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Nakshatra 7: Purnavasu / Punarpoosam / Punartham

Nakshatra 7: Purnavasu (800 to 9320 of the zodiac)

In the Sky
Nakshatra 7: Purnavasu
Symbol: Quiver of Arrows
Mythological Aspect:
Zodical Degrees: 20:00 Gemini Indications
3:19:59 Cancer
Astrological Summary (RelatedSex
& Gana: Male Deva
Constitution of Nakshatra
Fixed Stars: Castor & Pollux in Gemini
Nakshatra & its Shape
Ruling Planet: Jupiter
Personality Indications
Hindu Deity: Aditi
Behavioral Characteristics
Guna: rajas/sattva/rajas
Overall Pada Effects
Disposition: moveable
Keynote: star of renewal
Primary Motivation: artha
Animal: female
Pada cat

20 Gemini - 320




20 00' to 23 20'


23 20' to 26 40'


26 40' to 30 00'


00 00' to 3 20' to


In the Sky: JPThe seventh of the 27 Nakshatras is Punarvasu, which spans

from 20o Gemini/Mithuna to3O 20Cancer/Karkata in the Sidereal Zodiac & 800 00' to 930
20' of the zodiac. Punarvasu) is a Nakshatra in Hindu astrology, which refers to the two
brightest stars in the constellation of Gemini: Castor and Pollux. In Malayalam, Punarvasu
is called Punartham. It is also known as Punarpusam in parts of South India. It consists of
five stars, including both Castor and Pollux, the two main stars, alpha and beta, of the
constellation Gemini. Castor and Pollux are the Gemini twins; the full meaning is "the two
who give back the good." Castor was the mortal twin known for his skill in horsemanship.
This star suggests intellect, sudden fame and honor, sometimes followed by sudden loss.
Pollux the immortal twin is known for his skill in boxing. This star gives a courageous

Nakshatra 7: Purnavasu / Punarpoosam / Punartham

nature but cold and heartless. Its first three quarters lie within Gemini, ruled by Mercury,
while the last quarter is in Cancer, ruled by the Moon JP..

Constituents of the Nakshatra

: ..Punarvasu is the seventh asterism of the

zodiac. Punarvasu extends from 800 to 9320 of the zodiac. The three quarters of this
auspicious nakshatra resides in Gemini and the last quarter is placed in Cancer. It consists
of five stars including both Castor and Pollux. This nakshatra is given a symbol of house as
well as bow. The nakshatra itself is ruled by Jupiter. The first three quarters of
the nakshatra which falls within Gemini is ruled by Mercury and the last quarter which
comes under Cancer is ruled by Moon. The presiding deity of the asterism is Goddess
Aditi. This nakshatra is full of rajas attribute or activities, both at primary and tertiary level
with sattva at secondary level. The primary motivation of Punarvasu is Earth or directed

Symbol:.. JP bow and quiver (case that contains the arrows JP

Deity: JP Aditi, the mother of the gods, she is boundless, vast and limitless, goddess
of abundance JP..Punarvasu shows the transition from mutable Air to Cardinal Water,
presided over by Jupiter, the God of the Sky (Indra). It exists from 20 degrees of Gemini
until 3 degrees and 19 minutes of Cancer.

Mythological Aspect: JUP Aditi the personification of sky and space. She is the
mother of the gods and all creatures. She is abundant, vast and limitless. Originally she
was the wife of Dakasa, grandfather of all living forms. Later she became the daughter of
Dakasa and wife of Kashyapa, the progenitor of the human race

. SG


Story: Punarvasu means return of the light. After the intensity and heaviness of Ardra,
we have the lightness and creativity of Punarvasu. This is very much an allegory
(metaphor) of how in order to create anything, you need to destroy something first. We
destroy the darkness in Ardra, that which has been preventing the light from coming in.
We need to bust a hole in the wall to bring the light in. Busting the hole in the wall and
pulling up the weeds in the garden so that we can grow the flowers have to do with
Ardra..Ardra is literally related to the flood flood of emotion, debris and intensity.
After that flood, we have Punarvasu, the return of the light. After that dark storm, the sky
is crisp and clear and the sun is shining bright. The entire flood that inundates the shore
also washes up all the nutrient-rich soil from the bottom of the sea.In ancient Egypt,
they would always wait. After the Nile would overflow its riverbanks, it would deposit all of
that nutrient-rich soil which is great for growing their crops. That is the kind of analogy.
Ardra is like the flood and Punarvasu is the return of the light. That very creative principle
is at work in this Nakshatra and it is between Gemini and Cancer. Where Gemini becomes
Cancer, and where ideas come into the heart is Punarvasu..The deity is called
Aditi, who is the mother of the Aditias. The Aditias are the incarnations of the Sun that
were given to protect the Earth. There is a very deep Earth / divine mother energy in this
Nakshatra of PunarvasuThe return of the light is this creative flow and energy

Nakshatra 7: Purnavasu / Punarpoosam / Punartham

that has returned now that we have made way for creativity after destroying what was
making us weak. There is a lot of hope, optimism and very high standards. There can be
some disappointment like a mother or a parent can have a lot of hopes with their children
and think that they are going to be more than they are but they are really just people like
the rest of us. There is that kind of parentage idea in PunarvasuInspired yet,
maybe at times, disappointed and needing to be more realistic about what is possible.
That is Punarvasu, the return of the light. Planets there are inspired, creative and looking
for the goodness in things


Punarvasus main Guna is Sattva with a secondary influence of Rajas, and its main
motivation is Artha. One born with their Moon in Punarvasu is very likely to work hard at
and to be passionately driven to reach ones goals, which will most likely be of a highly
spiritual nature. Presiding deity Aditi, the ruling planet is Jupiter. Symbol-Quiver
(receptacle for arrows) Punarvasu is ruled by Aditi, the Great Mother Goddess. Goddess
Aditi is as vast and limitless as the sky. Her ability is the power to gain wealth and
abundance. She is the earth goddess for productivity. Aditi is associated with virtues and
strives to act nobly. She has 12 sons called the Adityas. The Adityas are related to the 12
months of the year and represent the 12 sovereign principles. Because of this she is
worshiped for blessings and protection of children.
Punarvasu is a deva or godly star, ruled by Aditi, the mother of the demigods. It is a
moveable star connected with the merchant class of people. The animal symbol is the
cat. The asterism has the strong quality of Rajas or activity at both primary and tertiary
levels, with Sattwa at a secondary level. Its primary motivation comes from Artha, or
directed activity. Punarvasu is translated as the good, or the brilliant.
Punarvasus ruling deity is Aditi, the mother of Surya, the Sun, and of the Adityas, the
celestial gods. She is the cosmic matrix of space and the primeval sound (vibration), which
when it yokes with Consciousness, matter forms. This celestial mother is unbound, free,
and limitless, and as the mother of the Sun, it is she who brought forth the light that
sustains life on our home, earth. The ruling planet of this Nakshatra is Jupiter/Guru, who is
the teacher who guides us on the righteous path, showing how to bring our intellect and
spiritual knowledge (the Gemini/Mercury part of Punarvasu) into our lives on this earthly
realm (the Cancer/Moon part the Moon reflects the light of the Sun onto Earth).
This is the birth nakshatra of Lord Rama. The Hindu god Rama was born under this
Nakshatra. There is also a general belief that men born under this nakshatra have only
male children. There have been exceptions to this common belief.On completion
of the ritual six seasons have passed by and then in the twelfth month, on the ninth day
of Chaitra month [April-May,] when the presiding deity of ruling star of the day is Aditi,
where the ruling star of day is Punarvasu (Nakshatra), the asterism is in the ascendant,
and when five of the nine planets viz., Sun, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, and Venus are at their
highest position, when Jupiter with Moon is ascendant in Cancer, and when day is
advancing, then Queen Kausalya gave birth to a son with all the divine attributes like
lotus-red eyes, lengthy arms, roseate lips, voice like drumbeat, and who took birth to

