrono eycle graphs? Under ‘what situations they are used? Explain the procedure of conducting achrono eyele graph study. 10 2. (a) How isa job selected for time study? Why is itnecessary to break job into elements? How does one determine the number of eyetes to be timed? 10 (b) The following data refers to the study conducted for an operation. Table shows actual time for elements in minutes. d AME je time of (iii) Take performance rating as 120 Pecsonal allowance : 30 minutes ina shift of 8 hrs, fatigue allowance = 15%, contingency allowance = 2% . Estimate the standard time of operation and production per 8 hrs shift. 10 (c) Explain the steps in Work Sampling Study. What ar ‘meritsand imitations? Deseribe the situations where such study in useful 10 MEZAUI- 701 (D) Pro, 3. @ ) o) 4. @) Oo) © 5. (@) 1 Whats job evalwation? What areits objectives! Describe any two methods of job evaluation and compare them. 10 What are incentives? Name the different types of incentives. Explain Merrick’s differential piece rate system. 10 How can standard time for a job or an operation be ‘established with the help of predetermined motion time analysis? Explain the different types of predetermined ‘motion time systems. 10 [Explain the term “Ergonomics”. Also state its objectives and advantages. 10 ‘What do you understand by “man machine system"? How ‘are man - machine systems classified? 10 ‘What is information theory? Explain the factors that affect information reception and processing. 10 Define anthropometry and explain its importance. 10 (b). From anthropometric considerations, how will you arrive Downloaded fronaseyisitikistia teeny", © 10 ‘What are visual displays? Explain general principles of anditory and actral displays. 10 MBIAU 701 (D)