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Centre, Sanjay Lake

1. Name of the Project : Recreation Centre

2. Aim: To understand the needs of tourist and local people and to design
an recreation centre catering to the needs of all age groups, and to
revive the lake
3. Objective: Main objectives are
(A) Social
To provide a good working environment for the creation, workshop,
exhibition and presentation.
To provide an interaction place.
(B) Cultural
To promote culture of City
A cultural centre that justifies the lifestyle.
To blend with the culture of different generations.
(C) Physical
To provide an adequate, controlled and ideal environment for
To promote handicraft.
To provide space for seminars and exhibitions, for exchange of their
views and ideas.
To create a new attraction for tourist.
(d) Economical objectives
To enable people to understand the relationship between economics,
culture and aesthetics
The place maybe developed as a part of tourist that would in turn
help in generating certain revenue
Addition of employment.

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4. Methodology:
1. Preliminary stage:
A. Collection of data and information relevant to the project.
A. From various government and non-government
b. References from library and Internet.
B. Visit proposed site
Assited analysis
I. Site parameters/ field visits and study
ii. Data required for site planning shall be recorded
iii. Soil investigation
iv. Assessment of locally available construction
vii. Climatic analysis
viii. Traffic flow analysis
ix. Weather, fire and damp resistances
2. Secondary stage:
Development of master planning
o Conceptual planning of site.
o Traffic management and parking
Conceptual design of building
o General layout of building as per requirements
General layout/arrangement
Architectural plans/elevations/sections
Perspective views/model.

5. Brief outline and the short description of the project:

With an objective to provide the increasing number of tourists with a
variety of tourism facilities and to provide the residents with a
wholesome family entertainment destination, the project, according to
the proposal, envisions a transformation of the area. Its expected that
the creation of a city near a beautiful lake will enhance the local
economy and help catalyse change and up gradation of the area. This
will eventually restore a sense of safety and social pride in the vicinity of
Trilokpuri and Kalyanpuri.

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6. Location of the site : Trilokpuri ,East Delhi

The site identified for the development is owned by the DDA with
partnership of the National Building Construction Corporation Ltd
(NBCC). The subject land is located adjoining adjoining Mayur Vihar II
residential area.
Distance from Bus Terminal: 8.0 kms
Distance for Railway station: 8.0 kms
Distance from Airport: 27 kms

7. Area of the site : 170 acre

8. Details of requirements along with tentative breakup of areas being

1. Mandatory Project Facilities:
Heritage Zone,
Nature Zone,
Food Court,
Parking Area,
First Aid Room And
2. Optional Project Facilities:
Commercial complex/mall,
Retail space,
Star Hotels,
Multiplex theatres,
Yoga resort/spa,
Outdoor Game centre (Go-karting, Extreme sports etc.),
Additional Food courts.

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9. Specific buildings being considered for more focused attention in terms

of detailed working in case of projects of larger magnitudes/urban
design and justification of the complexity of the projects of smaller
Crafts Village
Convention Centre
Retail Space
Theme Park/Amusement park
Nature Zone
Shopping arcade
Exhibition centre
10.Case studies of the projects to be undertaken

Great India Place, NOIDA

Dilli Haat
Garden of Five senses
Convention Centre(IHC)

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11. A schematic site and/or location plan of the site drawn to an approximate
scale so as to fit the size of the sheet under consideration


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