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Dated: January 11, 2016

To Whom It May Concern

It gives me pleasure to inscribe this letter of recommendation to endorse the application of Mr. Muhammad
Ghufran Janjua. I have known Mr. Ghufran since September 2014 as his supervisor to his final year project
(FYP). He has completed his Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering with major in Telecommunications
in the year 2016 with fourth highest cumulative GPA in class i.e. 3.30 out of 4.0. He is one of the good students
to emerge from our institute. I recommend him to you highly.
From his academic transcript, it can be noticed that Ghufran has an equal command over other subjects. His
final year project (FYP) is titled as Mobility Tracking in cellular Networks using Particle Filters. From the
theoretical perspective, bayesian estimstion is a difficult concept to grasp at undergraduate level. It is quite
impressive, however, to note that Mr. Ghufran developed a very good understanding of this higher level
subject in a very short span of time. it is highly commendable that he managed to learn up to the required
level, and has been able to apply his knowledge and engineering skills to solving problems. He has got
remarkably strong theoretical understanding of different bayesian filters. I have found her motivated and
always concerned about her studies and set goals. Together with his FYP group member (Mr. Naveed Abbas),
he has carried out significant comparative study of Bayesian filters and made major progress in write up.
During the course of his FYP, I noticed that he has got a good aptitude for research activities and brilliant
skills in engineering problem solving. He never missed a deadline and successfully completed every task
necessary in time to complete his FYP. In short, he has demonstrated a good command of computer
programming, a good overall hard work, planning and excellent team work. I have found him a dedicated,
determined and a friendly person.
I have been informed by him that he has been active in co-curricular and social activities. During his studies
he has organized attended many seminars on MATLAB and PCB designing to improve his skills and
knowledge. As an active member of IDEA society he has served as volunteer in organizing many events like
Ptcl O2 lunge session and Arabic day at CIIT . He also actively participated in the project Serrabi-E-Thar
organized by Comsats students. Aim of the Serrabi-E-Thar project was to collect funds for Thar's residents
who have been victimized by the severe famine through out the area. This experience of his is a display of
Interpersonal skills, flexibility, leadership and organizational skills in his personality and adds a sense of
responsibility and contribution to the society.
In the light of my personal interaction with him, I understand that it has been a delightful experience to edify
him. He is interested and has been applying recently for higher studies. He has potential and ability to
compete the demanding academic program. I give Ghufran my full recommendation and wish him the best for
his future. Should you have any query about this recommendation, contact me. Thanks.


Shafayat Abrar, Ph.D.

Associate Professor,
Department of Electrical Engineering,
COMSATS Institute of Information Technology,
Chak Shahzad, Islamabad, Pakistan.
Cell: +92-336-2321845
Email: sabrar@comsats.edu.pk