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Oral :


Comprhension orale:
Sujet de la ngociation : emprunt dune chane hifi

Steve Il veut emprunter la chane stro de sa sur.
Claire nest pas daccord parce que sa chane est toute
neuve, elle la eu pour Nol.
Steve Il promet dy faire trs attention.
Steve Laver la voiture / apporter le petit djeuner au lit /
ranger la chambre / laver et nettoyer le chien /
faire toutes les corves mnagres.
Dure : 15 jours
Claire est daccord mais demande quil fasse les corves
pendant un mois.
Steve est daccord.
Steve a bien obtenu que sa sur lui prte sa chane hifi
mais quel prix ! Un mois de corves, de lavage de voiture,
de mnage, de petits djeuners lui porter au lit et un
mois soccuper du chien. La grande sur a vraiment
exploit la situation. Le succs de Steve est tout relatif.

Ecrit :
take the rubbish out / mow the lawn / mop the kitchen /
water the plants / make your bed / wash the car
se plaindre : complain
protester : protest
interdire: prohibit
tre daccord : agree
passer un accord : strike a deal hurler : yell /scream
sattendre : expect
sexcuser : apologize
I am fed up / Theyre such a pain ! / Its so unfair !
structures :
a- My parents expect me to tidy up my room every
They want me to walk the dog in the park every morning.
They make me do my homework before dinner time.
b- My parents expect me to work hard. They want me to
make my bed. They make me mow the lawn.
a. They dont let me smoke.
b. They never allow me to drink sodas.
c. I can never go out at night.
My dogs very lucky : my parents let him play or sleep.

What if I did all my homework ?

If I dont go,
If I didnt go,
If you let me go,

my best friend would be cross with me.

Ill miss out on the best party of the year !
Ill be so happy !
Would you let me go ?

If I missed the party, I would be very sad.

Sonia is very lucky. Her parents let her go out late and
she is allowed to spend her Sunday in bed. She doesnt

have to watch her baby sister and they dont expect her
to help with the housework.
Poor, Sean ! His parents wont let him spend hours
surfing the net and they dont want him to invite friends
on weekdays. They expect him to do the washing up and
they force him to help around the house.