Nakshatra 7: Purnavasu / Punarpoosam / Punartham

delight the Ikshwaku dynasty, who is adored by all the worlds, and who is the greatly
blessed epitome of Vishnu, namely Rama. ..This is the birth nakshatra of Lord
The 12 Adityas were born of Kasyapa in the womb of Aditi. The 12 Adityas are Indra,
Vishnu, Vaga, Twasta, Varuna, Aryama, Pusa, Mitra, Agni, Parjyanya, Vivaswan and
Dinakar. The mother Aditi of whom the Gods are born is the repository of everything goodtruth, generosity, magnanimity, purity, aristocracy, beauty and renown. It follows that this
star is the cause for these virtues. To start afresh after having once broken off, to start a
new life, to come back from a distant land-all. Punarvasu signifies these. It stands for
freedom from restriction and limitation, and boundless spaceThe Gods, the
children of Aditi, are basically and essentially are different from children of Diti, who are
demons. The demons never had a taste of divine nectar and therefore miss the
knowledge of fundamentals, fundamentals of creation and mystery. They were engrossed
with or deeply emerged in enjoyment of the externals, the materialistic aspect of the
universe. Gold and sex were the two immediate pursuits, which made them extroverts.
The Gods however, could rip into the deeper texture of things, they had tasted the divine
nectar and become partners in supreme divine bliss and Punarvasu represents all
these..Punah means repeat, again and again; Basanti means habitation. Punarbasati,
therefore, means remaking or re-modelling of dwellings, Punarbasati or Punarvasu are
same in meaning. It denotes the ideas of abode, residence, back to home, sojourn,
recurrence, commencement, to shine or grow bright again, to enter into life again,
renewal of riches, etc.

Indications: JUP

Punarvasu follows the nakshatra Ardra (the storm) and

literally translates to "return of the light". This denotes the ability to bounce back from
difficulty, limitless inner resources, and charming and forgiving character. It bestows a
deeply philosophical, inspirational, and spiritual nature with a genuine understanding that
brings wisdom. Its symbol a quiver of arrow indicates a love of travel (arrow) but with a
home base or family to return to (quiver). This is a very prosperous nakshatra, ruled by
Jupiter and prosperity tends to double as you give back to the world JUP. .Puna
means repeat. Punarvasu is known as the star of renewal. It suggests someone who
changes residence often, who undergoes a change of personalities or a purification of self
during life. The word Punarvasu is derived from Puna+Vasu, which means return, renewal,
restoration or repetition. Punarvasu Nakshatra brings about the return of energy and
vitality. It causes our creative growths and inspirations to be renewed. Punarvasu follows
the nakshatra Ardra (the storm) and literally translates to "return of the light". Punarvasu,
means restoring or commencement of wealth, but broken down into its two parts we can
see more depth to its meaning. Punar/punah means again, once again, and home. Vasu
means good, excellent, light, and radiance. Under the influence of Punarvasu, one is
driven to seek out and return spirituality, the light, and truth back to ones home, life, and
this earthly realm..This denotes the ability to bounce back from difficulty, limitless inner
resources, and charming and forgiving character. It bestows a deeply philosophical,

Nakshatra 7: Purnavasu / Punarpoosam / Punartham

inspirational, and spiritual nature with a genuine understanding that brings wisdom. Its
symbol a quiver of arrow indicates a love of travel (arrow) but with a home base or family
to return to (quiver). This is a very prosperous nakshatra, ruled by Jupiter and prosperity
tends to double as you give back to the world. This is referred to as the "Star of Renewal".
After the bleak storms of Ardra the light appears again. Those with this nakshata have the
ability to bounce back again, for they have deep limitless inner resources, and no
boundaries as to what they can accomplish. They are deeply philosophical, inspirational,
and spiritual with a true genuine understanding, which gives them their wisdom. There
hardly seems to be a shadow side. They are likable, and charming. Because of their
forgiving ways, others seem to forgive them easily. They love to travel, but just as the
arrow is returned to the quiver so must these natives have a home base with family to
return. There is a definite theme of return and renewal. As they give back to the world
their prosperity doubles. This is a very prosperous nakshatra. They dont have the need
for a lot, they are content with little.
The symbols for Punarvasu are the bow and also a house. The bow represents the
desire, drive, and forward movement with ones spiritual objective, and the house
represents the destination the place where one can rest and be at peace within.
Punarvasu is ruled by Aditi, the Great Mother Goddess. Its power is the ability to gain
wealth or substance. Its basis above is the wind or air; its basis below is wetness or rain.
Together they bring about the revitalization of the plantsPunarvasu
Nakshatra brings about the return of energy and vitality, like the return of the monsoon
rains after the dry season. It matures our creative growth, and generates inspiration. Aditi
is the Earth Goddess who grants all the abundance, and gives birth to all the Gods.
Punarvasu is a lunar constellation that enables a comfortable life. The goddess belonging
to Punarvasu is Aditi, the goddess of abundance. It is a lunar constellation that brings
prosperity and well-being. This does not lead to a life that solely involves material
pleasures, however. The quiver, the symbol of Punarvasu, represents energy and
power.If necessary, a person in whose horoscope the Punarvasu constellation
plays an important role, is prepared to leave the safety of his home and to start seeking
for the Holy Grail. Even if during this quest for the grail he would have to defeat several
dragons. However, he will always return to his own home and he will be able to tell many
stories about his adventures. He may even turn these stories into epics (Punarvasu is
associated with poetry). Finally this will lead to a great inner wisdom which will be
conveyed to others. A person with this constellation is not afraid of combat, and is
generally home-loving. He will never look for unnecessary conflicts, because he attaches a
lot of value to respect for the other personThe spiritual path for this
constellation involves gaining wisdom, travelling both literally and in the spirit, with a safe
home as his basis to which he always returns. The experiences gained will be dealt with
within the safety of the own home.

