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Want to go to Mars?

Trini, Jaime, Khristian, Julie-Anne

Traveling through Space

Mars is 1 AU away from the Earth
Mars is .00000589429108 light years

Hot or Cold?
Mars is -81.4 degrees Fahrenheit.
Polar regions of Mars have polar caps depending on the

How long are its days and years

It takes 687 days for one full year
24.6 hours in a day
142 million miles away from sun

Cosmic rays
Being weightless can cause bones, muscles,
and the heart to degenerate


Gravity: 3.72 (m/sec2)

On Mars, you will most likely experience
65% less gravity than on Earth

Coolest thing about the planet

Olympus Mons -The largest of volcanoes in
the Tharsis Montes as well as the whole
Solar System. Olympus Mons is a shield
volcano 374 miles in diameter.
Galle (Martian Crater) - Galle is about 215 km
across. During the winter time this crater has
a wintertime frost.

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