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What should be the answers to all accusations

against Sister Guadalupe ?

Why Jesus and Mary are giving these Messages ?
Guatemala, June 25, 1989


My dear son, the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Mother of God, is speaking to you. I am
communicating with you, because the Eternal Father, My Divine Son Jesus, and I know that you are
undergoing a time of great darkness. And We see you confused and disturbed, very disturbed by the
Messages that My Divine Son Jesus and I are giving to the world.
We are giving these Messages to the world, precisely to take away the errors and the confusion,
that now reigns in the hearts and in the minds of Our children, because the Devil has spread his demoniac
work throughout the whole world. And he has surrounded you with a dense darkness, which does not
allow you to see the light, and the truth of My Divine Son Jesus Christ.
My Divine Son Jesus and I are giving these Message because the hour to tell the truth to the
world has arrived. All the priests, bishops, cardinals, nuns, laity, and even the Pope must recognize the
truth, because the Antichrist will manifest himself. And this time is now near. And all of those who are not
prepared will die.
You know, dear son, that the Pope is a son whom I love very much. He is a favorite of My Heart. I
love him with a special love. However, I see that he does not correspond to this love, which I have for
Him, because he doesn't obey My commands to tell the Secret of Fatima. He, as the Pope, has the power
to do this, because, as the Vicar of Christ, he has the authority in Heaven, and on earth to do this. But he
won't do it. And he keeps silent.

He keeps silent, and he is also promoting ecumenism in My Church, which will be the door which
will introduce the Devil into the Church. And by doing this, he is helping the Antichrist.
Do you see that My Divine Son Jesus is correct, when He says he is helping him ?
As the Pope, he should be alert, and see to it, that the Church does not go to Her ruin. But he
doesn't do anything to stop it. And with this, he permits the evil to continue with a much greater strength.
And because of this, many of My children are condemned.
He doesn't want to listen to the Messages which I gave in La Salette, in Fatima, in Garabandal,
and at many other Apparitions, and knowing that, by his silence, many souls are lost.
If the Devil has been introduced into the Church, it's because the priests, bishops, cardinals, nuns,
laity, and even the Pope are helping. And they are helping, because they aren't doing anything to prevent
And by not doing anything, when they could have done a great deal, is a mortal sin. More so, if
the salvation of souls is at stake.
Dear son, the Church and the world are going to their ruin, because My sons the priests, were not
good shepherds. And because of this, My Divine Son Jesus calls them to repentance, so that they can
rectify their ways, because He is God, and penetrates into the most hidden thoughts of man. And He
knows what's inside their hearts.
He calls to His sons, the priests, in order that they themselves do not give away the Church, this
Holy Church of Jesus Christ. But they make fun of, and laugh at, His messages, and Mine.
You know that the Church is going to Her ruin, because nobody, nobody wants to point out the
errors, or the sins which are committed in the Church. No one wants to do it, because they are afraid.
They are afraid, afraid. And because of this, you don't want Sister Guadalupe to do it. But My dear
daughter, Sister Guadalupe, in spite of your threats, has published them, because she isn't afraid of
anything, or anyone, because she possesses the strength, and the light of the Holy Spirit in her heart.
My dear son, you have caused Me much pain, when you yourself, with your own words, told
Sister Guadalupe that you didn't believe in these Message which come from Jesus and Me. And you said
that you don't accept them, because they were going to create problems for you with the people, with the
Church, and especially with the Pope.
Is it that they are worth more than Us, dear son ? Is it that cowardice has come into your heart ?
And take note that cowardice does not come from God.
And so that you understand, and see that it is not from God, I'll remind you of that Biblical
passage where the first Apostles taught the doctrine to the people. And the authorities of the Temple were
indignant, and grabbed them, and put them into prison. And afterwards, they called, and intimidated them,
so that they would stop talking, and teaching in the name of Jesus. But the Apostles answered: "Judge for
you yourselves if it is just before God that we should obey you before obeying Him. We cannot stop from
saying what we have seen, and heard." And they released them with threats.
And now, I ask you, dear son, is it just that Sister Guadalupe obeys you before obeying the
Eternal Father, or My Divine Son Jesus, or Me ? And only because you threaten, you want her to stop

