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Morgoth vs Diablo!

I have seen two great evils in the lore I am familiar with: Morgoth of
the Lord Of The Rings mythos and Diablo the Lord of Terror from the Diablo
Three universe. They both have armies, lieutenants, and powers, but who
is greater? The reason I chose them is because of the amount of atrocities
both of them have committed.
For Morgoth, in the lore, he has killed thousands by erupting
volcanos, killing them with wars, plagues, and floods. He is the one who
destroyed the two great lanterns. Morgoth was almost killed by Ungoliant,
the mother of Shelob (Shelob is smaller) and of all spiders. He also killed
the two great trees of light making it pitch black, and to top it off, he is the
reason there is pain and suffering in the world of Middle Earth by weaving
chaos and discord into Iluvatars song of creation while still an archangel
(from the Silmarillion by J.R. Tolkien).
Diablo, on the other hand, was never an angel in the Blizzard lore. He
is, however, a long term thinker and when a plan of his is set in motion it is
hard to stop (for your information Diablo is one of the three Prime Evils).
he betrayed the other two prime evils, Baal and Mephisto, so he could rule
all of creation himself. Diablo is the embodiment of pure terror and is an
escape artist. His arch nemesis is Imperius the archangel of Valor (in game
Now let's see who is greater. The armies of Morgoth are made up of
orcs, goblins, undead, dragons, easterlings and other corrupt men, balrogs,
corrupt myar, giant spiders, trolls, nazgul, and Sauron who is his first
lieutenant. Diablo has Izual, Rakanoth, and Iskatu as his lieutenants, as
well as all the forces of hell, suggesting he has an endless army.
Because Morgoth has the power of a minor god, his power is far
greater than Diablos, who is a Prime evil. The question arises: does fear
works on deities? The answer is NO, so Diablo is powerless against
Morgoth directly but against the mortals it works very well.
Now when considering the various lieutenants, it gets interesting. In
Diablos control are Izual who is a fallen angel who is not trusted by either

side and wields a giant hammer. Rakanoth is the demon of despair and
wields two swords. Iskatu is a terror demon and wields fear as a weapon.
Within Morgoth's control is Sauron is the deceiver, the manipulator, the
spinner of lies, the ring maker, and is not usually viewed as a direct
combatant. A battle of the lieutenants would be one sided with Diablos
lieutenants being combatants and Morgoths one lieutenant not.
Something to consider though: Diablo has a hard time controlling his
lieutenants and Sauron is a manipulator and could quite possibly cause
infighting among his opponents.
Who is greater? The answer is: we will lose. If Diablo wins, we lose.
If Morgoth wins, we lose. Diablo is good against mortals but against an
immortal he is powerless. Morgoth, on the other hand, is good against
immortals but against Diablos massive army he is outnumbered. Now I can
understand how some may think that Diablo is more powerful than Morgoth
because of our deep rooted fear of the devil, but the answer is no. Yes it is
a balancing act with one greater in one way than the other but in the end
they are equal in power.
glosere: Iluvatar is the creator of middle earth
Ungoliant the giant spider and is the reason the trees of light fell
Imperius the archangel of valor and leader of the angels
Izual was once the second in command for a great angelic general Izual
betrayed the general and was corrupted for his actions
Rakanoth is Izual worden
Morgoth is an Xarchangel and is the prime evil of the lord of the rings
universe! happy!?!