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General Science
Mrs. Gray – Room 430

Instructor: Cassandra R. Gray

Classroom: Room 430, Crowley County High School
Telephone/Fax: 719-267-3582/3585
Textbook: Science Spectrum: A Balanced Approached, Dobson, Holman and
ISBN# 0-03-055518-3

I. Course Description
This is an integrated study of science. During the course of the class we will
discuss an introduction to science, the nature of matter, changes in matter,
motion and energy, and finally earth and space. Included will also be an
experience working with microscopes, observations and simulations. This
course will be year long, and broken into two halves covered in first and
second semesters. Any students experiencing difficulties with the lecture
materials are encouraged to contact the instructor. I will occasionally be
available for after school or Friday morning tutoring sessions.

II. Objectives and Expectations

Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to:
a. Recognize terminology associated with the three branches of science.
b. Identify and describe most of the principle systems associated with matter
and energy.
c. Identify and describe concepts associated with Earth Science
d. Be able to apply, recognize and understand the principles of science and
their importance in everyday life.
e. Free thought and free inquiry are highly encouraged in this and all science
environments. Students shall be taught how to think for themselves, rather
than what to think.

III. Materials
The student will need:
a. A three ring binder and a folder to keep notes, labs and old assignments.
b. Loose leaf notebook or wireless notebook
c. A pencil is the preferred writing utensil. If pen is used, the assignment
must be neat and legible.
d. Scientific calculators are recommended.
e. The text book should be brought to every class with the students, and shall
not be left in the classroom when class is over.
f. It is the student’s responsibility to have the appropriate materials for class
and to bring them to each and every class, unless otherwise instructed.

IV. Testing
Tests will be comprised of five (5) different elements. They are: matching,
multiple-multiple choice, modified true/false statements, fill-in-the-blanks,
and essays. Please note that not every test will have these five elements.
Every test will also have its own unique scoring, and may not be based out of
100 points possible. Correct spelling of words is mandatory. Incorrectly
spelled words will result in half to whole points being deducted from final
score. When a unit has been finished there will be a unit test. Smaller tests
will most likely be required when a chapter is finished. Note also that these
chapter tests may be combined. Occasionally, I may give open book/note tests
and/or take-home tests. Please understand that these will be more difficult
than the standard in class tests. If extra credit questions appear on an exam,
every problem on that test must be attempted before those questions can be
added to the final score. The final exam for this class will be cumulative. Test
curving will only occur if I deem it necessary, and will be based on the classes
overall score range.

V. Homework
Homework will be assigned on different occasions. You must have the
assignment turned in on the due date, by the end of your scheduled class
period. In the event of an absence, it is the student’s responsibility to pick up
any missed assignments from the instructor. According to policy, there will be
one day allowed for each day missed. If your absence is excused, you will
receive whole credit. In the event of an unexcused absence, the same policy
will be extended, with the provision that only partial credit will be given for
that assignment.

VI. Classroom Conduct

All students, teachers, and property will be treated with dignity and respect.
Obscenities, fighting, verbal abuse, and any action that may cause bodily
injury are not tolerated, and will result in the immediate removal of the
student from the classroom. Academic fraud WILL NOT BE
TOLERATED. These behaviors include plagiarism and cheating on tests
and/or homework. In the event a student is caught in either of these activities,
a zero will be given to both the cheater and the person allowing his/her work
to be copied for that assignment. Upon entering the classroom, all students
are to be seated in their regular assigned seats. Any student wishing to leave
their seats, i.e. to sharpen pencils, throw something away, etc… is to first
obtain permission from the instructor. Electronic items such as ipods, mp3
players, and cell phones ARE NOT ALLOWED in the classroom. If a student
is caught with these items, they will be confiscated. Beverages and food will
be allowed if work area is kept neat and clean. I reserve the right to change
the food/drink policy anytime. In the event a substitute teacher is called, the
whole class is to be on their best behavior. Any student reported to either the
principle or me will face serious consequences.

VII. Additional Information

-Opportunities for extra credit may be given occasionally.
-Approximately twice per week, within the first ten minutes of the class
period, I will distribute a mini quiz. Each quiz will be worth five points each,
for a total of ten points possible per week. These quizzes will cover topics
discussed during class recently. These MAY NOT be made up in the event of
an absence. At the end of the semester, depending on each student’s
individual cumulative scores, one test score may be dropped with the mini
quiz score replacing that grade. The mini quiz score also may not exceed 100

VIII. Research Papers/Project

A research paper and/or project will be mandatory over the course of the class.
This will be discussed later in the academic year. Any student ideas and/or
thoughts are welcomed. The paper/project will be worth as much as a test. In
addition, if students wish to receive extra credit on their paper/project, they
are encouraged to give an oral presentation, approximately 5 minutes in
length, to the class. Scoring of this presentation will be divided equally
between the instructor and the classroom student body. I would be willing to
look over the first draft of your research paper/project and offer comments and
suggestions if submitted six (6) school days before the final draft is due.

Every student has the opportunity to earn a good final course grade as a result
of her/his own work and determination.

Course Outline*

Chapter 1 – Introduction to Science pg. 2

Unit 1
Chapter 2 – Matter pg. 36
Chapter 3 – Atoms and the Periodic Table pg. 68
Chapter 4 – The Structure of Matter pg. 106
Unit 2
Chapter 5 – Chemical Reactions pg. 146
Chapter 6 – Nuclear Changer pg. 184
Unit 3
Chapter 7 – Motion and Forces pg. 216
Chapter 8 – Work and Energy pg. 248
Chapter 9 & 11 – Heat and Temperature, Electricity pg. 288,
Unit 6
Chapter 18 – The Universe pg 574
Chapter 19 – Planet Earth pg. 606
Chapter 20 – The Atmosphere pg. 646
Chapter 21 – Using Natural Resources pg. 678
*Some chapters may be condensed or deleted. Some chapters not listed here may be covered.

Each chapter will be covered in approximately two weeks, or eight school

days. The number of in class test review days will depend on the amount and
nature of the subject(s).

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