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construction surveying Giving line and grade to the crafts so Locating anchor bolts exactly so that that footings and foundations are they are in the proper location and constructed at the correct elevation correct orientation. and location, Positioning structural steel so that it Establishing Hine and grade that will be fits together, is plumb, andi placed at available to the crafts as structural the correct elevation: conerete and metal decks are placed. Locating embedded items,sleeves,and Marking the location of conerete blockouts precisely withiathestructure. columns so they are square and plumb, field engineering responsibilities @ Controlling elevator and stair core Utility Layout. Locating the sewers, locations to within the tolerances pipes, electric lines, and other utilities required for installation, on the jobsite ‘As you can see, the layout duties of a field engineer are extensive. Guidelines for Performing these activities can be found in this text. Quality Control As afield engineer, it will be necessary for you to check the accuracy and adequacy Quality i the of activities and work-in-place as the project progresses. Continuous quality key to success, control will help to ensure that costly mistakes do not occur. Quality control takes Place in every phase of construction. ‘Therefore, a field/ffive engineer is often responsible for work performed by the general contractor and the subcontractors, Planning quality control work is a most important step. A field/office engineer ‘must interpret schedules, know what work is occurring, and know what work to inspect. To accurately inspect work, the field/ffice engineer must understand the plans and specifications for each work item. Therefore, it is essential that the field office engineer review the plans and specifications before the work begins Planning is vital to preventing delays in construction. ‘The quality of layout determines the quality of construction. A fieldioffice engineer's primary duty is layout, and his or her first quality control inspection is to double-check the layout, The rale of thumb is do everything twiee. All layout ‘work must be checked by measuring distances, turning angles, running level loops, and establishing control. Mistakes in layout must be detected to prevent rework. Itis far less costly to double check layout than it is to demolish and rework an item, ‘Supervision As you gain experience in the field, your superintendent may instruct you to direct. 8 small work force, such as a labor crew or subcontractor erew. The skills you develop will be necessary for advancement within the company, OFFICE DUTIES Field engineers do not spend all their time in the field. There are activities in the office that are also required. Ths is sometimes called office engineering and may be the duty of the field engineer or a person assigned to be an office engineer Office engineering introduces the paperwork aspect of the construction process to You. Office engineering consists of working with shop drawings, submittals, Schedules, trend curves, and other important aspects of project documentation, Performing office engineering duties well and understanding the construction documentation process are very important to your success and to the success of construction projects. Some specific activities of office engineering are: Project Documentation AAs an office engincer, it will be your function to assist inthe recording, updating, ‘conveying, interpreting, and maintaining of the project documentation. The G chapter one accurate and timely processing of project documentation is very important to the success of the company and to your understanding of the project administration process. This constant review and follow-through is a good method of tracking the ‘materials that are needed on the jobsite. It ensures that materials are onthe jobsite, atthe time that they are needed by the crafts. construction surveying Procurement of Materials ‘Two of your activities as an office engineer are the procurement and tracking of materials. ‘This will involve processing the submittals, shop drawings, and change orders in a timely manner 0 avoid project delays. These activities involve thorough review for completeness, accurate conformance to the plans and specifications, and coordination with subeontractors and suppliers. It will be your responsibility to ensure that these are up to date and available for review at a moment's notice, Information Requests {As the project progresses, assist the office supervision team (office engineer, foremen, and superintendent) in the preparation and follow-through of information requests by conveying questions to and from the architect and owner. ‘Your ability to satisfy the owner depends on an understanding of, and effective communication of, the owner's requirements. SHARED DUTIES Safety Is for fel, ‘Although there are duties specific to the field engineer and duties specific to the office engineer, there are also several related activities that sre performed by ‘persons in both positions working together. From the moment a field engineer and tn office engineer are assigned toa project, they will work closely to support each other's work and will complete many tasks together. Planning for Satety Every project involves many people working toward a common gosl. As afield engineer or office engineer, you are responsible for the coordination of their fctivities and for their safety. This is where careful planning is of prime importance. It is the poliey of most companies to perform work in the safest possible manner, consistent with good construction practices. To meet this policy. ‘an organized safety program must be administered. One ofthe frst activities ofthe field or office engineer is to become involved in the safety program. Materials Handling Justa there will be many people on the jobsite, there will be many materials. This is where planning becomes necessary. It will be up to you to check the materials, requirements in advance, and then to coordinate the deliveries of the materials. As the materials are delivered (0 the jobsite, you must be prepared to check the delivery for proper quantity, quality, and condition ofthe materials, Keep a record of these deliveries, and of productivity and manpower. Because these records are the basis for issuing checks for work performed, itis essential that they be accurate. ‘The records are also used in estimating similar projects, If you keep good records, that means your future estimates will be accurate, While paperwork is certainly not the most exciting part of your job, itis very necessary and valuable. Set aside time daily to fill out prodvetion records so that your reports are as precise as possible. ag os Prevent Probiems by Planing. fleld engineering responsibilities Interpretation of Plans Tnadkltionto your other responsibilities, you mustbe prepared to quickly and accurately assist the craftspersons or interpretation of the plans and specifications. In order to do this, you must Know your Project inside and out. As you study the plans, look for sd