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Rev. Bong Baylon

Church Planting Movements

Third Term, 2015-2016

Reaching Groups and

Contextualizing Ministry
Why reach Groups

Maximize time and effort

Models body of Christ

Links individuals

Ripe context for Holy Spirit to move

Consolidates individual efforts

Challenged by others in target group

Encourages accountability

Vehicle for generating MOMENTUM

Nucleus for new community

Observe skills and abilities (gifting)

Crucial bridge for starting church

Develop potential leader

Basis of this Approach from the Book of Acts

God fearing Jews from all nations Chapter 2

People run to Peter and John as cripple is healed Chapter 3

Stephen with the Sanhedrin Chapter 7

Crowd heard and saw Philips miracles, great joy Chapter 8

Cornelius invited his relatives and close friends Chapter 10

Synagogues Chapters 13, 14, 17, 18

Women gather by river, Lydia and her house Chapter 16

At midnight Jailer gathers his family Chapter 16

Synagogue, marketplace and Areopagus Chapter 17

House of Titus Justus, family of Crispus Chapter 18


Practical Results
1. Anonymity ------------------------------------------------------ Connectedness
2. Rejection -------------------------------------------------------- Acceptance
3. Conflict ---------------------------------------------------------- Peace / Unity
4. Crisis-------------------------------------------------------------- Counsel / Help
5. Uncertainty ----------------------------------------------------- Confidence / Security
6. Futility ----------------------------------------------------------- Significance
7. Dysfunctional Family ----------------------------------------- Agape Love

Ways to Identify Groupings

1. According to culture (see handout)
a. Band societies
b. Rural peasant societies
c. Urban societies
2. According to location - homes, apartment buildings, basketball courts, offices, city gate,
marketplaces, schools, jails, community club houses, parks / places of interest, outside the
city by river, etc.
3. According to demographics - neighbors, friends, office mates, classmates, special friends,
clubs, government leaders, call center agents, adult men, moms, youth, children, specific
vocations, existing groups, etc.

How Groups Normally Gather

Three Reasons

Level 1 General Reasons

Level 2 Specific Reasons
Level 3 Passages

Some Examples

Level 1 General Reasons (which can be used for Pre-Evangelism)

o Birthdays, Holidays, Game day / night, Honoring, Recognition, Movies, Sports

Rev. Bong Baylon

Church Planting Movements

Third Term, 2015-2016

o Anniversaries, Commemoration, Induction, OFW arrival / departure, TESOL

o Secret or Surprise parties

Level 2 Specific Reasons (which can be used for Evangelism)

o House blessing, Prayer (protection, healing, deliverance), Values training
o Celebrate answered prayer, Seeker sensitive groups, Evangelistic Bible teaching

Level 3 Passages (which can be used for Discipleship)

o Pregnancy, Birth, Naming, Circumcision, Graduations, Marriage, Death, Baptism
o Child dedication, Parenting, Marriage encounter, Financial Planning, Health and

How to Contextualize Ministry to Groups

A Accept your limitations

D Disciple slowly
A Act with prudence
P Pray for man/woman of peace
T Tailor your communications