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Due Feb.

50 points-The Sociological Imagination: The Promise
Assignment two: Sociological Imagination: The Promise (In Canvas in Files) or follow the link.
This assignment requires that the student use the CSN Writing Center or Smart Thinking in Canvas.
Both the corrected draft suggestions and the revision will be posted in Canvas.

Read The Sociological Imagination: The Promise posted in files in Canvas.

Read what your textbook says about this perspective and about the author, C.W. Mills.
Participate in class activities and take notes.
In a Word document answer the questions below and submit this to the Writing Center or to
Smart Thinking.
Revise the work based on this input.
Post both the corrected draft and the revised version in Canvas.

Answer these questions in a word document and post this in Canvas:


What are the key points discussed in the Sociological Imagination: The Promise?
Select a news event from any online new source.
Briefly describe what the news event is about.
Explain the statement that people have troubles: publics have issues as it relates to this news
5. Give a specific example of a public-structural issue as it relates to this story.
6. Explain what is meant by the intersection of biography and history, as it relates to an event that
happened in your lifetime.
7. Cite the sources you used and keep this for your on-going works cited page for the final.
(For help with citations, use the tools shown in class that are available in Canvas under the CSN
Library link).