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February 26, 2016

Via Email: stillingerlaw@sbcglobal.net and Facsimile: (915) 7751337

Mary Stillinger
4911 Alameda Avenue
El Paso, TX 79905

Re: Response to your demand letter dated February 25, 2016

Ms. Stillinger:

I am in receipt of your demand letter dated February 25, 2016. I wanted to take this
opportunity to respond to your allegations and to your demand that I correct a statement
made in my confidential report to the El Paso City Council.

The statement contained in my report is accurate. You object to my sentence which reads,
Ms. Wilsons legal counsel indicated that she was advising Ms. Wilson not to cooperate with
this investigation any further. Your email to me, included with your demand letter, stated,
Therefore, I cannot let Ms. Wilson respond to your inquiry at this time. My summation of
your statement is entirely accurate and you will be hard pressed to prove that it is, as you
claim, indisputably false.

Your letter does not specify the type of legal action you are contemplating, but I suggest that
it is not likely to be fruitful for your client. First of all, I have made no public statement about
Ms. Wilson or her willingness to cooperate. The sentence you object to was included within
the rendition of a legal analysis clearly marked as within the attorneyclient privilege. I did
not make this statement available to the public nor with the intent that it be made public; the
decision to waive the confidential nature of this statement lies with the client. I did not
provide this document to the media or to anyone other than the members of the City Council
and the City Attorney. Second, Ms. Wilsons status as a public figure will further complicate
any claim she asserts. Third, it will be your burden to prove the falsity of my statement; as
noted above, I am confident in the accuracy of my statement. Fourth, you will have a difficult
time establishing calculable damages suffered by your client. Given the inherent challenges
that such a claim would face, I suggest that pursuing such a claim would be frivolous and
intended to harass me and to distract from other issues.

As I mentioned during our telephone conversation, I do not believe that Ms. Wilson acted
unilaterally in delaying the issuance of the local government corporations bonds; I believe
her when she writes that she acted at the request of others. I was merely seeking help in
identifying the parties who are ultimately responsible. I have reserved the right to

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supplement my report to Council should new information come to light. I will gladly update
the relevant portion of my report should you allow Ms. Wilson to respond to my inquiry. The
City, the Downtown Development Corporation, and, ultimately, the residents of El Paso
would all benefit from her answers.


Ross Fischer
Gober Group, PLLC
PO Box 341016
Austin, TX 78734
(512) 3541786

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