Nakshatra 7: Purnavasu / Punarpoosam / Punartham

Astrological Summary (Related Articles):Punarvasu is taken as
the seventh nakshatra among the 27 nakshatras which are considered important in Indian
Jyotish for making calculations from horoscopes based on Vedic Jyotish. The literal
meaning of Punarvasu is to become Vasu again and since the Vasus possess qualities like
goodness, prosperity and genuineness, these meanings can also be assigned to
Punarvasu. Thus it can be said that Punarvasu is a nakshatra which promotes prosperity
and goodness on all levels when working through its positive aspects. Vedic Jyotish
assigns an arrow as the main symbol to this nakshatra and this symbol of arrow conveys
many things at the same time. For example, an arrow is associated with striking the target
which in turn is associated with the desire aspect of the archer who wants to strike the
target with his arrow. An arrow is also associated with movement and the movement itself
is associated with the time in one form or the other. So it can be said that Punarvasu is
associated with desire to achieve goals, movements and travels and this nakshatra is also
associated with the time aspect of nature. Some vedic astrologers
practicing in Indian Jyotish associate a couple of more symbols to Punarvasu. A quiver full
of arrows is used as a symbol of Punarvasu by some vedic astrologers whereas a house is
also used as a symbol of Punarvasu by a different school of vedic astrologers practicing in
Indian Jyotish. Upon analyzing these symbols used for Punarvasu it can be said that a
quiver full of arrows provides a sense of resourcefulness and safety to the bearer of this
quiver as a number of arrows present in the quiver of Punarvasu can be considered as a
number of different resources available to the bearer of this quiver which can be used
appropriately according to their usefulness and at the right time. A quiver full of arrows
also represents a well equipped and well armed person which again conveys a sense of
safety as a well equipped and properly armed person is usually considered as safe. The
other symbol of house used for Punarvasu by some vedic astrologers conveys the
meanings like comfort, leisure, safety and enjoyment as all of the above mentioned terms
are associated with the concept of house. Based on the above facts, it can be said that
Punarvasu is associated with desire, time, safety, comfort, leisure, enjoyment, wealth,
prosperity and other such things which make this nakshatra a very resourceful and
benevolent nakshatra and for these reasons, Vedic Jyotish associates great importance to
this nakshatraVedic Jyotish assigns Aditi as the ruling deity of Punarvasu.
Aditi is the mother of 12 Adityas who are considered as solar deities in Indian Jyotish. The
influence of Aditi on Punarvasu brings the mother like caring and home like safety
qualities to this nakshatra. Aditi is considered as a very resourceful and benevolent deity
according to Indian Jyotish which again brings the resourcefulness and benevolence to
Punarvasu. Vedic Jyotish takes Jupiter as the ruling planet of Punarvasu and Jupiter relays
its qualities like prosperity, ethics and care for the well being of the others through this
nakshatra. The first three parts of Punarvasu fall in the sign of Gemini ruled by Mercury
whereas the fourth and final part of Punarvasu falls in the sign of Cancer ruled by Moon.
The influence of Mercury brings the qualities like mobility, trade and business skill and
communication to Punarvasu whereas the influence of Moon brings qualities like maternal
love and care for the well being of the societyWhen working positively,
Punarvasu supports life and harmony at all levels and therefore the natives under the

Nakshatra 7: Purnavasu / Punarpoosam / Punartham

strong influence of this nakshatra can be seen to exhibit positive qualities like the
promotion of life and society, being happy and trying to make other people happy, leading
a moral and spiritual life and the other likewise qualities according to Vedic Jyotish. The
natives under the strong influence of Punarvasu have a definitive and strong sense of
ethics and they are very skilled at separating the good from the bad and therefore they do
not let much negativity build inside them. People under the strong influence of Punarvasu
have great sense of reasoning and they use this quality to choose right paths throughout
their lives. Punarvasu natives are blessed with a good power of imagination and creativity
and they can be seen making use of it in the fields like writing poetry or literature,
painting or acting and doing other creative activities which require the use of imagination.
Punarvasu natives are patient by nature and they are friendly towards the people around
them and for this reason Punarvasu natives are usually known to be the safest kind of
people to be with and to be around. Indian Jyotish also assigns
qualities like simplicity, forgiveness and honesty to Punarvasu and as a result the natives
under the strong influence of this nakshatra are simple and honest in their approach.
Many Punarvasu natives are content and happy with what they have in life and they do
not have a habit to run behind whatever materialistic pleasures they do not have. It is
interesting to note here that despite their simple and content approach towards life, many
Punarvasu natives are actually very prosperous and resourceful even if they do not want
all this prosperity and resourcefulness. This is due to the inherent qualities of Punarvasu
which bless the natives under its strong influence with wealth, resources, safety and
simplicity at the same time. Many astrologers practicing in Vedic Jyotish believe that
natives under the strong influence of Punarvasu do not fall into great dangers, crisis or
major problems throughout their life and if they face such problems, they almost always
come out of them safe and sound which again confirms the safety word associated with
this nakshatra. So it can be said that natives under the strong influence of Punarvasu are
blessed with happy, content and resourceful life and they also have good spiritual
inclination at the same time according to Indian Jyotish.When it comes to
the professional sphere assigned to the natives under the strong influence of Punarvasu,
most of the Vedic Astrologers practicing in Indian Jyotish believe that Punarvasu natives
are found to be practicing in the professions which do not demand much physical work
and instead the creativity and imagination of these natives is used. Punarvasu also
blesses its natives with some gifted professions where the natives earn money by giving
advice to people, healing people and at the same time these natives get a fair amount of
respect from the people. Punarvasu natives are seen practicing as, astrologers, spiritual
healers, councellors and advisers of all kinds, poets, writers, authors dealing with spiritual
and supernatural subjects, bankers and people working with many other kinds of financial
institutions, teachers of many kinds and preachers of many kinds, artists exhibiting their
art in various professional spheres and many other kinds of people dealing in many other
kinds of professions. It can be easily noted that natives working in most of the above
mentioned fields do not have to do much physical hard work and many of these
professions make the natives respected by the people and society around them. This is
the reason why most of the vedic astrologers practicing in Indian Jyotish associate many

Nakshatra 7: Purnavasu / Punarpoosam / Punartham

good things to this nakshatra called PunarvasuConsidering some of the
other facts about Punarvasu which are considered important in Indian Jyotish when
making certain specific calculations like gun Milan, Punarvasu is taken as a Male
nakshatra in Vedic Jyotish. Its nature is considered to be movable according to Indian
astrology and the functioning of this nakshatra is considered to be passive which can be
easily judged from the easy going nature and not promoting much physical work like
qualities of this nakshatra. Vedic Jyotish considers the Varna of Punarvasu to be Vaishya
and this nakshatra is taken as Sattawic in Gun and Dev in Gan. The sattawic Gun and Dev
Gan of Punarvasu easily fits the description of this nakshatra as it is very ethical, moral
and spiritual in nature whereas some Vedic astrologers believe that the Vaishya Varna of
this nakshatra is mainly due to the reason that most of this nakshatra falls in the sign of
Gemini, ruled by Mercury which is known to be a planet of trade and business and both
these qualities are the trademarks of Vaishya Varna according to Vedic Jyotish. The
element associated with Punarvasu is water.

