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November 18, 2016

Atty. Donna K. Ngoslab

Taxation I Professor
This is to explain the series of events last November 13, 2016 during our
Taxation I Quiz at my vantage point. To start with, I would like to humbly express
my sincere apology to you maam Atty. Ngoslab for any actuations I made during
the said examination. First, on the allegation that there was cheating committed
during the quiz, as far as Im concern, I did not take part on such cheating.
Gretchen Gansoen, my partner, and I had agreed that I will be the one answering
the quiz and from time to time Im going to show her the answers for any
modification or additional. That was our agreement. That being said I was
concentrating on answering the Taxation quiz and did not bother on any
happenings on my surrounding that explains it why we finished first and submitted
our paper first. Later, while at the height of answering the question, then it was
clear to me that my partner was furnishing answers to one of our classmate.
Modesty aside but one of my principles in life Maam is never cheat and to each
his own so I was on the opinion that they are doing that at their own risk.
Second, on me using my cellphone, I would like again to humbly express my
sincere apology for said act of mine and I promise that it will not happen again.
Said cellphone on my part was not intended to cheat in anyway nor was it intended
to disrespect you my teacher. I opened my phone after we finished answering our
quiz and I had transferred our answer sheet to my partner`s table for her to submit
it when you will come and collect it Ma`am. So, I was on the opinion that since the
answer paper is already on my partner`s table folded and secured, I can now open
my phone while waiting for you Maam to come. But when I saw you Ma`am
already inside the classroom and I knew that you saw me already using my phone,
I immediately got our paper from my partner`s table and gave it to you together
with my questionnaire just to at least justify that we are already finished answering
and I was already authorized to use my phone. I was really inclined to hide my
phone at the very moment but due to the circumstances that you are looking for
the 2nd questionnaire and my partner got it from another table I was so nervous
and ashamed at that very moment for I did not know that she was using
questionnaire to furnish answers to another classmate of ours. All I know was she
was orally giving said answers and those questionnaires was intended for me to
copy if there are additional, and as a defense mechanism I did not look at your eye
Ma`am and just pretend that I was busy using my phone. That is the reason why I
did not bother to hide my phone.
Lastly, Im hoping that we can mend our differences Ma`am arising from the
said events. Thank you and more power.

Respectfully Yours,

Christian Van A. Talawec

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