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TRIAL EXAMINATION 2010 3 MATHEMATICS 36730 SECTION ONE ‘CALCULATOR-FREE Section One: Caleulstortree (40 Marks) This section has elght (8) questions. Answer all questions, Wete your answers in the space provide. Working time for this section is 50 minutes. Question 1 (4marks) 3 atthe point (2,2) Determine the equation ofthe tangent tothe curve ‘equation of the tang i 4° V-A(an- iY ay (22 a - 18 Y (2 Soo next page MATHEMATICS 3C/3D 4 TRIAL EXAMINATION 2010 CALCULATOR FREE SECTION ONE uection2 (4 marks) Diente te flowin, without siping 4. eV % @ mee se Site ) (2marks) wee -% eN% sx ol 8 (ire ) Exe On ar “ 4 Pua t © tat (emas) : YL (x-2)3x"- COW yy dx -—_, SS (-) Question 3 (marks) Determine the domain and range of f= g(x), where f(x)=2" and g(x)=Vze1. Domou of gh) 2 2%-1 ~ Range» 3) gGDrO ae Domes oF Fe96D ~- sie SODe yu KH feat) = 2° — ‘TRIAL EXAMINATION 2010 5 MATHEMATICS 307/30 SECTION ONE ‘CALCULATOR-FREE Question 4 (6 marks) Ina foreign country, a student had a number of $5, $2 and $1 notes with a total value of $40. The umbarof $1 noles was one more than the ftal numberof §2 and $5 notes, witha total of 18 rotes altogether. Let 1 and : be the number of $5, $2 and 6 nies especie (@) White doun tres ecuatns sing the above lefoaation (2 mas) Bac + ay a my te at Vf a ze xety et a ee Sony age! (b) Solve the system of equations in part (a). (4 marks) VT oe we See next page MATHEMATICS 3c/30 6 CALCULATOR-FREE Question 5 Determine the following integral: (2) f(ex+9)(ax+2) ae = 3} Qx +3)( 0+ yan 4 . = 3 (usr) pe 3 ; , 2 (Sxrey re v (o) Javea \ ax. * dex . al a = 1 sy" . [2u7) | a ar = 2(8 - 20) See next page TRIAL EXAMINATION 2010 SECTION ONE (S marks) (marke) (amare) TRIAL EXAMINATION 2010 7 MATHEMATICS 3c19D SECTION ONE. ‘CALCULATOR FREE Question 6 (marks) ‘The volume, 7 in em®, ofan object is changing with ime, ¢ in saconl, 60 thatthe volume at ‘anytime is given by 7 =51 + Use the incremental formula to find the approximate change in volume ofthe object between #=2 and ¢=2.01 seconds, WN. s-a YY ‘See next page MATHEMATICS 3¢/a0 8 ‘TRIAL EXAMINATION 2010 ‘CALCULATOR-FREE ‘SECTION ONE Question 7 (marks) Solve for + the inequality -ve See noxt page: ‘TRIAL EXAMINATION 2010 2 MATHEMATICS 3C/30 ‘SECTION ONE ‘CALCULATOR-FREE Question 8 (7 marks) Detexmine the coordinates of al roots, stationary points and point of inflection ofthe function _y=#' (4+), dusty the nature of the stationary points found using a standard test, Bere yro 8(urx)eo a2 Ow Costduialts (0,0) Hye 12 dt ax Cua? tena te . Stotiernsy 0 Hs 0 xt (Sez) 20 we Ow “3 ay | ee ae \ con i a o SSL zane 12% dx* v un eed Bee MAT eS yy 2 eS me 3 Vv Star pens ak (0,8) ont (-3,-27) “ PE woplent ton. ay 2 Mune Qe 0 a(24x) 20 a x20 ow 2h Nes of wytrokon (0,0) (-2, -&) End of questions ‘TRIAL EXAMINATION 2010 3 MATHEMATICS 3C/30 SECTION TWO, CALCULATOR-ASSUMED. Section Two: Calculator-aseumed (80 Marks) This section has twelve (12) questions. Answer all questions. Write your snewers inthe space provided. Working time fortis section Is 100 minute. Questions (4marks) ‘The percentage of trees, Pn plantation affected by 8 disease was changing wth time, tin months, according to thereltonship = -0.0177 (2) Was the heatth ofthe plantation geting beter or worse? Briefly justy your answer by refering fo the above relationship, (mark) Yo kGected Lo decemeiny (- 0-017) Health qelting beter 7 (0) 117.2% ofthe irses inthe plantation were affected today, what percentage is expected to be affected by the disease in one and a hat years time (marks) -o.arn Pe fe Whe t2O f. 2 See next page MATHEMATICS 3c/3D 4 ‘TRIAL EXAMINATION 2010 CALCULATOR-ASSUMED SECTION TWO Question 10 (marks) (@) And are two independent evens such that PUA) =02 and F(B)=0.15 Evahate © malay = P(A) + 0-2 (mark) ran = P(A) x °C (1 mark) (A) « °C8) v 2 O-2x OS © OB (i) Rave) = PCA) + PC) ~ (An) (mark) = 6-2 ¥ O1S- 0-038 2 O32 (©) The probebity that # door to dor salesman convinces customer to buyis 04 ‘Assuming that sales are independent, find the probabil thatthe salesmen makes atleast ‘one sale before reaching the fourth house. (mare) P(make wo sas) = 0-6 P(mekes © salle va Rist 3) = Ob : P (rakes ak leat ‘) ce. PC \ sak) = *C (o)lo-t)” P(2 +) 2 tO) | PLE ~) = res (o¥y(oe) e( oe tee tacks) = on TB omar voy = oe SSR ae Xe Ba (B,ow) PKI) SOTERA See next page 3 ‘TRIAL EXAMINATION 2010, 5 MATHEMATICS 3C/30 SECTION TWO CALCULATOR-ASSUMED Question 11 (marks) ‘A body moves Ina straght ne ¢o that is displacement, x(@) metre, from a fxed pont after « seconds is glen by 2(f)=1? ar? 24r, for 05155. (@) When is the body stationary? (marks) v(t) = 3e* [ge eau o4ees Wn v(t) =o Be™- et 424-0 at be + FTO (]e -2Xe- HO ee dw ee (©) When's te body moving fastest? (emer) Vow = be IB = 0 ko Bare Consda t= O ve 2h ee 3 ve 73 eS vr 4 Foote oF % +O me wm (©) Calculate the distance ravatld by th body inthe ft four second x(k) = 0 to (e) a bea *&) = 20 eeu X= fe (marks) Distona havelled = Zon = 2bm ~ See next page MATHEMATICS 3c/3D 6 ‘TRIAL EXAMINATION 2010 ‘CALCULATOR-ASSUMED ‘SECTION TWO Question 12 (10 marks) Every weekday the chef a 2 restaurant sends out an apprentice to the local market to spend as Ide ae possible and at the eame time come back wih at least 16kg of enions, a least 17kg carrots and at lest 21kg of poistoes. One stall atthe markt sels "Best Buy packs consisting of 2kg of anions, tkg of carots and tka ‘of potaloes for $3.50 each. Ancthar etal elle ‘Chefs Cholcs’ packs conslting of tkg of onions, 12kg of carrots and 2ka of potatoes for $6.60 each. ‘The apprentice buys x 'Best Buy packs and y 'Chels Choice packs. (2) Weite down tree inequalities to represent the ahove constraints, apart fom x20 and (marks) Qe ey re ety 27 me By 22h wv (©) Compete the constraints on the graph below ane indicate the feasible region, (8 marks) y ‘See next page TRIAL EXAMINATION 2010 SECTION TWO cc) 7 MATHEMATICS 3c/30 CALCULATOR-ASSUNED How many of each pack should the apprentice buy to minimise the purchase cost and what le the minimum east? Simars) C+ BSx 4 Oy Cz BSx obs (8, ¢)| $ se-se s . (0, %)| $ 1o% V °° x Caos sso Geese Gael & T3Se ok @ By how much can he pce ofa Be Su pack se whut chaning the opirum umber packs ound n your arse (6? mars Lek na pace of Bet Ong be Sa Ce ar & SY Sa +392 exoe 1s vO ee 1B se pre asin =$9:5° > The . B45, j ace by oe Te pre coe eSee oe : ea Ghote dace, BASE, PE Gwent eunlone of rete 28H See next page MATHEMATICS 3¢/30 a ‘TRIAL EXAMINATION 2010 CALCULATOR-ASSUMED SECTION TWO ‘Question 13, (marks) A sub-commitee of four, consisting of chalperson, be chaser trom a committee of 20 people, secretary and two ordinary members i 0 (@) Find the number of possible choices for (0) te pests of chalroerson and sera, (mare 2oKI4 = 380 ~~ ( *e, x "e,) (i) shee onary members, (1 mark) 20, wo (i) te chakperson, secretary and to onary members. (ima) 20 x19 x “C, = SBO (©) fell possbie cub-committses are equally tety tobe chosen, whats the probebiily that the chairman ofthe main commitoe snot selected in the sub-commitiag? (2 marks) 6 Cx Y "eo = OF ~ Se, ae te = CY See mS See next page ‘TRIAL EXAMINATION 2010 ° MATHEMATICS 3¢/30 SECTION TWO CALCULATOR-ASSUMED, Question 14 (t1 marks) ‘A manufacturer of chocolate produces 3 times as many sol canted chocolates as hard vortred «nes, The chocolates are randomly packed inboxes of 20. (2) Find the probabily that in @ box there are (0 anequal number of sf centred and hard canted chocolates (2 mars) fC so%e) A P(red) = Hw Joe Lae = nog bade ew OE Mei) wer bee, “fee C P(t) = o-conau23. ovcoanee’. (@) fewer than Shard conzed