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Nancy Davis
EDU 225
January 31, 2016
Mr. M

Technology is the future of this Generation

The way children learn today using technology is giving them first hand
experiences of how to communicate and learn from the World Wide Web.
Technology provides students with opportunities to engage them in
experiences that go beyond what they typically used in the classroom.
(Kellems, Grigel, 2015). Teachers are able to use web tools to make the
learning experience interesting and it engages the children to want to learn
more. Technology today is fascinating to learn and gives amazing tools to
become a great teacher. Technology will enhance my teaching by providing
valuable tools from software and web tools that will help me integrate lesson
plans and hands on teaching.
How Technology Will Enhance My Teaching
Technology will enhance my teaching by giving me tools to use to
engage my students. Children today have grasped technology with open
arms. The hands on tools are making it easier for the children to explore new
experiences. Using technology will make me a better teacher by using the
technology for myself to learn more exciting ways to engage my students.
Using technology in my classroom will help me become one of the best
teachers in the 21st. Century. It will help my students learn new and exciting
tools to create their work. Students today are eager to learn the newest
technology available. It is a new way of teaching traditional and new and
exciting resources to help them become better students. Some researchers

have argued that technology may impede young childrens social skills
because they believe children should be able to interact with each other
(Armstrong& Casement, 2000). I do not see that as a problem for my
students because I will use technology as a source of group interactions and I
will use other traditional methods in my classroom.
Technology Tools I Plan to Use
Tools that I think will enhance my teaching will be sharing videos of the
world that students need to experience. Showing them the concepts by
having them watch a video will give them examples of learning techniques
that will help them have a better understanding of the concepts that are
being taught. In school today students have the opportunity today to do their
work on I pads. Using iPads give them hands on learning and help children
who dont like to use pencil and paper to share and communicate in a way
that they will feel comfortable doing. Assistive technology is a tool for
making the learning environment more accessible and for enhancing
individual productivity (Day & Edwards, 1996). I plan on learning how to use
a Smartboard and any other technologies that will help benefit me in my
teaching. Learning the most modern technologies will make me a better
teacher so that I can teach my students in a new and exciting way. The
process of students using ipads and having the resources presented by the
teacher on the smartboard is a valuable tool for teachers and students.

Technology today is one of the most amazing ways to provide teachers

tools to be used in classrooms today. Being able to learn from online
instructors and having the resources from the internet is truly the most
rewarding resources today to fulfill many learning styles that students of all
ages need to be successful in the learning process. The rewards of how
technology can implement the traditional ways of teaching has unlimited


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