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The Fall Of New

Created by: Malietoa Fifita &
Blake Jewell

New France
New France was defeated two times to cause their end. Those dates are 1760
and 1759. After their defeat they had no more contacts with the French. They
were now under the control of the british. However there were two small
islands that the English did not get, they were St. Pierre and Miquelon. Though
even today many people havent forgotten the Fall of New France. Which was
deeply woven into the residents of Quebecs culture. Even their motto Je me
souviens or I remeber refers to the Fall of New France, proving that even
they will not forget their ancestors history.

The American Revolution

The American revolution, which had occurred 15 years after the Fall of New
France, had a somewhat of a direct impact on the residents of Quebec of that
time and how the English then treated the Quebecois. After the revolution
began the Americans tried to seek help from the residents in New France, as
the residents were almost in the same situation as the Americans. The
Quebecois were also seeking freedom from the English.

English Independence

At the time of the American Revolution, the English in the North were
concerned about the independence movement that was spreading to Canada.
Since their numbers were so much smaller, the English in Canada, were forced
to find ways to get as many people on their side. About 50,000 Americans who
wanted to stay loyal to the Crown, were given free land in Canada. These
people were called the UEL (United Empire Loyalists). 3,500 Black slaves were
promised freedom as well as land and provisions if they claimed allegiance to
Great Britain. The English had to find a way to keep the recently conquered
French on their side to convince them that they were better off under the
power of the English, rather than being dominated by the Americans.There
was then the Treaty of Paris. Which meant that now New France was to be
called Quebec, and is now a British Crown Colony.

Years of Colonization

They first colonized in 1608.When they had first colonized the English had
allowed them to keep practicing their culture and their language. They were
now also able to practice their religion, Catholic, and still live in almost the
same way they did before the English came. When the Americans came
seeking aid of the French, most had denied because the English had given
them rights and they didnt want to join the Americans in fear that they would
have even less rights. Until the American Revolution ended the English
continued to give the French colonists rights to keep them on their side. In
1839 the New Governor of Canada Lord Durham had wrote the Durham
report that Assimilationist strategies began to be used on the French. He also
declared that the French were a people with no literature and no history.
The French language and culture were now more tolerated than before.

1756: 7 Years War begins
1758: The French were defeated by General Wolfe
1760: The Articles of Capitulation & Marks the Fall of New France
1763: The Royal Proclamation
1763: The Treaty of Paris
1839: The Durham report was written

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