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DNV-GL Report: Pr-o1 PRESSURE TEST REPORT ee 20 (Bovel27/32/2015 Job Requested + Wins Pressure Test f Gud Release Cupngs Ccuntomer/Supplier + Contech ud 01 & Marne Mideast FZE Jebel UAE Description Stale Stee Queens Couplings res te qnrasinesiess a qureacs-oess ‘survey ote 523 bacember 2015 surveyor ‘nonin tony DNV Projecto 0270082 Ccaibeatedon + August 25° 2015 by CALTROLS Mile East aboot UAE sc mgt of catch PO & Marne Mie Et FE the undrged uree ‘ered emt bse on the pe wok tes eo wean 20 ete ye ness ressre (yr) st of Qu Release Cuptngs. sure Testing Gone with citrated Insure or can approved Procsbure [cenetcasan Tap umber ag urtase Specht, {inv Presie Tet hepa DESCRIPTION OF WORK CARRIED OUT nersed pressure lest of 27 N's Que Rens Ceuptgs fa test pressure 7500 Ps. Te Tit sas presubed usb potable ate and fecored ang cabbrted pressure hoger & Shon rere Ensure tun hasbeen ated craft ek ean cach cmpanen during the est Report: PT-08 ev 0 Project 00270082 Paar TagNe ‘Description & Matera Test ‘eral ne ‘acceptance RSIS TERS | STATS SSSA. 7 Shou i cone asseneey x neve Sara Gomme courunc, items tgurese-guresincs- 1655 Name: Qube uk Release ouping 1 (sonnssis is, | rote Grae: Stones Stet aru, 22, |e! weit romote Seer recent 25,26, 27). | ale: aaesS. feat: ANEES csommisie.”” |r: Matis. Fema: rest i) Sle AAeI9. Fema: Aes (seonssie20) {Scersat24) PRE aR ese Se COMDLETE ASSEMBLY x WT/E csceassieot rode Sales Stet pect sonsstis. 1D i 50 cONCWUSTEN svar Test te above mentongs Quik Release Couplings ound to be satstactry and Imes he vere Ease: vvfcaton oat 8 Comgoens HC)