Nakshatra & its Shape: Punarvasu, the world is consists of two words Punah and
Vasu. Punah means repetition. Vasu means a ray of light or a jewel. The Vasus were
dignified Vedic deities, eight in number and all are connected indirectly with
this nakshatra. If we try to analyze the word Punarvasu then simple meaning comes to
mind: repetition of rays. Rays are generated from light and the mystery of the word is if
ray keeps on repeating itself then it will automatically take the form of light. The asterism
itself represents universal life which can happen only with the support of ray or light.
Thenakshatra also implies the revival of certain aspects of initial life essence which was
necessary for the evolutionary process.
Vasus are the very important deities of the universe. At the beginning of cosmic evolution
they played a very essential role. The Vasus which are eight in number namely Apas
(water), Prithvi (earth), Agni (fire), Chandra (moon), Pratyush (dawn), Dhruva (pole star),
Vayu (air) and Prabhas (lustre) are very important elements for the preservation,
nourishment, sustainability of the human and universal existence. Consciousness itself is
energized by the Solar Logos. Aditi, the mother goddess creates the possible environment
for the seed to eventually bear fruit. She is also bestowed with a great ability to gain
wealth or substance. Aditi is also the Earth goddess capable of granting everything in
plenty and gives birth to all the gods.
The asterism has two symbols, one is bow and another is house. The bow is the link
between the archer and the target. In a way it operates as a launching pad. The archer is
standing here but through aim wants to be somewhere else. Another symbol of the
asterism is house which also implies the same meaning. The house is used by an occupant
for resting and recuperation of energies so he can achieve his target. The occupant has to
leave the house to go to his work place and after completing tasks he comes back to his
house and gets ready for the next day.

Nakshatra 7: Purnavasu / Punarpoosam / Punartham

Personal Indicators:Your Strengths: The Punarvasu Jupiter
Mercury combination produces an exceptional mind with tremendous wisdom. Those born
under this combination have the ability to become the launching pad between the archer
and the target. Invariably, their own arrow establishes a perfect link in whatever they do in
life. There is an impelling force to create essential conditions and background for
themselves as well as for the people who follow them in future. They create a proper
environment where fructification of efforts and the concretization of the will can take
place easily. However, over intellectualization of their knowledge and wisdom can bring a
steep downfall.Punarvasu Jupiter Moon provides an almost ready platform
from where the great drama of life can be enacted. Three-fourths of the
Punarvasu nakshatra is covered by the previous sign Gemini and one-fourths by the
present sign Cancer. If the Jupiter Mercury combination works in a manner which puts
two atoms of hydrogen and one atom of oxygen together two create the possible
environment for these to get converted to water, the Jupiter Moon works in tandem to
induce electricity at a high velocity to create water in reality. This could be the difference
when we compare Punarvasu in the two signs of Gemini and Cancer. Fructification of
efforts becomes a reality rather than only a mirage. There is deep-rooted confidence in
the persons mind that if he takes the first step, then conquering even Mount Everest will
become a reality..You are blessed with a great capacity to work with a
tremendously focused mind. The target is very clear to you and your total focus is on ways
to achieve it. Most of your energy and time goes in positioning yourself. You work
effortlessly and arouse your intellect to a level from where obtaining desired results is not
difficult at all. Invariably, you work independently and attract the masses towards yourself
with fantastic results. You are genuinely concerned for the ones you love and try your best
to make things better.You have clarity of goal at a very early age. There
remains a great doubt on your ability for some but you are not one of those who give up
their ideas after initial failures. You do not have any sort of confusion in your
foresightedness but the environment in which you work always creates a major challenge
for you. There is a huge gap between reality and vision and your greatness lies in the fact
that you bridge this gap beautifully. There are two main reasons one, you see the
possibility to fulfill your dream and, second, you want to create a conducive environment
for those who want to do something different but lack in vision. Your

Drawbacks: Overindulgence with the mind or intellect can create a stumbling block.
Sometimes, a conflict between wisdom and logic also creates a lot of confusion in your
mind. At times, you are too critical to be tolerated by others. Sometimes, you remain so
unconcerned about the results that your efforts go in vain..Your likes and
dislikes are so strong that they create utter confusion in your life. If you are wrongly
convinced of an issue or situation then you can go overboard, expressing yourself
unnecessarily. Sometimes, others find it difficult to bear your ego or over-assessment of
yourself. Often, you not objective nor are you able to take a macro view of the situation.

Nakshatra 7: Purnavasu / Punarpoosam / Punartham

Behavioral Characteristics..Punarvasu relates to vastuva prapana
shakti which refers to the power of retrieving objectives or objects. Triumph, renewal and
return are indicated by the reference to the regenerative capacity of rain. Punarvasu loves
to nurture and harmonize when after a shower, the earth rejuvenates. Hence, the natives
of Punarvasu are satisfied people who believe in getting rid of negative energies through
hard work. They believe in overcoming obstacles through self-confidence. .The
fascinating function of the emotional and mental is something from which Punarvasu
derives its strength. The natives are characterized with reason and it represents a state
when a child grows out of its mischief to become aware of others needs. They are good
natured and friendly and the age 9-12 is also ideal for all kinds of spiritual introductions. In
fact, Punarvasu relates to spirituality that engenders self-realization. Natives with
Punarvasu in the ascendant have an average build and look serene and benevolent. They
are pleasant, amiable, and noble..The simplicity of their views prevents
Punarvasu natives from understanding complications, although they succeed in emerging
unscathed from accidents, diseases and physical malfunctions. They are homesick, but
are willing to travel. On the flip side, natives of this nakshatra tend to stagnate. On the
brighter side, Punarvasu loves challenges and almost always succeedsThe opposing
nature of Pollux and Castor give them a duality that gives them a contradictory character.
While Castor results in losses, Pollux is responsible for retrieving them and thus the
insinuation at recycling and regeneration. Punarvasu is the root word for pun, puny, and
punitive and punctual, all of which signify the aspects of this nakshatra.

