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Web Authoring
Planner, Developer,

Date (s)
Mielles adams-jackson


Xtream Trainers


16-40 year olds

To sell shoes and trainers

To promote the products and gain sales
J Adams

Target Audience
The website I am designing and making will be selling shoes/trainers to
the public and my target audience will range from 16-40 years old. To gain
a big target audience you need to sell products they are interested in and
that they want to purchase whilst also offering them a good service to
insure that they become a returning customer. To help make sure that the
customer trusts the website enough to purchase something by using their
bank details online you should offer an easy to navigate and professional

Resources Needed
Programing software will be used to create the website and the graphics I
have made within Photoshop will be put in to make the website unique
and so it fits the clients needs. I will also include links in the website most
of them will be images that will take the user to the product in the photo,
other links I will include will be links to social media for the website which
hopefully will help get the website more widely known and it gives
customer a change to give their opinion about the website.

Website Pages

This is the layout and design for my home page of my website, along the
side of the website I will have products and brands on display for the user
to look at, the products that will be displayed along the side will be new
products the website is offering or and deals that the website have. The
reason I have placed them at the side of the website is because the draws
the users attention to them as this is the first thing they will see when the
visit the website. In each box in the middle of the screen will be images of
shoes and trainers which is the products that the website will be selling.

Any information that is given to the website whilst making a purchase or

when filling out a form will be kept confidential and cannot be accessed by
anyone, some information will be protected by passwords and security
questions to help give the customer piece of mind knowing their
information is safe.

The Copyright act was first introduced in 1988 to help protect peoples
hard work from being stolen and used by another person if they try and
pass the work of as their own, this can be anything from image, text,
music (mp3) and videos mainly taken from the internet. Before the
copyright act was introduced there wasnt a lot a person could to
protect their work. The law helps to cover many different types of
multimedia but the main type it protects ICT work, when someone put
their work on the internet they didnt know if people we going to steal
it and use it so they were taking a risk putting it on the internet but
since copyright has been made illegal they have some protection over
their work. To get your work copyrighted you normally have to register

your work to show it is yours so no one can use it without your

If someone does use your work without your permission they are
breaching the copyright law that protects your work and you have a
right to take them to court and sue them. For more information you can
visit this website:
In the UK you do not have to register your work to get it copyrighted, it
happens automatically and you then have the rights over that work for
the rest of your life and then for another 70 years after your death,
after this time period is up if the rights to the work was left in a will to
someone for example their children or family members they then have
the rights to that work. The additional time changes depending on what
is copyrighted for example music only has a 30 year additional time
after the death of the creator which is different to the 70 years for
written work, even though the time is different everything like text,
videos, videos and music all come under the same copyright law
meaning there isnt a different punishment depending on what you

Legal and Ethical

If you are working in any part of media restrictions are applied to stop
any form of racist or harmful remark from being made or suggested as
it would not only offend people it could course major problems. One the
internet more people are likely to break laws as it is hard for companies
and people to track down people who have done something wrong and
people do make harmful remarks that can be offensive to others but as
most of the time this is done anonymously its hard to know who did it.
There is software that companies can use to help track people who do
break laws over the internet and this helps to keep the amount of
people breaking these laws as even on the internet laws are still laws
and you can be punished for breaking them.
Companies and business do need to be careful about what they put on
the internet as if someone finds anything in anyway offensive they can
sue the company for a lot of money and this could also ruin how people
view the business as it could course them to be given a bad name.

You cannot use images, videos or music that is copyrighted

without permission of the owner.
You cannot make a comment about a certain person that could
course them to feel offended.
You cannot use someone elses work and try and use it as your
You also cannot treat people differently because of things like:
Gender (male or female)
Race (black, white, Asian ect)
Sexuality (homosexual and heterosexual)
Nationality (British or other)
Class (working class or upper)
Age (old or young)

This means you cannot treat people different in any way than
others or make remarks to do with them being different and if
you do you are then the product you have make may not be
allowed to be shown as it could offend people and it is treating
them differently making them feel inferior to others.
Whilst creating my product I took all of this in to consideration to
make sure that the product is suitable for a range of people and it
doesnt offend people in any way.

Functional Requirements Discuss the requirements of

the site e.g.

1. Amount of pages:
I would like a minimum of 3 or 4 pages for my website that will be selling
shoes and trainers. Keep this in mind throughout the planning and production
stages of the work. Think carefully about which pages should be created.

2. Necessary banner / animated carousel:

A banner or carousel that will include images of trainers will be created that
will includes a logo.

3. Navigation bar:
The website should include navigation which should be clearly structured so as
to allow customers to use it with ease. Could include an image of the design or
general bootstrap navigation bar concept

4. Colour Scheme and Background:

The website should obviously include a complimentary, yet limited, colour

scheme and therefore you will need to make sure that you only use a few
colours which match together. Use some of the websites in the Dreamweaver
bootstrap booklet to include as screenshots of possible colour themes

5. Screen Icon:

You must include at least one custom-made screen icon which obviously needs
to link in with the rest of the site.

6. Web Graphics:

The website will need to include suitable web graphics so that its attractive to
look at and helps to create a good website design. You could mention the
default sizes required based on the templates in Dreamweaver. Video, images,
awareness of saving objects for the web and sizes. Adjusting in Photoshop as

7. Links:
Throughout the website, a range of different links need to be used; including,
text links, button links and graphic links. Could discuss both internal and
external links

8. Tables:

I like the use of tables to not only set up, but also to standardise, information.

9. Text:
As far as text goes, it needs to be appropriately formatted with a font of sans
or sans serif. Examples such as Ariel, Verdana or Calibri would be ideal.


I want the website to include an active form to collect customers details, this
will be collecting details such as the customers phone number, email address,
card details etc. Discuss what will be collected. Try to include:
o Check boxes e.g agree to terms and conditions or being


contacted again by the company (examples)

Radio buttons - could be male female etc.
List menus - e.g. title, gender etc.
Buttons - e.g. submit, reset form
Set some fields as required fields
Set some max character lengths up
Set the tab index accordingly
Email Address:

There must be a link to an email address where potential customers can send
questions about specific products or regarding anything about the site in
12.Embedded Media
This may be a video or embedded google map possibly



The website needs to be accessible in the form of pop-ups on graphics, valid

alternate text and a consistent font & colour.
14.Search engine optimisation

Page titles - change for each page and Meta tags - add keywords and