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Contents GROUP A CPEBach GROUP B Dohnényi Bartok ‘Shostakovich Headington Bonsor Allegro di molto (Ist movt from Sonata in F minor, Wq. 63/6) Allegro (Ist movt from Sonatina op. 20 no. 6) Menuetto and Trio (3rd movt from Sonata in D, op. 10 no. 3) Romance op. 2 _. Canzonetta op. 41 no. 3 eee Stamping Dance from Mikrokosmos vol. 5 SZ107 __ Prelude no. 8 from 24 Preludes and Fugues op. 87 __ Prelude no. 2 from Five Preludes Dreamy a = ee Exercises _ Alternative pieces for this grade GROUP A JSBach. Brahms Haydn ‘Schubert GROUP B Debussy Glass Kabalevsky Peters Scriabin ‘Two-part Invention no. 13 in A minor Wiener Urtext UT 5025¢ (from Two-Part inventions BWV 772-786) Waltz in E, op. 39 no. 2 (from Waltzes op. 39) Henle HN 42 [Repeats should be played in the examination] Sonata in C, Hob. XV1/35, 3rd movt: Finale (from Selected Piano Sonatas vol.1) Henle HN 152 No. 1 of Moments musicaux op. 94 D. 780 (from Impromptus and Moments musicaux) Henle HN 4 Jimbo's Lullaby (from Children's Corner) Barenreiter BA 8767 Metamorphosis One (from Solo Piano) Chester DU 10527 Cavalryman (no. 29 from Thirty Pieces for Children op. 27) Boosey MO60113291 Wheeler Dealer (from Ragtime Preludes) Boosey BH 101592 Prelude in E, op. 11 no. 9 (from Scriabin: Selected Works for Piano) Schott ED 7523 All pieces in this volume have been edited with regard to current concepts of performance practice. Fingering, dynamics, articulation and pedaling have been suggested to assist candidates and their teachers in developing their own interpretations. Markings in square brackets are editorial Recommended metronome markings are given as a useful, but not definitive, performance quide for all pieces. Repeats of more than a few bars should be omitted in the examination unless otherwise instructed in the syllabus or inthis Trinity music book, but all da capo and dal segno instructions should be observed. Every effort has been made to trace and acknowledge the copyright owners. f any right has been omitted or if any details incorrect, Trinity College London apologises and will rectify this in any subsequent reprints following notification, Trinity College London would like to thank John Kember, Pamela Lidiard, Michael Round, Peter Wild and John York for their work on this series. Music typeset by Moira Roach and New Notations London. Important Candidates and teachers must refer to the Information & Regulations booklet (www.trinitycollege.co.uk/essentialinformation) for all examination requirements and regulations. Syllabuses and further information can be obtained from your Trinity Local Area Representative or Trinity's London office. GROUP A Allegro di molto 1st movement from Sonata in F minor, Wq. 63/6 Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach (1714-1788) Allegro di molto |. = 96-112] Dynamics are editorial perese oo pre GROUP A Allegro 1st movement from Sonatina op. 20 no. 6 ee oer (1760-1812) Allegro [+= 96-112] ; 4 oe GROUP A Menuetto and Trio 3rd movement from Sonata in D, op. 10 no. 3 Ludwig van Beethoven (1770-1827) Menuetto Allegro [J.= 48-63] w SSS etc. Euitorial suggestion that the left hand plays the (2) © Fe and E in bar 25. 5 ee Coovriaht © 2011 Trinity Collene | andon ‘Menuetto D.C. ma senza replica GROUP A Romance obs 2 Joachim Raff (1822-1882) Adagio quasi, andante |. = 80-96) =— quasi Cadenza un poco accel. =v. p subito GROUP 8. Canzonetta op. 41 no. 3 Erné Dohnanyi (877-1960) Andante rubato |. = 58-66] Copyright © 1974 by A. Lengnick & Co. Lid. 1” Renrodiced hy nermission af G Ricard Ca (Landen) td GROUP B Stamping Dance from Mikrokosmos vol. 5 SZ107 Béla Bartok (1881-1945) Moderato += 112 SF pesante = : a 3 22 pochiss. allarg, reer SSS a 5 Tempi shown are composer's own. Copyright © 1940, 1987 by Hawkes & Son (London) Ltd. 20 Reproduced by permission of Boosey & Hawkes Music Publishers Ltd _ Meno mosso += 92 (Se ae ees eee ee aS SS Se Pid mosso .=120 3 = = = 1 min. 13 see. GROUP B Prelude no. 8 from 24 Preludes and Fugues op. 87 Dmitri Shostakovich (1906-1975) Composer's metronome mark J= 108, This Prelude was originally followed aifacca by a Fugue. Copyright © 1975 by Boosey & Hewes Music Pubsshers Li. GROUP B Prelude no. 2 from Five Preludes Christopher Headington (0930-1996) Andantino con moto |4= 56-63] a pochissimo rit. Se pe be ——_ See S| © oF Composer's metronome mark J=60. Fingering have been suggested for examination purbOSeS ONY. ant @ 1954 Chester Music Limited n et oo eae, ——s : 3 : z E EF teEe pp ma distinto ———— : : = ge z —— = — 2 a 4] GROUP B Brian Bonsor Lazily [= 70-80] = J (out 2 = (born 1926) ne 5 4 sas] i ‘mp cantabile ‘The small notes in bars 16 and 34 are optional. Peo, eRe Pease ‘Composer's metronome mark J= c. 76 Taken from Jazzy Piano 2 UET9363. Iandan\t tt tondan Oanendicad hu nermiccinn Allinhte cecerver Exercises ta. A Sad Waltz - tone, balance and voicing Doloroso += 72-80 a con Bed, ‘molto espressivo 5 a3 < ‘molto legato ‘meno ) 1b. Three with Four - tone, balance and voicing Andante molto espressivo += 72-84 5 5 | 2a.A Neat Idea - co-ordination Allegretto . = 56-66 2b. A Suite Idea - co-ordination Allegro con spirito 1= 56-66 a ~ Le Copyright © 2011 Trinity College London (3) 29 3a. Off the Scale! - finger & wrist strength and flexibility Allegro brillante «= 69-88 3b. Three-part Invention - finger & wrist strength and flexibility Allegretto <= 69-80 ‘Pieces ~ Three pieces to be performed Piece t [Piece 2: Group A piece (rom this book or from those in | Group B pie iternatives the alternatives tist) Piece 3: ce (from this book or from those in Group A or Group B piece or candidate's own composition (see current sylabus for details) Technical Work ~ All sections and options to be prepared | 9 Seales the examiner will request a selection in the examination Band D major Sand D harmonic and melodic minor legato or staccato | four octaves | hands together alc scales in similar motion starting on Bb and D ee major scale in 3rds legato only ‘one octave | hands separately 19 Arpeaaios = the examiner will request a selection in the examination Be and D major Band D minor ished Th starting on Bb and D Formforp | legatoorstaccato | fouroctaves | hands together inant 7th in the hey of Bh and D Dominant 7th on and D {a Exercises ~ candidates to prepare 1a or 1b; 1a. A Sad Waltz ‘or___tb, Three with Four 2a or 2b; and 3a or 3b (three exercises in all) for tone, balance and voicing 2a. A Neat idea or___2b.ASuite idea for co-ordination 32. Off the Scale! or__3b. Three-part Invention for finger & wrist strength and flexibility _ Supporting Tests — Candidates to prepare i) and ii) 1) Sight Reading fi) Aural or Improvisation Please refer to the current syllabus for details on all elements of the examination.