Padas or Quarters

The first pada falls on the Aries Navamsa which is ruled by Mars. It stands for
adventure, motion and pioneering. The focus lies on group work, attainment of goals
and friendship.
The second pada falls on the Taurus Navamsa which is ruled by Venus. It stands for
the earthy, fixed and materialistic elements. It is usually associated with hotels,
restaurants, import-export industry and tourism.
The third pada falls on the Gemini Navamsa which is ruled by Mercury. It stands for
imagination, science and mental activities. Being a Vargottama pada, planets produce
strong results, especially in the intellectual and mental realm.
The fourth pada falls on the Cancer Navamsa which is ruled by the Moon. It stands for
strength and beneficence. The planets in this stage are Vargottama and Pushkara
resembling expansiveness, maternity, nurturing spirit and care that bring out the
aspects of Punarvasu to the fullest. Jupiter is exalted at its peak here.

7 Punarvasu is 20 Gemini - 320 Cancer, ruled by Jupiter "return of the light"

Those born in the star Punarvasu are endowed with children have good qualities,
wealthy and they indulge in bringing difference of opinion among friends. They speak
very clearly and are secretive in their dealings. They are learned in the sciences and

Nakshatra 7: Purnavasu / Punarpoosam / Punartham

interested in personal decoration with gems and gold ornaments. They are givers and
famous. They are religious, attractive, carry out works of other women. They are
tolerant, satisfied with small things and fast movers. They collect a good circle of
friends, daily eat good food, sacrifices and worship lord Vishnu. They are peaceful,
happy, enjoying and endowed with good progeny. Those born in the Punarvasu star are
noted to be long lived, loved by wife, handsome, interested in pomp, of good heart,
high in conduct, with low voice, like cereals, intelligent, thinkers, and possess fish sign
on stomach. SB

Purnavasu nakshatra is about returning to the source. What I mean by this is that
like lord Ram, who fought great evils, and struggled for 14 years, finally returned back
to his source of kingliness. This nakshatra is about going through struggles in life and
finally after enough struggle one becomes a king. This shows one gaining lot of
wisdom through their experiences and later teaching others about what they have
gone through and the mistake they have made in their life. They make some of the
great counselor and teachers or university professors. Due to the influence of Jupiter
here, there is a great care and passion for advising and teaching others. The symbol of
bow & arrow also represent the weapon of the divine, because in Indian mythology,
lord Vishnu took the body of Ravan on earth just so he could be killed by the divine
arrow of lord Ram. People think Ram is a God, or ditty, but actually Ram was
an avatar who was born in the flesh body. He was one of the angles of God but not God
himself, because there is only one God, that is Vishnu, who has sub bodies like Shiva,
Bhrama, Ram, Krishina etc.. but the root is only one. This nakshatra shows that even
the punishment from such people may actually be blessings because there would be a
great lesson to be learned. I.e. if a teacher punishes the student at school, that
particular punishment would be probably will the one that student remembers for rest
of his or her life and would actually thank the teacher for doing what they did. There is
also great interest in reading and writing. Both Jupiter and Mercury the lord of Gemini
are the karaka of study, writing, knowledge and wisdom. Such people can make great
writers of divine, spiritual and religious books. KRS;
The word Punarvasu is derived from Punar meaning again and Vasu meaning
prosperity; becoming prosperous again or regaining prosperity. It is ruled by Adhithi
indicator of infinity or abundance or in simple words we can relate it to this infinite
Universe. As this whole universe accommodates everybody in it irrespective of shape,
size, nature etc., Punarvasu natives are also very adjusting in nature and can
accommodate themselves in different circumstances and with different people. This is
a unique quality found in Punarvasu natives which is difficult to find in other
Nakshatras. Its symbol is an arrow; rather a divine empowered arrow. As the symbol
arrow indicates a direction or a point, so this Nakshatra indicates some fixed objectives
and goals. As the divine arrow rarely misses its target and returns after completing its
job; Punarvasu indicates successful completion of the objectives and goals. Punarvasu
natives are one of the most contended people among 27 Nakshatra and fully capable

Nakshatra 7: Purnavasu / Punarpoosam / Punartham

of achieving their material as well spiritual objectives. They prefer to live steady life
and do not take any major risks to avoid any unpleasant situations. Sometimes they
become so contended in life that they completely loose the enthusiasm. After
achieving some status, they stop further efforts due to over contention. KA
..Their physical appearance is quite good with long face (in Gemini), long
limbs and high nose. Punarvasu natives are religious and follow traditional culture and
norms. They are least interested in any negative activities and would rarely accept
people involved in it. They always believe in peaceful living and discard any relation
which may bring any mental agony to them. Although Punarvasu natives get good
education but they find it difficult to convert it into wealth because of their simple
nature. In their childhood, they are the most innocent students in their class and
teachers love their innocence. They always respect their teachers, parents and elders.
They find it difficult to make adjustments in family after marriage. Their spouse may
have serious complaints from them and they may be called as Mamas child.
.Health: Natives generally have good health unless there are serious
afflictions in the horoscope. Body parts: Our Nose and fingers are ruled
by this Nakshatra. Tree: Bamboo .Professions: Teachers, psychologists,
writers, Engineers, architects, public speaker, media people, editors, priests, tour
managers, courier agents, astrologers etc. KA

General Characteristics: Intellectual and spiritual wisdom, material prosperity,

good natured, quiet, patient, devout, lives in comfort. Male Natives:
..Physical features: Handsome, long thighs and long face. Some
identification mark on the face or on the backside of the head.
.Character and general events: The native has complete faith in God.
He is religiously inclined. Initially he will have good behavior but later on according to
the circumstances he changes his behavior. Therefore, others have to be careful while
approaching him. It is very difficult to know his inner thought. He is contended with
little but at the same time he is hot tempered. He sticks to ancient tradition and belief.
He will not stand a party to any illegal activities and will try to resist others
from doing so. He does not like to cause trouble to others; on the other hand he tries
to help the needy. He will lead a simple life. Education, sources of
earning/profession: He can shine and get success in almost all the subjects except in
partnership business. He can attain much name and fame as a teacher or as an actor.
Writer, physician etc. Period up to 32 years of age will not be so good. Hence he should
not involve himself in any major business till 32 years of age. He may not be in a
position to accumulate wealth but he can attain public honor. The main reason why the
native is not in a position to accumulate wealth is lack of business trick and
straightforwardness. One peculiar expression can be seen in his face i.e. an innocent
and frustrated looking. .Family life: He is the most obedient child of his
parents. He respects his father and mother as also his teacher. His marriage life may

Nakshatra 7: Purnavasu / Punarpoosam / Punartham

not be good. He may either divorce his wife or another marriage, even while the first
wife is alive. In case he does not go for the second marriage the health of the spouse
will give a lot of problems and mental agony. However, his spouse will have all the
qualities of a good housewife. Frequent friction between other family members will
take place. All these simultaneous problems will lead to mental wreckage.
.Health: While there may not be any serious health problem, even the
slightest problem will be a cause of concern for him. He drinks lot of water. He has
strong digestion.

