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Socially accepted crime

Today Pakistan is facing a lot of social

but some are very common in Pakistan,
are destroying our society and also
economy of
Child labour is a global issue.
Child labour is one of the most common
problems in Asia and also in Pakistan

Child Labour is work for children that

harms them or exploits them in some
way e.g.
morally or blocking access to education

In Pakistan children aged 5-14 are above 40

million. During the last year, the Federal Bureau of
Statistics released the results of its survey funded
by ILOs IPEC. The findings were that
3.8 million children age group of 5-14 years are
working in Pakistan out of total 40 million
children in this age group
fifty percent of these economically active children
are in age group of 5 to 9 years. Even out of these
3.8 million economically active children, 2.7 million
were claimed to be working
in the agriculture sector. 73% of them were said
to be boys

30% of our countrys total population is leading life

below the poverty-line, in which the people are
deprived of
basic necessities of life like clothing, shelter, food,
education and medication, the children of these
will be forced to become Labourers' or workers in
order to
Our people are not aware of the importance of
education. Class-based education system is another
reason for increasing child Labour as a result, child
Labour is increase in rural areas.
The government has not put its laws into practice to
stop child Labour in our country thats why child
labour is increasing day by day.

The children are working as a labour in

school going age for the survival of
families and to full fill the basic
People dont know the importance of
education. Thats why most of children
remain illiterate.

Awareness must be raised and parents

should pay attention to the education
of their children.
Child Labour Laws should be strictly
put into practice

If we want success then we have to act

upon these principles and then our
country can easily get rid of this
We have to distribute the education free
of coast, give flame to the candle of
education and distribute the light of
knowledge among the people as
our Holy prophet (PBUH) also says that
get knowledge and distribute among

Thank you
presented by
Attiqa Ashfaq
Sabha Munir
Amman Fayaz
Mishal Asif