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John Coaty
Toussaint & Coaty, P.C.
32065 Castle Court, Suite 150
Evergreen, CO 80439

Re: Sale of Lance Cassinos property to Marc and Leigh Ann Jordan

Dear Mr. Coaty,

Date: 8/17/2015

Please forward this letter to your clients, Marc and Leigh Ann Jordan (the Jordans)
regarding the potential sale of a portion of Lance Cassinos (Mr. Cassino) property to the Jordans.
This letter represents preliminary negotiations and is not intended to be a final offer or binding
contractual agreement.
The property discussed herein pertains to the portion of the Jordans house that encroaches
on Mr. Cassinos property. Mr. Cassino is willing to sell all, or a portion of his property to the
Jordans so that the Jordans house will no longer be encroaching on his property. Mr. Cassino has
had an appraisal of the property by a 3rd party, Craig Marks Keller Williams (Craig Marks), and a
copy of the appraisal has been included with this letter.
Mr. Cassinos terms of sale if the Jordans wish to purchase a portion of the property are
detailed below:
1. Mr. Cassino proposes to sell to the Jordans a 330 x 50 parcel on the North side of
his 5.1 acre piece of land where the Jordans house resides.

Mr. Cassino requests $11,121 for that parcel based on the Craig Marks valuation of
the entire property (i.e., the entire 5.1 acre parcel is valued at $145,000 which equates
to $0.647 per square foot, 330 x 50 parcel = 16,500 square feet x $0.647 = $11,121).

3. Half of that money, i.e., $5,560.50, will be due at the signing of the sales agreement.
The second half will be due upon the recording of a satisfaction of deed of trust by
Chase bank relating to Mr. Cassinos entire 5.1 acre parcel.
4. The sale of the parcel is contingent on the remaining portion of Mr. Cassinos
property, i.e., 4.72 acres, being classified as a buildable site. Mr. Cassino will have a
survey done to determine if the remaining property would qualify as a buildable site.
Mr. Cassino and the Jordans met earlier this year with Jefferson County Planning &

Zoning on the options to resolve this matter. It will require a Minor Adjustment
managed by Bob Feroldi (Evergreen Surveying, Inc.) who surveyed Mr. Cassinos 45
acres containing 2 parcels 10/1/2012, discovering that the Jordans home is partly on
his vacant 5 acre parcel see attached survey. Jefferson County Planning & Zoning
indicated to Mr. Cassino and the Jordans that as part of the Minor Adjustment, they
could indicate in their land records, that the remaining 4.72 acres is a buildable site.
Mr. Cassino also wants for his own records and satisfaction a letter from Jefferson
County Planning & Zoning indicating the same.
Alternatively, if the Jordans with were to purchase the entire 5.1 acre parcel, Mr. Cassino
requests the appraised value of $145,000. This option will be subject to a first right of refusal by
Cassino family members.
Mr. Cassino wishes to resolve this situation amicably, especially since it was not caused by
any action of his. Please let myself or Mr. Cassino know what your position is with respect to these
proposed terms.

Thank you,

Jordan Porter
J.D. Porter, LLC
515 S. Clarkson, Suite 902
Denver, CO 80218