Female Natives:..Physical features: Her eyes are red, curly

hair, sweet speech and high nose. Character and general events: While she
will generally have a calm nature, she has argumentative tongue, which will lead her
into frequent friction with her relatives and her neighbors. However, she is charitable
and shows respect. She will have many servants. On the whole she will be leading a
comfortable life Education, sources of earning/profession: She is fond of
music, gets mastery over dances. ..Family life: Her husband will be most
handsome man..Health: She cannot enjoy good health. This is mainly due
to her non-care nature about her health. Jaundice, tuberculosis, goiter and pneumonia,
stomach upset and ear trouble..Positive Traits: Caring, loving,
nurturing, easily contented, friendly good natured, simplistic life, lives in the moment,
generous, shares with others, religious inclinations, interested in spiritual writings and
philosophies, potential in the communications field can be good writers and inspiring
speakers, profound imagination, purifies self to make spiritual progress, ability to
connect with others, successful projectsNegative Traits: Simplistic
approach to life interpreted as a lack of intelligence, lack of material drive due to focus
on spirituality, lack of foresight gets them into complications including frequent
moving, unstable relationships, and multiple jobs/careers, fickle nature, indecisive,
frequently ill, critical, over intellectualize life, gets bored too easily in
life.Career Interests: Acting, drama, entertainment, politics, writers,
publishers, spiritual teachers, mystics, philosophers, innovators, psychologists, gurus,
artisans and trade people involved in the construction and maintenance of dwellings,
architects, civil engineers, scientists. ..Compatibility and
Incompatibility : Being a feminine nakshatra, its masculine counterpart Ashlesha is
most compatible to it. Magha and Purva phalguni being symbolized by male and
female rats are most non compatible to Punarvasu Nakshatra. Cat being friendly with
hare and monkey, Punarvasu finds its instinctive compatibility to Jyestha &
Anuradha Nakshatra in addition to that of Sravana and Poorvashada nakshatra.AG

Nakshatra 7: Purnavasu / Punarpoosam / Punartham

SUN: If Sun in this Nakshatra is aspected by Moon, the native will be troubled by his
relatives, lives away from his birth place and cannot earn much wealth; if Mars
aspects, problems will be created by his enemies and lazy; if Mercury aspects, he
cannot enjoy much benefits but his children gets all out support from the government,
he will be subjected to envy from his other relations on account of prosperity of his
children; if Jupiter aspects, he becomes expert in occult science, likes freedom and not
maintain good relation with his wife and children; if Venus aspects, the native goes to
foreign land and earns reasonable wealth there, he may get some injury by weapon or
fire and may be associated with the government of that country; if Saturn aspects, a
spendthrift, indulges in sexual relation with servants but devoted to his duties. KTS
1st Pada: SUN: 20 00' to 23 20' Gemini
The native will be highly educated and wealthy. A good astrologer. If conjoined with
Mercury, the native upto his 28th years of age will be an athiest.Thereafter, some
sudden changes force him to believe the existence of God. KTS
2nd Pada: SUN: 23 20' to 26 40' Gemini
Expert in Mathematics. Excellent administrator. He has intutive powers. Yellowish
looking face. Attains high political or academic position. KTS
3rd Pada: SUN: 26 40' to 30 00' Gemini
If Jupiter is also placed in this segment, he becomes a Minister or a politician of the
highest order, will gain through friends. Teaching profession is also indicated to him. KTS
4th Pada: SUN: 00 00' to 3 20' to Cancer
If this segment also happens to be the ascendant, the native will suffer from some
incurable disease, confront poverty and always in debt. Engaged in the lowest position
or in a business where profit is very less. Poor eye sight. Fistula or constipation. KTS

MOON: If Moon in this Nakshatra is aspected by Sun, the native is learned, well
behaved but poor; if Mars aspects, the native is kind to all, intelligent and expert in
various sciences and wealthy; if Mercury aspects, the native gets good help from the
employer or government; if Jupiter aspects, he is learned, famous and does good
deeds to the society, if Venus aspects, he will have all the comforts a life requires; if
Saturn aspects, he is bereft of money, wife and comfort. KTS
1st Pada: THE MOON AT: 20 00' to 23 20' Gemini
He has a defective or abnormal organ. Mixed temperament. He may have two
mothers. If Jupiter is also placed in this segment, the native has more female children.
If the ascendant falls in Uttara Bhadrapada, he will attain much status and earns
unearned income. Has few brothers, suppressor of enemies, undertakes several works
at a time and does the same neatly and in perfect order. He is respected by the
learned. KTS ..People with Purnavasu nakshtra pada 1 are quite late
bloomers. They do not find their path in life until the age of 32, they after life gets
smooth and becomes more directional. Such people may make great writers, teachers
and advisors, however they will go through initial struggles in life so once they have
learned their lessons, they can teach others what to do and what not to do. They are

Nakshatra 7: Purnavasu / Punarpoosam / Punartham

generally happy go lucky people even in adverse situation. KRS; It makes
the person skilled, talented and creative. Initially they may show some haste in their
working but later on settles down and does the job successfully. They easily make
friends and girl friends. They are bestowed with children and dedicated wife. He knows
the art of making money without harming anybody. They can be recognized by their
copper red complexion and humorous nature.


