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Observation and Feedback Planning Template

Start with a targeted question and add scaffolding as

Opening probe:
What was the goal of your first read of Harrison Bergeron with
Level One: Teacher identifies the problem.
Right. Students were not doing the heavy lifting in summarizing
the text. So what would be an action step for addressing that
Level Two: Ask scaffolded questions.
How did the questions you asked help students to achieve this

2-6 min

Level Three: Present classroom data.

Do you remember what happened when you asked students to jot
down their questions after reading? Did any students write down
I noticed 0 students wrote down questions, and I did not see any
students annotating the text while you read it.
Level Four: Intervene or model.
Let me read the first paragraph out loud to you.
After first paragraph I want you to underline the words they
jumped so high to kiss the ceiling. Make an annotation. Why are
the characters actions surprising?
What did you notice about how I did that?