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Jaime Cerda

Cesar CArmona
Edgar Castillo
13 MArch 2015

Weapons of the times

how were weapons during medieval times

In the Elizabethan Era there were craftsman, who are also known as a blacksmith, who made most of the
weapons along with their helpers called guildsman. Being a craftsman was a very important job, but
very low pay. Craftsman had to repair, sharpen and make weapons. Craftsman would use a tool called
the Anvil, a regular hammer. They would burn the metal and beat it to form the shape of a sword.

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How were swords


Was anyone allowed to purchase weapons or just

specific people?
In England any one was allowed to purchase weapons, but they had to have money. England has been
under a constant threat against Spain and France. The English people were afraid that the Spaniards and
French would come to attack them. Also farmers were also allowed to purchase weapons. They would
use these weapons to protect their crops from any intruder.

if gunpowder was to run out during war what would be there back up
plan?Would they use different weapons?
The most common firearm was a musket that the Englishmen used. One flaw that the musket had was it
needed gunpowder, when soldiers ran out of gunpowder they needed another option. The soldiers would
use bows, rapiers, billhooks, spears and daggers. The soldier would be in danger if it came to these
option, if he was going up against another soldier with a musket.

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