2nd Pada: THE MOON AT: 23 20' to 26 40' Gemini

He is fond of women, keeps or practice knowledge of sexual science. Involves in
gambling. He is a scientist, ambassador or a representative. Either he may marry three
or four females or may indulge in sexual act with several women. KTS
..Pada 2 of Purnavasu people are very much into studies and education
like pada 1, however their whole life derives from learning philosophy and religious
text, which can make them priest, gurus and professors of philosophy. They so
involved in their studies that their personal life can suffer, kind of like a mad scientist
in a lab working 23 hours a day while using the other hour to sleep and eat. Such
people can become quite stubborn about what they are doing in life. KRS; ..
Natives born in this pada are good accumulator of wealth and soft spoken. Their
communication skills are exceptionally good. They know the art of making money
without doing much physical effort. Their professional life is comparatively better. They
can be recognized by their soft tongue and average stout body. KA
3rd Pada: THE MOON AT: 26 40' to 30 00' Gemini
He is fond of women, clever, gambling tendencies, and fond of music. If with Mercury,
the person is polite in speech, clever in interpretation, popular and renowned. If
Saturn is also located in tills segment, he is son born out of second marriage of Ills
mother. KTS ..Pada 3 people are quite different from first 2 padas, they
can me more dedicated towards other things that Jupiter represents like wealth and
gains. They are more businesslike than in pursuit of education and knowledge. They
seek pleasure through making money and especially money through communication.
They are quite clever in business and are fond of opposite sex. They are also quite
interested in artist side of life as well like painting, playing piano and being an
actor.KRS; The energies in this pada are focused on education and
material gains. Native born in this pada will invest good time in getting education to
meet its end result; money. But success is indicated after some struggle. They
generally have round eyes with keen interests in literature. KA
4th Pada: THE MOON AT: 00 00' to 3 20' to Cancer
He is skilled in sexual sciences, has red eyes. If Mars is placed in tills quarter, he will
not hesitate to sell even his wife for the sake of money. With Jupiter here, the native is
the chief of Ills clan or family and wealthy. KTS People born under the
nakshatra of Purnavasu pada 4 erotic, sexual and they too are in pursuit of the life of
wealth and luxury. They will do whatever it takes to find pleasure through sex and
indulging in sexual lust. This is quite strange knowing it's the naksahtra ruled by
Jupiter, however, Jupiter is also the karaka of 5th house, which is entertainment,

Nakshatra 7: Purnavasu / Punarpoosam / Punartham

cinema, dance and performing art, and also the karaka of 11th house of friends,
network circle and socializing. KRS; .This pada of Punarvasu Nakshatra has
its maximum positive attributes. Natives born in this pada are very caring and
charitable in nature. They will strive hard to attain spiritual knowledge and become
creative writer in later part of life. This pada may give name and fame to the native
but material success is negligible. Moon placed in this Nakshatra pada is highly
sensitive to any malefic influences. Venus makes the native adulterous. They have
belly like Lord Ganesha and whitish complexion KA.

MARS: If Mars in tills Nakshatra is aspected by Sun, the native is learned, have wealth,
courage and interested in travelling in forest areas; if Moon aspects, the native may be
employed in a security organization or police department and enjoys the company of
good ladies; If Mercury aspects, he is expert in mathematics, may be a poet but speaks
utter he when the situation warrants; if Jupiter aspects, faces much problem in foreign
land initially but after Ills 40 years of age, attain a good position and becomes happy, if
Venus aspects, spends most of his time in the company of women, wealthy; if Saturn
aspects, cunning and lazy, employment in wood connected industries or in forest. KTS
1st Pada: MARS: 20 00' to 23 20' Gemini
If Mercury is also placed here, the native earns out of oils and medicines. In the case of
female native, she will use harsh language, will be passionate, cruel temper, windy and
phlegmatic complaints and a spendthrift.KTS
2nd Pada: MARS: 23 20' to 26 40' Gemini
He is jealous of others prosperity, clever in music and marital art. Has few sons. He can
earn good amount of profit if undertakes any dealings connected with buying and selling
of land and building. Suffers from diseases connected with hot weather. KTS
3rd Pada: MARS: 26 40' to 30 00' Gemini
This is a good position for Mars. The native is endowed with wealth, women and wine. He
will devote his life for the welfare of mankind. He will be popular in the public. Several
will work under him. Spends a good amount for the welfare of the poor. KTS
4th Pada: MARS: 00 00' to 3 20' to Cancer
In the case of females, if Saturn aspects Mars placed in this segment, several abortions
take place. Male native can enjoy his life fully. However, he has to be careful with
vehicle. He is advised not to ride any vehicle. He is prone to jaundice or other blood
connected diseases. KTS

MERCURY: If Mercury in this Nakshatra is aspected by Sun, the native enjoys much
benefit from the government, attains high position and will be truthful; if Moon aspects,
he is talkative but in sweet style, hot tempered and employed in the service of
government; if Mars aspects, attractive personality, master of several arts, very faithful
to his employer; if Jupiter aspects, wealthy, intelligent and associates with government; if
Venus aspects, a representative of his employer, enemies suffers defeat in his hands,

Nakshatra 7: Purnavasu / Punarpoosam / Punartham

very able in settling disputes; if Saturn aspects, gets the result of his work immediately,
gives respect to all and moderately wealthy. KTS
1st Pada: MERCURY: 20 00' to 23 20' Gemini
He will be in the government service preferably as an accountant and rises to the top of
his area of specialization. Will achieve much fame and acquire wealth. Skilled in various
arts and sciences, wives and wealth, respectful to elders and fond of happiness. KTS
2nd Pada: MERCURY: 23 20' to 26 40' Gemini
Even though he will be an expert accountant of a high order, he will handle several other
responsibilities at a time. A good astrologer. He will be in the good books of his superiors.
He will discharge his duties without taking any class, creed or caste into account. Hence,
he is in a position to command good respect and his words convey weight. KTS
3rd Pada: MERCURY: 26 40' to 30 00' Gemini
Does honorary work to several institutions. High spending and less return. KTS
4th Pada: MERCURY: 00 00' to 3 20' to Cancer
He will have fame and wealth and will be dearer to the ruling class. KTS

JUPITER: If Jupiter in this Nakshatra is aspected by Sun, blessed with good children, wife,
wealth and respected by his relatives; if Moon aspects, good manner, looks after several
villages and towns and becomes famous; if Mars aspects, the native may join defense and
after several reversals attains success in his work field; if Mercury aspects, enjoys good
family life, an expert in astrology and sweet spoken; if Venus aspects, the native is poor
and suffers in the hands of women, but if Mercury also aspects along with the aspect of
Venus, he becomes wealthy and honored in all respects; if Saturn aspects, lot of benefits
will be derived from the government and takes up some political assignment. KTS
1st Pada: JUPITER: 20 00' to 23 20' Gemini
He will have all worldly comforts and great honors will be conferred on him. However, his
family life up to his middle age will be full of friction. His wife will misunderstand him as he
devotes much of his time in the work field and to the public. KTS
2nd Pada: JUPITER: 23 20' to 26 40' Gemini
He is helpful to others, will be a priest. He will be wealthy and famous. While he cannot
derive love and affection from his write due to her mean mentality, he will enjoy good
benefit from his children. His children will attain high position in the government or in the
political field. KTS
3rd Pada: THE MOON AT: 26 40' to 30 00' Gemini
If Sun is also placed in this segment, he becomes a Minister or a politician of the highest
order. Earns through friends. He will be wealthy and famous. KTS
4th Pada: JUPITER: 00 00' to 3 20' to Cancer
Jupiter alone in this segment will confer much fame but not money and happiness. He
suffers from his friends and relatives. But unknown will respect him like a god. If Mercury
aspects Jupiter, he enjoys a kingly position. He is the owner of several houses and
buildings. Ladies take round for his favor. Feeds several persons. KTS


