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Subject: COBIS; Lord Lexden; Dolphin Square
Date: Sat, 6 Feb 2016
Dear CEO, Board, Honorary Vice-Presidents and Honorary Members:
I refer to an Honorary Vice President of COBIS, Lord Lexden OBE (formerly Alistair Cooke), who I
do not suggest has been involved in wrongdoing.
In 1994, issue 24, a magazine called Scallywag published the following allegation:
that on 14 November 1992 in Dolphin Square, Alistair Cooke had taken active part
in a 'paedophile party' that took place in the apartment of Robert Banks MP.
The magazine reported that Alistair Cooke was positively identified by Robert Banks'
researcher, Anthony Lillis, who was at the scene and who later became a
whistleblower of sorts.
It was suggested that some or all of the "young boys" abused (some possibly aged
just 14) were highly vulnerable residents or former residents of the 'Bryn Alyn
Community' children's homes in North Wales. Boys whom John Allen, in conjunction
with other paedophile 'fixers' in Westminster, had allegedly frightened or cajoled into
prostitution/child prostitution.
(Original here: https://www.scribd.com/doc/259143595/tory-mps-lilley-and-portillo-assaultyoung-boys-trafficked-to-dolphin-square-from-north-wales-children-s-homes)
The context to the article can be briefly summarised:
The boys reportedly cajoled into being sexually abused by men in Dolphin Square (and elsewhere)
were alleged in many cases to be current or former residents of children's homes. Some of those
institutions would have been local London homes. As well, the magazine suggested that a number
of boys were, or had been, residents of the Bryn Alyn Community children's homes in North Wales,
which at the time were managed and owned by a certain John Allen. Allen reportedly helped
residents or former residents of his Welsh homes to become established in other locations (such as
London), on an understanding that those whom he assisted would work as 'child prostitutes', being
raped in Dolphin Square and elsewhere.
Westminster lobbyist Derek Laud (referred to in the article), and another lobbyist, the late Ian Greer,
were alleged to have been using 'John Allen's boys' (and possibly others) in highly illegal 'Boys for
Questions' operations: of which the alleged 'paedophile party' described above may have been one
manifestation. John Allen is now serving life in prison.

In light of COBIS' special association with Lord Lexden (formerly Alistair Cooke), the CEO, Board,
Honorary Vice-Presidents and Honorary Members of your organisation will wish urgently to make
inquiries with a view to establishing:
1. Whether your Honorary Vice Patron, Lord Lexden, featured in police inquiries (whether at the
time or more recently) related to alleged child sexual abuse or child trafficking?
2. Whether your Honorary Vice Patron, as a senior official at the heart of the Conservative Party in
Westminster at the time, was aware of the alleged 'Boys for Questions' operations encircling
3. Whether your Honorary Vice Patron was ever the subject of arrest or police caution?
4. (If yes to any of the above) How in the world did Lord Lexden OBE come to be an honorary
patron of COBIS notwithstanding your safeguarding procedures and child protection duties, and
what will be done about it?
Again, there is no suggestion by me that your Honorary Vice President, Lord Lexden is guilty of any
wrongdoing. I simply wish to know, from a child protection standpoint, what the facts are.
I look forward to receiving a timely response to my concerns and questions from the CEO, Board,
Honorary Vice-Presidents and Honorary Members of the Council of British International Schools.
Yours sincerely.