chocolates. (1 at) PCH Se) = OMe (©) Determine the moan and standard! deviation of the numberof hard centred chocolates ina boxof70 (2maris) (Pw wx SO «+ fms vis (©) random sample of § boxes is taken from the production tne. Find the probobity that exactly 3 of tem cantain fewer than 5 hard centred chocolates, (marke) pe ome ey Cue elles tinge fea a sf) nes X = rates oh fet ae in = ted F Xabi (Sou) POETS) + ORNS v (©) Arandom sample of 39 boxes s taken ftom the production ine. Find the probability that the mean numberof hare canted chocolates per box in the eampla exceeds 5.5. a (@ mars Boe oO = aes YY _ w(s, 28") Yoo Sede eee ss) P(x rSS)* o-eTRees See next page MATHEMATICS 3c/a0 10 TRIAL EXAMINATION 2010 CALCULATOR-ASSUMED SECTION TWO. Question 15 (6 marks) When fui rests inthe bottom of hemisphere of radius the volume of fluid V, can be calculated using the formula ve a6" 2 where a is the depth ofthe fd in om If water is poured ino @ hemisphere of radius 45cm at a constant rate of 2lttes per minute, how fastis the depth of water increasing a the instant thatthe hemisphere contains FOL of water? (Note: tem? = fmt} WL DWine fad 2 2000 en few Bo. dd, dv de dV ak Ve waes=a) L ysmd* = at att a S Woe gowa - wa” ~~ dd dad, | x 200 Qe Aowd-ra Whe Ve To ties wd* Q35-4) | Toose a 3 A= 2607 =O BIG emmy Soe next page TRIAL EXAMINATION 2010 " MATHEMATICS 30/30 SECTION TWO CALCULATOR-ASSUMED Question 16 (marks) A fectory uses three machines fo produce one ype of plastic bot. OF the total production, machine & produces 35%, machine B produces 25% and machine C the rest. Due to the 296 of the machines, they al produce some defective bottles. Of their praducion, machines Aand B produce 3% and 6% detective botles respectively (2) Find the probabitty thata randomly selected botte Is produced by machine A and is defective. (mare) OBS Os o-o1ws (b) Ifthe probabiity of» random selected botle being defective is 0.0655, what percentage of ne production of machine Cis defectve? (amaris) , EN tages) Wy 6 od BS ROB ++ 2x Ob Ham aN Ie YN = oases 7 b B 6 6 6B OF ele aqua): 0°68 S% aefechoe (©) Given that a randomly selected bottles not defective, find the probebily that it was produced by aihermacan kc mache 3 mart) P(nor afedin) = \- o-o¥SS e( Aw @|5) (Caw a) 08) es) = eae ned] st easxet 8:38 xo 97 + O-25R ET esse s ote, Y Seo next page MATHEMATICS 3c/00 2 ‘TRIAL EXAMINATION 2010 CALCULATOR-ASSUMED SECTION TWO. Question 17 (7 marks) In the diagram below the chords AB and CO intreact a the point E, The srea of EAD is 1Sem% (2) Explain why s2e4D ~s28c8 Anges (a seme sequent or Augie sitendad by te some ae (1 mark) (©) Prove that «EAD is similar secs (@maris) Leas cece/( iar & Lass = Lcee / (vee ae 4) Aaep = BOcet y er AeAD = Beck CARR emtlion) (0) Use your result rom (b to show that 4B BE « DExCE (1 ar AE. ve ce” Ge =e = nen Oe = DERE (©) Findthe area of aca H CB «2x 48 (2 marks) ae = Ana AECR = ‘TRIAL EXAMINATION 2010, 2 MATHEMATICS 2c/90 SECTION TWO ‘CALCULATOR-ASSUMED, Question 18 (7 marks) Climbing rope produced by a manufacturer fe known tobe such that over along production tun, tenemette lengths have breaking strengths that are normally cited with 2 meen of 180.249 ‘and standard deviation of © Sk, () Find the probabily that a randomly chosen ten-metre length wil heve a breaking strength fess than T6Okg, (mark) Ka breaking stength x~ 0 (80-2 ,0:5%) e(X< ko) = O-ou7ae (©) Atthe start of s production run, a quality contr! officer atthe factory randomly sampes 20 tersmetre lengths and ater testing, determines thatthe mean breaking sen of he sample is 176.Sko, Construct a 80% confidence interval forthe population mean bated on this sample, (marks) tN one 20 e-4 chased < 4 SGT PUL YY ie &e Wahl 2S BET De® - o-13SSS Be — UE =O a ow = 309998 2 Bt Chae) 7 yD = axa 2 1%22 End of questions