Nakshatra 7: Purnavasu / Punarpoosam / Punartham


VENUS: If Venus in this Nakshatra is aspected by Sun, the native may be associated
with defense of a country and attains a very high position; if Moon aspects, eats good
food, wears good cloth, black complexioned with thick hair; if Mars aspects, the native
is lucky in all respects; if Jupiter aspects, gets high education, have many servants but
his family life is full of troubles; if Mercury aspects, he is learned and wealthy; if Saturn
aspects, the native suffers from several deceits and is humiliated by all and always in a
sorrowful state. KTS
1st Pada: VENUS: 20 00' to 23 20' Gemini
He will be blessed with flowers, clothes and ornaments. He will be dearer to his race. KTS
2nd Pada: THE MOON AT: 23 20' to 26 40' Gemini
He is a lazy fellow. Does not take any interest in life. 'Come what may* let me see when
it comes, will be his attitude. This often leads him to a treacherous life. KTS
3rd Pada: VENUS: 26 40' to 30 00' Gemini
Wealthy and learned. Employment in government organization. Frequent change of job.
May be an engineer. If Mercury aspects, a good administrative job. If Jupiter aspects, the
native becomes a lecturer and his wife will also be in the same line of profession. KTS
4th Pada: VENUS: 00 00' to 3 20' to Cancer
The native is endowed with all the paraphernalia of life. Enjoys a happy married life. His
children an asset. The effect becomes double if Mercury or Jupiter aspects. If Saturn
aspect, the native works for others and does not enjoy much. KTS

SATURN: If Saturn in this Nakshatra is aspected by Sun, he cannot enjoy his life, always
interested in the company of bad people; if Moon aspects, he will have attractive
personality, enjoys power and fame from the government, in charge of several women; if
Mars aspects, he is intelligent and expert in sastras and other old sciences; if Mercury
aspects, the native is expert in warfare, intelligent and wealthy; if Jupiter aspects,
dependent on his employer or government, good qualities, respected by the public and
wealthy; if Venus aspects, he may be a goldsmith or engaged in buying and selling gold
or gold ornaments. KTS
1st Pada: SATURN: 20 00' to 23 20' Gemini
Not a good position for Saturn to occupy. The native will waste his wealth in speculation.
May be employed as a mechanic. He may be involved in some criminal case. Huge debt.
Lives in a miserable condition. KTS
2nd Pada: SATURN: 23 20' to 26 40' Gemini
The native will enjoy reasonably good position. He may be engaged in money lending
business. Industries connected with iron and steel or construction of building is possible
way of income. KTS
3rd Pada: SATURN: 26 40' to 30 00' Gemini
He may be a Chemical or Mechanical engineer. Industrious and very active. He will
occupy a very high position and several will work under him. KTS
4th Pada: SATURN: 00 00' to 3 20' to Cancer

Nakshatra 7: Purnavasu / Punarpoosam / Punartham

His face is very small but good looking. His health will be very bad during his childhood.
Cannot normally enjoy mother's care. Anger at the tip of his nose. This mental outbreak
creates several unrectifiable man made problems. KTS

1st Pada: RAHU AT: 20 00' to 23 20' Gemini
The native has correct intuition, correct judgment of cases, practical adaptability. He may
earn out of writing or publishing or as a teacher. When Mercury is also placed in this
segment, he may be an accountant or auditor. Swelling and pain in the arm or pulmonary
apoplexy. KTS
2nd Pada: RAHU: 23 20' to 26 40' Gemini
His outlook is broad, a handsome figure. He will be famous in the field of some scientific
research field. He may have goitre due to iodine deficiency. He may also be engaged as a
cloth merchant or a finance broker if Venus is also placed here. KTS
3rd Pada: RAHU: 26 40' to 30 00' Gemini
The native has good memory and is intelligent. He is not greedy. Contended with
whatever is easily available. Friction in family life. Employment in government as a head
of accounts or finance or law department. He may have problem with his ear or throat or
suffers from bronchitis or pneumonia. KTS
4th Pada: RAHU: 00 00' to 3 20' to Cancer
Success in journalism, publishing or story writing. With Mercury here, the native becomes
an outstanding astrologer. May have several sexual relations. Education in the field of
Mathematics. KTS

1st Pada: Ketu: 20 00' to 23 20' Gemini
If Mercury is also here, the native becomes rich and will have long living children. He is
intelligent. Kethu alone here will cause destruction of brothers and sisters. There is an
identification mark of a bigger size on his face. KTS
2nd Pada: Ketu: 23 20' to 26 40' Gemini
Some physical ailment is indicated. Born in a rich family. His father is a pious, rich and
honourable man. But the native becomes the root casus e of his sorrow. This result is to
be predicted if no beneficial planet associates or aspects Kethu. If Malefic aspects or
Kethu is alone; results mentioned above are certain. KTS
3rd Pada: Ketu: 26 40' to 30 00' Gemini
The native will have three wives. Always in debt. His two wives cause maximum trouble
to him. He will have several children. Dies of heart attack or if two or more malific planets
conjunct or aspect Kethu, the native commits suicide. KTS
4th Pada: Ketu Ketu: 00 00' to 3 20' to Cancer
The native works hard. But the return is very less. Laborers, porters or others doing
menial work has Kethu in this quarter. However, his children will be wealthy, learned and

Nakshatra 7: Purnavasu / Punarpoosam / Punartham

protects the father in his old age. KTS

Those born in this Nakshatra should not have any dealings or relationship with those born
in Pushya, Aclesha, Catabhishaj and Krttika Nakshatras. The dasa lord of Punarvasu
Nakshatra is Jupiter, followed by Saturn, Mercury, Ketu, Venus, Sun, Moon and Mars.
Results due to placement of some planets in certain degrees of Punarvasu Nakshatra
There are some deadly or fateful degrees in Punarvasu Nakshatra for some planets. The following are such degrees for
various planets:

Mars 5.00 degree of Punarvasu ( 85.00 degree of the Orbit)

Kethu 0.00 degree ofPunarvasu (80.00 degree of the Orbit)
Moon 2.00 degree of Punarvasu ( 82.00 degree of the Orbit)

Birth taking place in the above mentioned planetary configuration, curtails the longevity of
the native unless a strong aspect of Jupiter or Mercury takes place. No auspicious work
should be undertaken when these three planets transit the deadly degrees. He should also
be careful whenever Moon, Mars and Ketu transit the above degrees of the zodiac.
Remedial measures
1) Pukhraj (Topaz) of 5 Ratis may be got fixed in the gold ring and worn in 3rd (Sun)
finger on Thursday between 12.00 Noon to 3.00 PM.
2) Recite mantra No 28 for propitiating Mercury.
3) Recite mantra No. 24 for propitiating Sun. K.T.Shubhakaran