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Charging options in the Nokia ICD System

Volume-based charging

Transferred data volume

Per service, not limited to PDP Context

Bytes of transferred data

Event-based charging

Event (transaction/hit to a specific WAP/HTTP URL)

A request/response pair

Number of events

Time-based charging

Distinguish active/inactive usage time)

Subscription (free access during subscription period

Seconds of data transfer

Subscription-based charging

Free access during content service subscription period

May be combined with event-based charging

Other packet core network elements

GGSN (Gateway GPRS Support Node)

Nokia version based on IP650 or IP740 routers
Release 2, IP650: 150 000 PDP contexts
100 Mbps (1400 byte packets)
Release 2, IP740: 1 million PDP contexts
400 Mbps (1400 byte packets)
Both can interact with 2G-SGSN and 3G-SGSN

BG (Border Gateway)
Router to Inter-PLMN data network

DNS (Domain Name Server)

Access point name IP address of correct GGSN

CG (Charging Gateway)

LIG (Legal/Lawful Interception Gateway)

Nokia FlexiFamily

High-availability carrier-grade server platform

Linux based

Nokia IP Multimedia Subsystem servers based on Nokia FlexiServer

Nokia FlexiGateway a carrier-grade gateway platform and the future basis

for network user-plane functions such as packet routing and processing

Nokia FlexiGateway, with specially designed content-aware provisioning

extensions, will gradually complete the implementation of the All-IP