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Religions of the World (Model Questions II)

1. Define the concepts (6 words will be given for definition). Please read the following
pages (148; 173-174; 110;141; 260; page 324 (only the following: Dao/dao; Laozi, li,
ren, ru, sangang, taiji, wuwei, ri, yin-yang, ziran); 333; 360 (from p 360: Amaterasu,
bodhisattva, bushido, jiriki, kami, kojiki, mappo, nenbutsu, nigimitama, samurai,
shogun) (6 x .5 = 3 points)
2. Please discuss TWO of the following terms and concepts (2 point for each = 4 points)
a. Karma in Jainism
b. Tirthankaras in Jain Tradition
c. Guru in Sikhism
d. Te/De
e. Kami
f. Dao/Tao
g. Sikhism
h. Confucianism
i. Imperial Edict by the Japanese emperor
j. Orders from the Supreme Commander for the Allied Powers to Japanese Government
3. Please write a short essay on ONE of the following. Please introduce your topic (i.e.,
introduction), develop your essay in well-argued paragraphs, and come to a definite
conclusion. Please do not forget to give an interesting title to your essay. (8 points).
a. Discuss the major themes and topics covered in Dao De Jing. What inspired you
most and why?
b. Jainism and the importance of Non-violence. Please utilize all the academic resources
for the discussion of this topic (e.g., texts, video and power-point)
c. Shinto and Other Japanese Religious Traditions
d. Sikhism and Its Religious Practices