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Cooper Nemeth Investigation Update February 21, 2016

As you know Cooper has been missing since last week-end when he was last seen
leaving a party with a male in the Valley Gardens area of the city. Witnesses
reported that Cooper and the male entered a vehicle and drove off from the party.
Cooper did not return home. His family reported him missing the following day.
It is with sadness that I am here to report that a body was discovered on a property
on Bayne Crescent not far from the party where Cooper was last seen. Investigators
believe this is Coopers body although this still needs to be confirmed by Medical
Examiners later in the week. On behalf of the Police Service our thoughts and
prayers go out to the Nemeth family.
Based on the preliminary examination of the injuries on Coopers body,
Investigators believe he was murdered. Investigators also believe that Coopers
body was concealed in a sheltered area of the property on Bayne Crescent.
The property owner on Bayne is not involved in the murder. Police were contacted
by the property owner about suspicious activity after hearing unusual noise at the
rear of the property. Police units attended and discovered Coopers body concealed
in a bin that did not belong to the property owner.
Investigators have made significant progress in this investigation. Earlier this
morning a 22 year old male identified as:

Nicholas Bell-Wright, of Treger Bay in Winnipeg was arrested and

charged with 2nd Degree Homicide in the death of Cooper Nemeth.

You will recall that police investigators executed a Search Warrant on Treger Bay
earlier in the week. The Search Warrant was executed at the residence of Mr. BellWright and is connected to the homicide investigation. Forensic evidence was
discovered at the residence, as well as a vehicle that is believed to be connected to
the homicide.
The disappearance and murder of this young man has resonated throughout the
city, far beyond the neighbourhood where Cooper lived. I want to acknowledge the
efforts of the Missing Persons Unit, the Forensics Unit, the Homicide Unit, and
countless uniformed members who have worked tirelessly to discover what
happened to Cooper.
I especially want to acknowledge and thank our Community for your support.
Throughout the week hundreds of people came together and mobilized throughout
the City in an effort to help. It was a remarkable effort and made me glad to be a
part of the community.
This is not the outcome anyone wanted. Our hearts go out to the Nemeth family
while they deal with the loss of their son. I can only imagine the pain they are going

throughbut I also believe that the remarkable and continued support of the
Community will help them get through this tragedy.