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Hello Cris

Sorry for the delay I didnt sleep well, lot of homework, I should be at school
How are you
Im just little bit tired but its okay, Im so glad to finally have a chance to have
an interview for the maintenance position
Well Ill tell you that my schedule at My last job was from 7:30 AM with
breakfast then me and my team we had to clean whole main camp like
bathrooms, all the bathhouses for the girls and boys then take all the trash
from each can and then throw it all to the dumpsters
so around mmm 11 AM we used to start with work Projects like cutting the
grass, paint the cabins or clean some specific area.
After work projects we had some time to rest before lunch
After lunch we have to do all the same activities like in the morning, clean
bathhouses of all the maincamp and take the trash to the dumpsters
we had dinner at 6 pm and after dinner we just had to take the trash to the
dumpsters and that was all for the day