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Cerda 1

Jaime Cerda
Mrs. Brownell
CP English 2
30 November 2015
Julius Caesar
In the play, Julius Caesar, there is a man named Julius Caesar that many people look up
to as a hero, a man who should be the one to know what to do in dangerous situations until death
comes right around the corner for him. Then soon a group of men got an idea of Caesar just
being praised for his power that he has, but not the man he really, soon they ganged up on Caesar
and stabbed him to death, even his friends who he thought loved him. Antony, Caesars one true
friend and Antony leader of thousands of soldiers who spoke for Caesar at his funeral because
Caesar was murdered and didnt deserve it. Julius Caesar never did anything, during Antonys
speech, he begins to uses the words that do good to people and turns them in into threats to the
murders. Anthony begins to use words that bring honor to citizens and turns those words into
words of hatred. Antony soon use such simple words to convince the citizens that Caesar wasnt
bad that there was no need to kill him, but he kept it sarcastically when he talked about the
First, Julius Caesar has died and brutus has just finished up his speech and Antony,
Caesars reliable friend is about to speak at the funeral of Caesar there is a bunch of questions
being asked, but never answered and a lot of pettiness.wherein hath Caesar thus deserved your
loves (III,II, 237). Antony told the citizens this to show if they had the right idea about what he

was trying to say. As they once hated Caesar when Brutus was up, they now love and praise
Caesar as a god when Antony was
Cerda 2
up. Show you sweet Caesar's wounds, poor poor dumb mouths(III,II, 225). These words that
Antony said in his speech mean that he wants the citizens to feel for that Caesar was the best
man alive and these men took him away from us, the citizens soon get pumped and viscous, they
soon come up with a bunch of ideas on what they are going to do to brutus and his group.
Next, The citizens now love Antony and now they praise Caesar as the only god they
have left. When Antony told the citizens Shall I descend? and will you give me leave he was
hoping that their minds would come together to think of a way to destroy Brutus (II,II, 160).
Antony wanted to feel the love they had for him and Caesar want to see if they felt his pettiness.
Then I, and you, and all of us fell down, Whilst bloody treason flourish'd over us Antony feels
they pettiness and the sober of these people have (II,III, 193). He want the Roman citizens to feel
the pain and anger, he felt when he heard that Caesar was dead. The citizens of Rome were now
beginning to see the truth of these men O traitors, villains is what theyve said (II,III, 200).
Thirdly, Antony soon tries to get the audience to feel pity about his lost, and for the
citizens to feel bad for him too with these simple words, Bear with me; My heart is in the coffin
there with Caesar the audience feels for Antonys pain (II,III, 109 & 110). Antony showed the
audience that it was okay to cry as he said himself If you have tears, prepare to shed them now
The audience fell into Antonys arms, exactly the way Antony picture, they would. They once
hated Caesar and Antony, but Caesar, Caesar ends up dying along with his killers, but during the
middle of the story people hated Caesar because of Brutuss speech. Soon, Antony went up on

stage and spoke for Caesar and then with Anthony's words of wisdom they appreciate Antony
and Caesar.

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Finally, Caesar was a leader of these people a leader who had a lot of power. In the story
Julius right when he was coming done everyone seemed to love and praise Caesar. They wanted
to kill Brutus for the terrible things he did to Caesar they thought of different ways to torture
Brutus and his group of friends. During Brutuss speech he shows to the people that Brutus did
the right thing, that Caesar did deserve to die. After Brutus finished Antony was up and he began
to speak to the citizens with words that didnt offend Brutus and showed that Brutus was a good
guy but he used rhetorical questions to show the citizens that what Brutus did wasnt right. Half
way into Antonys speech the people were angry and were ready to attack Brutus and his friends.

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