talking about what We said, and what she has seen ? Why do you want to silence her? Are you afraid of
the truth ?
The first Apostles were persecuted for telling the truth. And at that time, the priests ordered them
not to teach the doctrine of My Divine Son Jesus. And they answered: "It's necessary to obey God before
The first Apostles molested the authorities of the Church so much that a man by the name of
Gamely, a doctor of law, who was held in high esteem by all the people, said: "Men of Israel, think well
of what you are about to do with these men, because, in the past days, Teudas rose up saying that he was
someone, and many united with him. But he was killed, and all of those that followed him left him, and
nothing was left. Afterwards they rose up someone else. And he too perished. And all of those who
followed him also dispersed. Now, I advise you to leave these men go. Let them go, because if this is
done because of the work of men, they will dissolved. But if they come from God, you won't be able to
dissolve them. And, maybe one day, you will realize that you have made war against God.
Dear son, I'm telling you this, so that you can think carefully, so that you understand that, by
refusing the Messages, you are making war against God. And because of this, one day, you will lament
and cry. Do you see the terrible error that you are in ?
Remember that one day I said: "United you will win, and divided you would fall. I also said that
nobody could destroy you. Again, I am telling you that nobody can destroy you, but you can destroy
yourself, you with your own hands, with your own voice. Yes, you can destroy yourself, and you will
destroy yourself, by your own actions, and words. And if this happens, don't blame anyone else, but only
Refresh your memory, and meditate on My words. And don't attack My beloved daughter, Sister
Guadalupe, with lies, and slander. Because if you do this, you will fall. Because one day I told you that
everyone should work under the banner of Faithful and True. And you are not doing this, because you are
showing yourself before the world as a liar and a slanderer. Because when My beloved daughter, Sister
Guadalupe, and My beloved son, Ronel, came to visit you, they talked to you about the Messages that We
are giving to the world, and they didn't talk to you and say that My beloved daughter, Sister Guadalupe,
was comparable to Me. She did not say this. The whole world knows that she has the pains of My
Immaculate Heart. But this doesn't mean to say, that she says that she is the Virgin, as you have
maliciously said.
Dear son, I am telling you today, and forever, that you are lying. The Eternal Father, My Divine
Son Jesus, the Holy Ghost, the Angels, the Saints, and I are witnesses. You are lying, because My dear
daughter, Sister Guadalupe, never said this on the day you say. You know, son, that a lie is a mortal sin, a
grave sin ; and slander is much worse. And to be a false witness is also a mortal sin, and this goes for
James Duffy and for Father Broussard, because they say they were witnesses for something which they
didn't hear, or didn't see. And if they don't repent, they will be punished.
And God does punish these sins, even though you, Little Pebble, say otherwise. Read the Bible,
and you will see that this book is full of examples, that show that God does punish His children, including
even with death.
Therefore, I ask you, and the other false witnesses to refresh your memories, and meditate on My
words. And don't tell any more lies, or slander, because I, the Blessed Virgin, repeat to you again that I
testify before the Holy Trinity, before the One God, before the Triune God, that Sister Guadalupe, My

beloved daughter, did not say this, that you are telling to My other children, and which The Eternal Father
has a testimony against you.
Furthermore, dear son, you committed another grave error together with James Duffy, because you
laughed, and made fun of, Sister Guadalupe, and other Seers. Heaven looked at this with disgust, because,
out of Christian charity, you should not do this, because it is not saintly to laugh at the weakness of others.
Is it because I taught you to laugh, and make fun of My sons ? Is it that My Divine Son Jesus taught you
to laugh at the problems of your brothers ? Where is all the instruction that We taught you ? We taught
you to love your brothers, to help them with their problems. We taught you not to lie, not to slander.
Dear son, who told you that you were perfect, and because you are perfect, you can laugh, and
make fun of the problems, and weaknesses, and defects of your brothers ?
Look, dear son, he who lies, laughs, and make fun of, and also intimidates My children,
IS NOT PERFECT. Don't forget this.
And not being content with the lie which you said about Sister Guadalupe, My beloved daughter,
you say that you invited her to the Sacred Grounds at Nowra, and you were very hurt, because she did not
Look I'll explain to you why she didn't go to the Sacred Grounds at Nowra. She didn't go,
because you rejected the Messages of My Divine Son Jesus, and Mine.
You threatened her. You called her a heretic. You made fun of, and laughed at, her. You
demonstrated by your attitude that you hated her. And with all of these things, you wanted to bring her in
front of Me. For what ? To show your hypocrisy in front of others.
Remember that Jesus said: "All of those who get angry with their brother will be subject to
judgment, and he who says he's insane will be subject to death. If you are going to present an offering
before the altar, and while there, you remember that your brother has something against you, leave your
offering before the altar, and go first to reconcile yourself with your brother. And return later to present
your offering."
Do you understand now why My dear daughter, Sister Guadalupe, did not go with you ? It was
because she did not want to be an accomplice of your hypocrisy.
Dont increase My tears, dear son. Mend your ways, and realize your error, your grievous error,
because you said that Sister Guadalupe has fallen, and that she has taken the road to perdition. And you
accused her of being false, a liar, and a heretic.
Oh! My dear son ! By saying this, you have increased the wounds of My Immaculate Heart,
because she suffers for the sins of men, for the blasphemies that men direct against My Divine Son Jesus.
And you made fun of this.
Remember, dear son, that My beloved daughter, Sister Guadalupe, has the promise that the
Father, and the Son, and the Holy Ghost will give testimony that she is telling the truth. And this
testimony will be given, when she is given, that which the Eternal Father has promised. And this promise
will be complied with very soon. And what will you do, dear son, when the Triune God, the Holy Trinity,
fulfills this promise, and you are separated from her ?

