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Jaime Cerda

Mrs. Jimenez
CP English 1
8 January 2015
Rockers, Rappers, and Freedom of speech
In the social studies text written by Jose Perez. They talk about the day music died and
what had caused this to happen. They heard the music they listened to and thought that it was
offensive and the people wanted to banned it.
The music industry tried several ways of responding to the parents, but many arent
happy with the results. Parents were worried that the music the kids listened to was going to
influenced them on their behavior. Parents would get angry over this problem and then organize
them self. For this very reason stores would not take the artists music and that would end the
artist career.
In the music industry feel this takes away freedom of speech. Most would argue
against this saying that not everyone has the freedom of speech. Theres areas that dont give
freedom of speech here in the United States. The artist/fans feel that changing there music is
violating their freedom of speech.
In conclusion, the text describes the reason why music got banned and how offensive the
music is. This is an important text because the offensive music and the people who wanted to ban
it. So the music industry does not have the right to violate the freedom of speech.