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Jaime Cerda

Mrs. Jimenez
English 1 CP
28 February 2015
Book Project
For my book Project I Chose the Hole In My Life.The boat in this picture symbolizes
the ship he went on with the drug people. Also in the page you see three blocks with a symbol on
it, that is cocaine the drugs he was helping to ship to N.Y.C. and underneath it is a man in jail.
They never really gave me a specific name of who that was just me and I is what he called
himself. The handwriting on the side of that is also him, he wants to become a famous writer. He
wrote books but never got to show them off thats why he wanted to go to New York City and
thats why he got on that ship but he had also done it for the money. The music notes were for
something he loved to do because it would keep him focused in prison and it helped him not go
crazy and not go to depression.
I would recommend this book to high school students for all levels and for adults because
not only is this book interesting but it shows dedication, inspiring, and its nothing bad just a guy
who made one mistake. That goes to show that even one mistake could lead to total disaster
really quick. Why you may ask? Because even though he didnt do much and spent most of his
life in the house writing books he ended up in prison for 21 years he never came out til he was
54. He still managed to publish 8 of his books like Troy Denning, and The Hideous Death.
This book also shows how and what he went through and what other people are going through.
Not the situation but the struggle he needed to do just to get back on his feet. It wasnt easy for
him to publish those books. I did enjoy this book and I would recommend it.