You will appear before the world as a liar, and a slanderer. And it will be the moment when you
understand that you were mistaken, and that you can make mistakes, and that you are a man like all the
others, who are subject to making mistakes, and commit errors.
This will be an unmistakable proof, which the Eternal Father will give you, to show you that you
can make mistakes, and that you are not perfect.
This you yourself will see. I Myself will be responsible for giving you this proof, and also for all
those who think like you, and say that you cannot make a mistake.
Wait for this proof, dear son, because I, the Holy Virgin Mary, the Mother of God, will give it to
you. And then you will cry, and lament.
The Eternal Father will give you this proof, dear son, because you told Our beloved daughter,
Sister Guadalupe, that you would destroy her, and that you had the power to do it.
Remember, dear son, that only God can create, and destroy, whenever it pleases Him. Men cannot
do it. And to believe that they can is to fall into the sin of pride. And for this, I caution you, My dear son,
not to fall into this sin. Don't fill yourself with pride over something that you still don't have, over
something that still has not been given to you.
Repent, and change your attitude, because if you don't, you will see how she will grow, and you
little by little will decrease. And the world will see it. You now despise her, because you believe that she
will not be given what the Eternal Father has promised her. But it will be given to her, and very soon, so
that you can verify that everything that comes from the mouth of God will be fulfilled.
And furthermore, dear son, I want to tell you that, if you deny the Messages, you deny Jesus, and
you deny Me. And furthermore, My Divine Son Jesus said : "Don't believe that I have come to make
peace on earth, but I come with a sword."
And this, My dear son, means that telling the truth will cause division. But there will be division
because of the obstinate resistance of many, including you, who do not want to accept the true word of
God, of the true Messiah, Who is My Divine Son Jesus.
Dear son, as your Loving Mother, I advise you not to make hasty judgments. Don't judge, or
condemn without reason, because, by showing the world all of these things, you are doing yourself. great
harm. Because people are beginning to see your impatience, your whimsical and fickle personality
without charity, and that you are destroying yourself with these fights with the Seers, and between
brothers. And you are giving a bad image of yourself in front of others.
And they say: "If he does this with those who follow him, how will he be with those who don't ?"
Do you see how you are hurting yourself ?
Dear son, I promised My daughter, Sister Guadalupe, that I would be with her forever, forever,
forever. And I will comply.
And if you are afraid to tell the truth, she will say it. She will raise her voice to announce to the
world that My Divine Son Jesus is returning to the world for the Second Time, that He will not come as
the Sweet Redeemer, but as the Just Judge. Only one thing more I'll say to you, dear son. Tell me, whose
side are you on, with Jesus, or against Jesus ? Ask yourself this question, My son, and you will understand
what I am asking you.

I bless you, dear son, in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.


December 27,1988
My dearly beloved children, I bless you in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy
Ghost. Amen.
Dearly beloved children, the Blessed Virgin, Mother of God, speaks to you. I have come today to
this place to communicate with My children, to communicate with the whole world, so that they can see
the light.
Beloved children, I communicate with humanity through My beloved daughter Sister Guadalupe.
She spreads these messages, she speaks, but it is I Who speak to you through her, and My beloved son,
Brother James, spreads these messages.
Listen to Me, dear children, I want you to listen to this and to know that I have always
communicated with the world throughout the ages ; I have communicated with you who are My children,
because great dangers await you, you have always been in great danger, because the battle is fierce.
I have always come to talk to My children, and I have told them that the end of time is near and that
all of those pious souls that spread My messages and the messages of My Divine Son will have earned for
themselves a place in Heaven and those who hide them or make fun of them will have earned for
themselves a place in Hell, because they did not want to listen to the Holy Ghost Who is warning you of a
great danger that threatens and it is the coming of the Antichrist.
Beloved children, I call to you, to the lay people, to those children of Mine who love Me, but do not
belong to any Congregation, because you know that My children the priests and the nuns do not want to
listen to My voice, they do not spread these messages that I am giving to the world, that I am giving to
humanity and to My children, so that they can save themselves and find life.
Yes, My children, I have always called My children, always, always, always, through the ages and
they have not listened to Me. You can see that in the apparitions of La Salette, in My apparitions of
Fatima, Lourdes, Garabandal, San Damiano and many others, and lately with Sister Guadalupe, they do
not listen to Me.
Yes, beloved children, your end is near and that is why I ask you to be the ones to spread these
messages that I am giving through My beloved daughter, Sister Guadalupe.
Dear children, I gave you a previous message, in which I told you that all of those who promote My
messages and the messages of My Beloved Son, Jesus Christ, would have a crown waiting for them in
Heaven and, when the Eternal Father calls them, I will come to take them, I Myself with My Divine Son

will come to take them to the Celestial Homeland, as a reward for having listened, for having believed,
and for having spread My messages and the messages of My Divine Son Jesus.
Yes, beloved children, I now call on you, and on all pious souls, to do this and help Me, because the
battle against the Antichrist has begun, and you can help Me by spreading these messages according to
your possibilities.
Do this, My children, I ask this of you, because humanity needs that these messages be propagated.
Do this, My children, do this and you will have earned Heaven.

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