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THE MOST COMPLETE BOOK ON UNARMED SELF-DEFENSE EVER PUBLISHED! OVER 400 ACTION PHOTOGRAPHS! Here is a new method of self-defense that is so simple that even a child can learn it. It is so effective that it can be employed even against gang attacks. Developed in the famous Tegner School of Self-Defense, it unites the best of Judo, Jiu Jitsu, Karate, Savate, Aikido, and Ate-Waza in one amazing, all-purpose method that can be used in any situation AL THE MOST VULNERABLE ATTACKING POINTS (] HAND AND ARM BLOWS [1 FOOT BLOWS 1 HOLDS AND LOCKS © CHOKES 0 THROWS ( FALLS BACK-ATTACK DEFENSES Cl FIST-FIGHTING DEFENSES (1) FRONT-CHOKE DEFENSES (] GANG-ATTACK DEFENSES. ( WEAPON DEFENSES AND MANY OTHERS. BRUCE TEGNER'S COMPLETE BOOK OF SELF-DEFENSE. THE BOOK THAT CAN MAKE YOU DEFEND YOURSELF LIKE AN EXPERT IN THE ART OF SELF-DEFENSE IN ONLY TWENTY-ONE DAYS! FEEL BETTER! INCREASE YOUR SELF-CONFIDENCE! ENJOY LIFE MORE! BL P8232 + $1.00 * A FANTAM B00K THE BEST OF JUDO, JIU JITSU, KARATE, SAVATE, YAWARA, ATKIDG, AND ATE-WAZA IN ONE EASY-TO-LEARN, 21-DAY HOME STUDY CURED BRUCE TEGNER’S|__ COMPLETE BOOK OF SELF-DEFENSE THE ONLY BOOK WITH THE COMPLETE METHOD! OVER 400 PHOTOGRAPHS! THE AUTHOR Bruce Tegner is President of the National Judo and Karate Association and holds the Black Belt in Judo and Karate. His methods are used by police ecademies, the U.S. Army and Marine Corps, and by Judo schools all over the United States and Canada. BRUCE TEGNER’S COMPLETE BOOK OF SELF-DEFENSE. is the first lesson plan available in book form. It is similar to those Mr. Tegner has prepared for police and army courses. It includes over 400 photographs, four progress tests, a chart showing the pressure points of the body where blows are most effective, and a complete reference index of blows, locks and other techniques. It also includes special instruc- tions on how you can teach your child, your wife or your friends the arts of self-defense. Books by Bruce Tegner KARATE: The Open Hand & Foot Fighting SAVATE BRUCE TEGNER’S French Foot & Fist Fighting B 0K BRUCE TEGNER METHOD OF SELF-DEFENSE: ‘The best of Judo, Jiu-Jitsu, Karate, Savate, Yawara, Aikido, Ate Waza cigar are OF SELF-DEFEN Yawara, Aikido, Cane, Police Club, Quarter-Staff TEAGH YOUR BOY SELF-DEFENSE and SELF-CONFIDENCE SELF-DEFENSE FOR WOMEN: ‘A Simple Method KARATE, VOL. 2: Traditional Forms for Sport JUDO FOR FUN: Sport Techniques Made Easy AIKIDO SELF-DEFENSE: Holds and Locks for Modern Use JUDO-KARATE FOR LAW OFFICERS: Defense and Control JUDO & KARATE BELT DEGREES. Requirements, Rules, Regulations JUDO & KARATE EXERCISES: Physical Conditioning for the Un-Armed Fighting Aris