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Ashley Carpenter

Sara Price
Policy Paper
Although France and North Korea have had relations in the past and are currently
indecisive about creating ties, France does not support the human right violations North Korea is
acting upon.
Since the Korean War, North Korea has officially been its own country and established a
nuclear energy and weapon supply. Since then, North Korea has irresponsibly used their nuclear
weapons against other countries and created conflict between countries nationwide. In the article
France and North Korea: Odd Partners written by Nicholas Levi, he says, It seems then that
France may establish diplomatic relations with North Korea based on the following conditions
(Levi). Following that, Levi explains that France declares that North Korea must give up their
nuclear programs, improve the human rights concerning North Korean Refugees, and that the
Inter-Korean dialogue must improve. In the article No More Provocation, France Tells North
Korea the author explains how France is worried about the Nuclear supply North Korea owns
and worries about what may happen in the future, the Foreign Affairs Ministry Spokesperson
states France is seriously worried about the situation on the Korean peninsula(RFI). France is
on edge about North Korea owning a nuclear supply and worries about how North Korea may
use them. France doesnt support the nuclear supply North Korea owns and asks that they give
up the programs. If this issue continues conflict with nations will arise and the possibility of war
may occur as well.

After considering Frances views on North Korea and North Koreas weak economy I
believe it would be in Frances best interest to inform North Korea and suggest relations and ties
between other countries in exchange for them giving up their nuclear program. Not only would it
benefit many countries around the world if North Korea gave up their nuclear weapons and
energy, it would also benefit North Korea itself. In How does North Korea make its Money?
written by Susannah Cullinane it states that according to the CIA World Factbook, North
Koreas, Industrial capital stock is nearly beyond repair as a result of years of underinvestment,
shortages of spare parts, and poor maintenance. Large-scale military spending draws off
resources needed for investment and civilian consumption(Cullinane). As France, we should
approach this situation on good terms, and inform North Korea that by giving up their nuclear
programs their economy would increase drastically and they would have many more options
open to them in context to improving their human rights and country in general. Our next
approach would be joining allies with the United Kingdom and offering ties with North Korea in
exchange for them giving up their nuclear supply. In the past North Korea could have used more
allies especially when it comes to improving their economic conditions. When North Korea
floods hit in 2007, they had no support from France (Levi), offering our help to them in the
future could seriously impact the improvement of their country. As for the United Kingdom they
are already leaning towards creating ties with North Korea, in the article U.K. Open Relations
With North Korea they state how British Foreign Secretary Robin Cook states that, We have
now received an approach from North Korea to open diplomatic relations. I think it is likely we
will respond positively to that,. Before the United Kingdom offers their relations to North
Korea, we think it would be the best outcome if the United Kingdom requests that North Korea
gives up their nuclear programs as well. Considering the past relationships between France, the

United Kingdom, and North Korea, we believe this is our best approach at North Korea giving
up their nuclear weapons.

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