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I, my family, and my best friends

HI! My name is Stephanie Dawn T. Bauza. I

am 12 years old. I was born on August 8,
2003. I live at #29 Armando St. Brgy. Bag-bag
Novaliches Q.C. I have two brothers. My older
brother is Vincent T. Bauza. And the youngest
is Philippe Daniel T. Bauza.
I am in Grade six. I am a section one
student. We are 53 students in our class.
There are 37 girls and 16 boys.
I have so many best friends. They are,
Roselle Micah Gapan, Mary Rose Esguerra,
Airish Ann Camba, Zhecainah Joy Tadefa, Jello
Kahrizza Losing, Hershey Gaylican, Carmen
Nicole Leyva, Cyrell Joy Dalde, Andrea Janine
Sagun, and Princess Mae Nugas. There are 3
important things to me. My family, my best
friends, and especially, myself.

Thanks for reading!!

Hope you liked it!