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Jaime Cerda

14325 Goldenwest St.,

Westminster, CA 92683
October 8, 2015
Leticia Cerda A.K.A. Mom
6834 Hollywood Blvd.,
Hollywood, CA 90028
Dear Mrs. Cerda,
Im writing this letter to thank you for always taking care of me since day one. For getting me food when
I needed it or for just taking care of me and making me who I am today. Also this is the reason why Im
writing this letter.
Youve always looking for the best in me so that I would be safe, strong and healthy. For this
main reason Im who I am today and I thank you for that, the fact that are so impatient with me and you
get mad at me I understand youre frustrated sometimes and I bother you sometimes and you get mad. Its
just that I really need you, like when you left on vacation for 2 weeks I was lost and didnt know what to
do without you I was practically surviving on my own even though I had my older sister with me and my
dad I just felt like something was missing. So as you can tell I really do need you to wash my clothes and
to cook food for me and most of all have someone that shows love to me, so I thank you for that youve
taken me to my soccer games when I was a kid and practices and till this day you still manage to take care
of my brother 2 sisters and our pet dog also my dad you are the best. Also I know how much you miss
your daughter as known as my sister, because shes gone on vacation for over 5 months and you stay
strong because I know how much you miss her because I miss her to, but you stay strong so that we can
stay strong and I thank you so much, I love you mom your my greatest hero of all time.
So I wrote this letter to show you how much I love you and no matter what youre always going
to be my favorite of all time. So I how that you loved this letter that I wrote to you because there is times
where you feel like I dont like you but I do and just what you to know that I will always love you,
forever and ever because youre the greatest mom ever and couldnt ask for a better one.

Jaime Cerda