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WindStorm Fans improve productivity as they warm the area in the colder months and make you feel
cooler during the hot summer months. When mixed with forced-air systems, full ROI has been realized in as
little as 15 months (avg. 3-years).
A 30 Commercial Circulating Pedestal Fan delivering air at 20 mph requires more than 50 times the power
consumption as a 12 ft. HVLS fan delivering air at 5 mph.

A WindStorm Fan Can:

WindStorm are offered in:

Push warm air back down to the work area in

the winter
Create a cooling breeze in the hot summer
Reduce heating and cooling costs
Reduce energy consumption
Improve indoor air quality and
workplace comfort

8, 12, 16 and 20 sizes

Black, yellow, blue, red, green, white and aluminum
208-230V and 460V inputs

Let us engineer a system for your facility using strategically placed

HVLS fans that will reduce heating/cooling costs up to 25%.

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