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My Innovation

By: Samantha Galindo

The Community
Upland, Ca.
Population 75,413
13.5% people live below poverty line 20% are
Median Income $64,797
Median Housing Costs $405,500
Majority Caucasian
English is the most spoken language

The Community (cont.)

Crime Rates for Upland, Ca.
Violent Crimes (Rape, Robbery, Assault)
Property Crimes (Burglary Theft, Motor Theft)
Drug of Choice (Heroin, Meth)

The Problem
The problem in Upland is the drug issue. In Upland,
the use of heroin among teenagers and young adults
is running at epidemic proportions, surpassing all
other cities in the country, indeed beyond that of
inner city neighborhoods in the most crime ridden
sections of Los Angeles (Venturi, 2013).

I am connected to this community issue because my

younger brother is a victim of addiction and
unfortunately made his way through the heroin
lifestyle. Luckily for him and our family, he is getting
help, but not everyone is as lucky as he is.

Solution #1
Community Park Cleanups
I believe that since most of the drug issues are
stemming from the community parks in Upland, that if
we start with their cleanups, first, then we can help
expedite the elimination of this issue.
I took this idea to my neighborhood, door to door,
talking with the families and mothers of my community.
They were all very excited about the idea of having our
parks clean again so that their children are safer.
Solutions: Ask the Girl Scout and Cub Scout troops to
assist in the cleanups as a community service project.

Possibilities (cont.)
Solution #2
Drug Awareness Programs in The Schools
Due to budget cuts, the drug awareness program DARE was
cut from the school system. My idea of bringing this type of
program back stems from the idea that with this program,
our kids can learn about the dangers of drug use as well as
show them that if they do fall into that habit, that there are
ways out.
I took this idea to the school district. I was turned away
because of the negotiation issues currently going on
between admin and the UTA. I decided to bring this idea to
my colleagues and was welcomed graciously.
Solution: It was suggested that we start a drug awareness
club as well as possibly have a class that meets in the early
hours of the day or right after school.

Professional Identity
Who am I: I am a facilitator of drug awareness as well
as an advocate for addicts who need help.
Uncovering a solution to this problem has become a
huge part of my professional identity because it
affects me personally through my brother.
Professional Purpose Statement: I am an advocate
and a voice for those who need help communicating.
Our future generations depend on us to help pave a
path of clarity, and a path free of any interference
due to drugs.

The Proposal
I propose that my viewers research whether or not
their communities have a similar issue to Upland.
I would like my viewers to support my efforts by
messaging my website and telling me any ideas they
may have to aiding in my endeavors, and in return, I
will aide in theirs.
The communities will all be better off if we fix the
drug issues. There are too many people becoming
victims of drugs. This has to stop sooner or later, I
would rather it be sooner.